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Friday, May 27

South Group 2 Final

2-Manasquan (16-4) at 1-Rumson-Fair Haven (19-4), 4 p.m.


RUMSON'S ROAD TO THE SECTIONAL FINAL: Defeated Oakcrest, 19-1, in the first round; defeated Cranford, 18-1, in the quarterfinals; defeated Hopewell Valley, 14-2, in the semifinals.

MANASQUAN'S ROAD TO THE SECTIONAL FINAL: Defeated Cedar Creek, 18-4, in the first round; defeated Allentown, 16-4, in the quarterfinals; defeated Wall, 7-6, in the semifinals.

RUMSON'S BEST WINS: 12-0 over South Group 4 finalist Lenape; 12-4 over North Group 4 finalist Bridgewater-Raritan; 12-7 over Wall; 16-6 over CBA; 14-3 over Shore; 17-6 over Howell; 16-2 over Ocean City.

MANASQUAN'S BEST WINS: 9-6 and 7-6 over Wall; 20-5 over Howell; 11-5 over Montclair; 13-6 over Ocean City.



-Cole Cashion, Jr., A/M: 50 goals, 17 assists

-Quinn Stankovits, Jr., A: 48 goals, 13 assists

-Christian Bocklemann, Sr., A: 5 goals, 3 assists (injured for most of the season)

-Grayson Goldin, Fr., A: 18 goals, 8 assists

-Tommy French, Sr., M: 29 goals, 20 assists

-Philip Passalaqua, Sr., M: 29 goals, 6 assists

-Noah Beacher, Sr., FOGO: 102-for-150, 83%

-Matthew Bockelmann, Jr., LSM: 4 goals

-Beau Kemler, Jr., D: 5 goals, 3 assists

-Luke Jamin, Jr., D

-Will Rehder, Jr., D: 2 goals

-Will Setteducate, Jr., G: 94 saves, 63%

-Connor Spagnuola, Sr., A: 31 goals, 5 assists

-Dan Garvey, Sr., A: 6 goals, 4 assists

-Bryce Devlin, Jr., A: 14 goals, 9 assists

-Jack McCarren, Sr., M: 9 goals, 5 assists

-Andy Croddick, Sr., DM: 9 goals, 3 assists

-Zach Iwan, Jr., DM: 4 goals



-James Farinacci, Jr., A: 59 goals, 29 assists

-Matt Porazzo, Jr., A: 31 goals, 29 assists

-Brandon Kunz, Fr., A: 21 goals, 16 assists

-Robert Pendergist, Sr., M: 34 goals, 22 assists

-Blake Gorski, Jr., M: 29 goals, 21 assists

-Brody Muly, So., M: 24 goals, 12 assists

-Niland DiLuchio, Sr., M: 15 goals, 8 assists

-Dan Hyland, Sr., DM: 7 goals, 3 assists

-Max Pauwels, Sr., FOGO: 275-for-360, 88%

-Parker Harms, Fr., LSM

-Ryan Bilello, Sr., D

-Kyle Capodanno, So., D

-Jack Burns, Sr., D

-Ryan Burns, Sr., D

-Carter Groezinger, Sr., G: 83 saves, 60%



Saturday, May 28

South Group 4 Final

3-Lenape (9-5) at 1-Southern (15-3), 10 a.m.


SOUTHERN'S ROAD TO THE SECTIONAL FINAL: Defeated Toms River North, 21-3, in the first round; defeated Old Bridge, 13-2, in the quarterfinals; defeated Howell, 12-4, in the semifinals.

LENAPE'S ROAD TO THE SECTIONAL FINAL: Defeated Williamstown, 13-1, in the first round; defeated Kingsway, 15-10, in the quarterfinals; defeated Monroe, 6-5, in the semifinals.,

SOUTHERN'S BEST WINS: 13-2 over Holy Spirit; 5-4 over Ocean City; 13-1 over Clearview; 9-7 over Shore; 12-4 over Howell.'

LENAPE'S BEST WINS: 14-8 over Clearview; 16-5 over Allentown; 6-5 over Monroe.



-Ryan Sininsky, Sr., A: 30 goals, 16 assists

-Jack Kolbe, Sr., A: 45 goals, 22 assists

-Hayden Lucas, Jr., A: 16 goals, 30 assists

-Joey DeYoung, Jr., M: 38 goals, 17 assists

-Jake Washco, Sr., M: 28 goals, 16 assists

-Zach Washco, Sr., M: 26 goals, 8 assists

-Kurt Falk, Sr., FOGO: 169-for-248, 60%

-Chris Laureigh, Sr., LSM

-Nate Committee, Sr., D

-Brock Lefkus, Sr., D

-Ty Smith, Jr., D

-Tyler Sininsky, Sr., G: 126 saves, 71%

-Jake Cornelius, Sr., A: 8 goals, 2 assists

-Shea Hillie, Sr., A: 10 goals, 1 assist

-Anthony Arch, So., DM: 3 assists

-Xander Murray, Jr., DM: 

-Konnor Forlai, So., A:  7 goals, 7 assists



-Sean Shelko, Sr., A: 27 goals, 33 assists

-Luke Birney, Jr., A/M: 25 goals, 17 assists

-Aidan Bregman, Sr., M/A: 21 goals, 19 assists

-Ryan Dickson, So., M: 17 goals, 16 assists

-Nolan Sampson, Jr., M: 14 goals, 10 assists

-Mike Conover, Jr., M: 10 goals, 11 assists

-Liam Humphrey, Jr., A: 13 goals, 7 assists

-Ethan Poludniak, Sr., D: 11 goals, 4 assist

-Cole Blum, FOGO: 109-for-232, %47

-Ben Blum, Jr., G: 149 saves, 60%



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