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Olivia Conroy of Donovan Catholic (Photo by Gregg Lerner)
Olivia Conroy of Donovan Catholic (Photo by Gregg Lerner)

Olivia Conroy carries herself on the basketball court with a sense of creativity. Impede her path to the basket and the nimble 5-8 sophomore guard from Donovan Catholic will find an alternative route to get to the hoop. Good luck boxing her out under the glass.  Her instinctual awareness seems to always have her in position before opponents can account for her whereabouts.

Maybe, some of the credit goes to her soccer background, a playmaker out of the central midfield for the Griffins. But, as the numbers attest, Conroy is proving that labeling her by one sport or the other overlooks an overall prowess that defines her more appropriated as a talented and diverse athlete.


Conroy operates at both ends of the court with the same rate of activity. Her movement off the ball illuminates her presence as an option to seek in the halfcourt, her footwork and quick hands figure into an overall defensive package that thrives in the passing lanes and her burst offers an attractrive element worth feeding in Donovan Catholic's transition game.

Her versatility has been apparent. Conroy collected 16 points, 10 rebounds and six steals in a 56-47 victory against Jackson Liberty and had 13 points, seven boards, three assists as well as two steals when the Griffins topped Point Boro, 67-44.

Those performance weren't lost on the voters this week who selected her the Shore Sports Network Girls Basketball Player of the Week and landed her a $25 gift card to Surf Taco.

For the season, Conroy is averaging 9.9 points, 6.0 rebounds and 2.6 steals per game for Donovan Catholic (16-8).

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