We welcome Builders’ General to the Shore Sports Network as the exclusive sponsor of the daily baseball scoreboard which begins today.  The Shaheen family has operated the business for more than 90 years and currently has full-service lumber yards with retail stores in Little Silver, Freehold, Toms River and Edison while also operating in Long Branch (Design Center), Washington (Direct Millwork) and Perth Amboy (Hours by appointment only).  They serve developers, custom and spec homebuilders, general contractors, commercial builders, renovation experts and do-it-yourself homeowners.

I caught up with Executive Vice President TJ Shaheen to learn about their fourth generation company and his interest in sports.

Q:      What is it about High School sports that matches the philosophy of BGS?

 A:      Once you get to high school everything going forward with playing must be

earned.   However if you possess that sport specific DNA of drive, passion,

perseverance and grit with a positive attitude, the learning, practicing, and

development to become a well-rounded athlete will come easy, and also be

fun!  The same goes for future prospective candidates and present veterans on              our rosters at multiple locations.  If you have a positive attitude with a will to                    learn,    the journey and career path within Builders’ General can b rewarding.

Over 60% of our employees have been with us for over 5 years, and many

have 10, 20, 30 and even 40 year tenures.  That’s a proven track record.

Q:      What values did you gain from your days playing varsity ice hockey for


 A:      For two years as an underclassmen I did not get that much game time during

the season.  Still we had to get our reps in and learn the playing system.  You

practiced, you learned, and watched.  By the time I was a junior, roster spots

opened up as the previous upperclassmen moved on.  By this time I, and the

rest of my classmates were caged tigers and we would march forward in an

effort to compete and carry the CBA hockey prominence and stature in the shore

area and state.

It was pretty much the same within our company when I entered the family

business 30 years ago.  You had to learn, work hard and always maintain a

positive attitude.  Those that do become our next generation of well-round

"athletes" who are able to compete for varsity spots following a stint on the farm

team roster.

TJ Shaeen with his daughter Alya
TJ Shaheen with daughter Ayla


Q:      What sets Builders’ General apart from others who might sell many of the

          same products?

 A:      You can buy coffee anywhere anytime, yet for coffee lovers they like to

frequent the same place every day and often pay a lot more than what it

cost to make it at home.  Same thought goes into where many people like to

go out for lunch or dinner.

The reason why customers chose Builders’ General is became of the

“experience.”  For over 90 years that “experience” is all about being

consistent, fair and balanced, listening to customer pain points and

possessing a 6th sense to not only build relationships, but also enhance them

by listening and customizing.

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