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2023 Class B North Girls Volleyball Preview: Lady Lancers Looking for Sixth Straight Year of Divisional Destiny

Head Coaches Jessica and Brian Gadalata have created a foundation and pathway for the Lady Lancers of St John Vianney Girls Volleyball. After winning five straight divisional titles, the Lady Lancers look to continue to make headlines across the Jersey Shore and the state. While SJV looks to complete their quest at a six-peat, Head Coach Calvin Williams and Rumson-Fair Haven’s returning program look to rattle up the division all season long. Wall High School was within two games of dethroning the Lady Lancers for the division in 2022. Will this be their year? Red Bank Catholic and Raritan bring back strong assets that can make this jam-packed division one to keep an eye on all season.


St. John Vianney  

2022 Season: 17-7 overall; 11-1 B North; B North Divisional Champions; Shore Conference Tournament Semifinalists; New Jersey Non-Public Group A Quarterfinalists

Head Coach: Jessica & Brian Gadalata

Key Returners: Stephanie Buttons, Sr. (107 Kills, 1 Block, 111 Digs, 1 Assist, 27 Aces); Genevieve Millett, Sopho. (133 Kills, 5 Blocks, 132 Digs, 2 Assists, 13 Aces); Gianna Pena, Jr. (69 Digs, 3 Assists, 57 Aces); Sophia Russo, Jr. (10 Kills, 6 Blocks, 3 Digs, 5 Assists, 1 Ace); Giavanna Sergi, Sopho. (171 Digs, 21 Assists, 28 Aces); Taylor Sofilkanich, Sopho. (41 Kills, 32 Blocks, 2 Digs, 2 Assists); Maddie Masters, Jr. (3 Kills, 1 Block, 6 Digs, 35 Assists, 2 Aces); Briana Slattery, Jr; Alexa Koopman, Sr.; Nicole Giglio, Jr.; Jordyn Gautier, Sr.; Alexa Bitterle, Jr.

Key Graduates: Anushka Barodekar (19 Kills, 2 Blocks, 34 Digs, 2 Assists, 13 Aces); Charlotte Dooley (7 Kills, 3 Blocks, 5 Digs); Mikaela Hubbard (14 Kills, 24 Blocks, 89 Digs, 415 Assists, 7 Aces); Lucy Jackson (4 Kills, 5 Blocks, 2 Digs); Ashley Sofilkanich (169 Kills, 49 Blocks, 8 Digs, 5 Assists)

Quick Overview: The Gadalata coaches come into the fall with the same aspirations no matter what the roster may be: Win. The Lady Lancers run into the 2023 season with five consecutive divisional titles strung by their side. As Mikaela Hubbard finished up her prolific career, Sophomore Genevieve Millett’s began. While the career of senior standout Ashley Sofilkanich came to an end, another Sofilkanich career is on the horizon with Sophomore Taylor Sofilkanich making an immediate impact in 2022. With a roster loaded with a strong combination of sophomores, juniors and seniors, there’s no reason why a sixth divisional title isn’t in the minds of the Lady Lancers. Not to mention, a taste at a Shore Conference Championship or a state title.


Rumson-Fair Haven

2022 Season: 15-8 overall; 10-4 B North; Shore Conference Tournament Quarterfinalists; Central Jersey Group II Quarterfinalists

Head Coach: Calvin Williams

Key Returners: Julia Bratone, Jr. (2 Kills, 42 Digs, 1 Assist, 4 Service Points); Peyton Campanella, Jr. (6 Kills, 2.5 Blocks, 30 Digs, 102 Assists, 59 Service Points, 14 Aces); Devyn Gwydir, Sr. (34 Kills, 10 Blocks, 14 Digs, 1 Assist, 20 Service Points, 1 Ace); Renata Herman, Sr. (1 Kill, 43 Digs, 3 Assists, 41 Service Points, 7 Aces); Lauren Kingery, Jr. (24 Digs, 2 Assists, 4 Service Points); Cayla Kuo, Sr. (78 Kills, 4.5 Blocks, 221 Digs, 16 Assists, 149 Service Points, 34 Aces); Ella Langenberger, Jr. (4 Kills, 1 Block, 133 Digs, 73 Assists, 58 Service Points, 13 Aces) Jamie Lista, Sr. (23 Kills, 8.5 Blocks, 11 Digs, 1 Service Point); Molly Newbury, Jr. (10 Kills, 3.5 Blocks, 56 Digs, 119 Assists, 48 Service Points, 12 Aces); Grayson Turkaly, Sr. (25 Kills, 6 Blocks, 65 Digs, 12 Assists, 106 Service Points, 14 Aces)

Key Graduates: Taylor Crow (147 Kills, 1.5 Blocks, 240 Digs, 4 Assists, 126 Service Points, 55 Aces); Jacee McGinnis (58 Kills, 18.5 Blocks, 11 Digs, 2 Assists, 54 Service Points, 19 Aces)

Quick Overview: The Bulldogs of Rumson-Fair Haven come into 2023 with a loaded roster and a polished head coach, with potential to go on a torrent early on. Head Coach Calvin Williams brings back all but two starting players this fall, with Senior Cayla Kuo looking to be the superstar the Bulldogs lean on. Kuo comes into the season with 340 career digs and 263 career service points, as she’s proven over time she’s one of the Shore Conference’s stars. Look out for Juniors Peyton Campanella and Ella Langenberger to have massive impact seasons, filling in the shoes that were left once Taylor Crow and Jacee McGinnis graduated. 


Red Bank Catholic

2022 Season: 15-9 overall; 8-6 B North; Shore Conference Tournament Second Round; New Jersey Non-Public Group A First Round

Head Coach: Jessica Redmond

Key Returners: Katherine Bauman, Jr. (141 Kills, 12 Blocks, 186 Digs, 13 Assists, 97 Service Points, 54 Aces); Ava Kelly, Sr. (4 Kills, 61 Digs, 25 Service Points, 8 Aces); Kennedy Miller, Jr. (62 Kills, 32 Blocks, 25 Digs, 13 Service Points, 6 Aces); Ava Pannone, Sr. (20 Kills, 2 Blocks, 43 Digs, 1 Assist, 79 Service Points, 30 Aces); Talia Snedeker, Jr. (3 Kills, 157 Digs, 5 Assists, 37 Service Points, 11 Aces); Kailie Zebick, Sr. (10 Kills, 109 Digs, 339 Assists, 156 Service Points, 36 Aces); Skylar Zolek, Sr. (34 Kills, 4 Blocks, 36 Digs, 25 Service Points, 7 Aces); Serena Orlando, Jr.

Key Graduates: Claire Cooke (63 Kills, 29 Blocks, 44 Digs, 3 Assists, 59 Service Points, 21 Aces); Isabella Dalatri (128 Kills, 157 Digs, 3 Assists, 111 Service Points, 64 Aces)

Quick Overview: Head Coach Jessica Redmond and the Caseys of Red Bank Catholic continue this juggernaut B-North division with high aspirations in 2023. Junior Kennedy Miller comes in as last year’s team leader in blocks and Junior Katherine Bauman returns as the team’s leader in kills. Senior Kailie Zebick returns as the leader in assists and service points. Claire Cooke and Isabella Dalatri paved the current foundation for players like Bauman, Miller and Zebick. As if a three-headed monster wasn’t enough to shake up the Shore, the Caseys bring back key contributors in Ava Kelly and Skylar Zolek. The pieces are all there for a deep run. Can the puzzle be completed?



2022 Season: 13-11 overall; 8-6 B-North; Central Jersey Group II Quarterfinalists

Head Coach: Tom Shockley

Key Returners: Alexis Amoedo, Sr. (23 Kills, 137 Digs, 108 Assists, 9 Service Points, 9 Aces); Bri Daly, Sr. (120 Kills, 30 Blocks, 11 Digs); Julia DelMasto, Jr. (20 Digs, 1 Assist, 5 Service Points, 2 Aces); Ally DePaolo, Jr. (10 Digs, 13 Service Points, 15 Aces); Abbey Dieppa, Sr. (38 Kills, 7 Blocks, 7 Digs); Annie Fanduiz, Sr. (39 Kills, 30 Digs); Sabrina Floriano, Jr. (5 Kills, 2 Digs, 1 Assist); Scarlett O’Hea, Sr. (73 Kills, 115 Digs, 2 Assists); Anna Shea, Sr. (42 Kills, 4 Blocks, 24 Digs, 1 Assist, 17 Aces)

Key Graduates: Alaura DePaolo (1 Kill, 239 Digs, 10 Assists, 12 Service Points, 17 Aces); Grace Ladante (1 Kill, 115 Digs, 2 Assists); Madison O’Donnell (20 Kills, 118 Digs, 3 Assists); Madison Ruta (9 Kills, 117 Digs, 150 Assists, 18 Aces)

Quick Overview: The Raritan Rockets have the window to win at a highly competitive level all season long. Head Coach Tom Shockley’s roster returns nine key players from their 13 win season in 2022. One of those key players is Senior Bri Daly, who led the squad in both kills and blocks last year. Senior Alexis Amoedo will also be a huge contributor for a team who has the talent to harbor a deep run into the fall. Seniors Scarlett O’Hea and Anna Shea will need to help out on all fronts, as they’ve proven time and time again. Raritan has an opportunity to construct a championship-esque team with the roster assembled. The Rockets need to open up the season with high intensity to make an initial mark on the Shore Conference.



2022 Season: 18-6 overall; 11-3 B-North; Shore Conference Tournament Quarterfinalists; Central Jersey Group II Finalists

Head Coach: Dan Leonard

Key Returners: Lauren Davenport, Sr. (46 Kills, 5 Blocks, 9 Digs, 1 Assist); Gemma Ferris, Jr. (83 Kills, 95 Digs, 34 Aces); Ava Grant, Jr. (7 Kills, 63 Digs, 338 Assists, 22 Aces); Ella Bramley, Jr.; Kelly Meehan, Sr. Ayla Seelandt, Sr. 

Key Graduates: Janie Divuolo (1 Kill, 176 Digs, 18 Assists, 45 Aces); Maxine Erlanger (182 Kills, 6 Blocks, 152 Digs, 4 Assists, 26 Aces); Molly Matri (42 Kills, 4 Blocks, 1 Dig); Annette Morales (58 Kills, 2 Blocks, 126 Digs, 4 Assists, 34 Aces); Ali Zamaloff (6 Kills, 9 Digs, 1 Assist, 1 Ace)

Quick Overview: Wall was two sets away from winning the Central Jersey Group II State Championship before being bested by Governor Livingston in an incredible ‘22 run. Head Coach Dan Leonard is losing five key contributors that set forward the year the Crimson Knights had. Wall will be dependent on Junior Ava Grant, who led the Crimson Knights in assists last season. Juniors Gemma Ferris and Ella Brambley will have to be on their A-Game in order for the Crimson Tide to be right where they were a season ago. Look out for Seniors Kelly Meehan and Ayla Seelandt to have expanded playing time on the floor, as Coach Leonard and the Wall Crimson Knights look to compete in not only B-North, but set the table for another run at Central Jersey Group II. ______________________________________________________________________


2022 Season: 5-21 overall; 2-12 B-North

Head Coach: Brett Kilman

Key Returners: Adriana Al-Ola, Sr. (15 Kills, 3 Blocks, 76 Digs, 249 Assists, 88 Service Points, 27 Aces); Jessica Donnelly, Sopho. (21 Kills, 2 Blocks, 101 Digs, 1 Assist, 70 Service Points, 14 Aces); Emma Forsyth, Jr. (20 Kills, 1 Block, 71 Digs, 46 Service Points, 10 Aces); Maya Houston, Sopho. (16 Kills, 10 Blocks); Victoria Ji, Sopho. (4 Kills, 1 Block, 37 Digs, 41 Service Points, 15 Aces); Grace Kolbasovsky, Sr. (23 Kills, 4 Blocks, 1 Dig, 4 Service Points); Rebecca Lamberti, Sr. (1 Kill, 24 Digs, 10 Service Points); Avery Lewandowski, Jr. (2 Kills, 19 Digs, 49 Assists, 20 Service Points, 2 Aces); Jadeyn Pavlik, Sr. (16 Kills, 2 Blocks, 59 Digs, 1 Assist, 40 Service Points, 13 Aces); Lola Sparkes, Sr. (54 Kills, 6 Blocks, 128 Digs, 1 Assist, 67 Service Points, 20 Aces); Mackenzie Teevan, Jr. (142 Kills, 41 Blocks, 31 Digs, 1 Assist, 73 Service Points, 40 Aces); Haley Dulow, Jr.; Magot Messihi, Sopho.; Melanie Sum, Sopho.

Key Graduates: Farida Moustafa (3 Digs, 11 Assists, 4 Service Points, 1 Ace); Giannna Rutigliano (6 Kills, 163 Digs, 2 Assists, 63 Service Points, 15 Aces)

Quick Overview: Holmdel comes into 2023 with a roster ranging from freshman to seniors. Coach Kilman graduated two players in Farida Moustafa and Gianna Rutigliano. Adriana Al-Ola looks to continue to be the team player she’s been her entire career after leading the Hornets in assists last season. Junior Mackenzie Teevan has to be the Middle Blocker she’s been her entire life after leading Holmdel in kills. While Holmdel was only victorious five times during the 2022 campaign, the record doesn’t translate to the amount of talent this program has. Look out for Lola Sparkes to provide a major spark for the Hornets, as they look to be in the mix all season.



2022 Season: 3-16 overall; 2-12 B North

Head Coach: Alexis Meslar

Key Returners: Kiera Berlin, Sr. (13 Digs); Giuliana Ferraro, Jr. (114 Kills, 25 Blocks, 30 Digs, 2 Assists, 37 Aces); Danni Forrester, Jr. (17 Kills, 12 Blocks, 12 Digs, 2 Assists, 10 Aces); Nicole Jacobs, Sopho. (16 Kills, 18 Blocks, 6 Digs, 8 Assists, 6 Aces); Campbell Krapp, Sr. (2 Blocks, 10 Digs, 2 Service Points, 1 Ace); Elena Weinseimer, Sr. (26 Kills, 12 Blocks, 59 Digs, 6 Assists, 27 Aces); Brooke Loughlin, Jr.; Elle Vitanzo, Sopho.

Key Graduates: Mary Breen (6 Kills, 10 Blocks); Mia Petri (3 Kills, 4 Blocks, 4 Digs, 91 Assists, 5 Aces); Natalie Vukovich (24 Digs, 1 Assist); Lila Witkin (5 Kills, 10 Digs, 1 Assist, 7 Aces)

Quick Overview: The Warriors of Manasquan look to improve on their 3-16 record from last year after returning a core group that’s developed and experienced. With Mia Petri graduated, look out for Juniors Giuliana Ferraro and Danni Forrester to take over as the primary Outside Hitters. Ferraro proved she belonged immediately after leading the team in kills and blocks in her Sophomore surge. Keep an eye on Senior Elena Weinseimer to have a breakout season for the Warriors, as Coach Meslar and Manasquan look to solidify their name within the B-North.


Red Bank Regional

2022 Season: 5-17 overall; 2-12 B North

Head Coach: Alison Bowers

Key Returners: Michele Cieluch, Sr. (5 Kills, 34 Digs, 1 Assist, 3 Aces); Aleena Feliciano, Sr. (80 Kills, 4.5 Blocks, 81 Digs, 13 Assists, 29 Aces); Kylie Fisher, Sr. (13 Kills, 4 Blocks, 56 Digs, 235 Assists, 20 Aces); Samantha Gannon, Sr. (1 Kill, 60 Digs, 9 Aces); Grace Homefield, Sr. (20 Kills, 19 Digs, 15 Aces); Amber Sudonovich, Sr. (34 Kills, 0.5 Block, 24 Digs, 1 Assist, 8 Aces); Abby Doogan, Jr.; Caroline Polloway, Jr.

Key Graduates: Sarah Blankley (28 Digs, 2 Assists, 6 Aces); Tessa Cannizzaro (25 Kills, 8.5 Blocks, 2 Digs, 1 Ace); Daisy Hernandez (20 Kills, 19 Digs, 15 Aces); Shannon Lynch (79 Kills, 13.5 Blocks, 28 Digs, 1 Assist, 19 Aces); Ella McCourt (5 Kills, 50 Digs, 14 Aces)

Quick Overview: It’s been almost 11 years since Red Bank Regional’s Girls Volleyball program had a .500 record. Coach Scott Ferris led the Buccaneers to a 14-7 record in 2012 and the program hasn’t been able to get on the right track since. Luckily for Red Bank, Senior Superstar Kylie Fisher looks to take the Bucs to the next step. Fisher led the team in assists last season, while being a major factor on both offensive and defensive sides. Seniors Michele Cieluch and Aleena Feliciano will be in action all season long, giving the boost Red Bank Regional needs in order to compete at a high level. Having experienced seniors in Samantha Gannon and Amber Sudonovich will only help Coach Bowers and the Buccaneers of Red Bank Regional.

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