We check the oil in our cars every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. We check the batteries in our smoke detectors every six months, and we check our dental health by visiting the dentist twice a year.

But, when was the last time you checked whether your checking account was giving you everything you need? Kearny Bank's High Interest Checking Account comes with tons of perks, so here are 5 signs you should take a closer look:

1) You're paying any ATM fees. Kearny's High Interest Checking comes with unlimited nationwide ATM fee refunds, so it's both economical and convenient. To qualify for a high interest checking account, you need to "make 10 debit card purchases, sign up to receive eStatements and have at least one direct deposit or automatic payment post and clear your account," according to Kearny Bank.

2) You're getting killed with overdraft fees. At Kearny Bank, you can link your high interest checking account to a savings account or a line of credit, so any overages are pulled from those instead of wracking up fees. Convenience that serves you.

3) You worry about dipping below the minimum balance for your checking account. Guess what the minimum balance is for Kearny's high interest checking account. One cent.

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4) You're paying a monthly fee. Your money can't work for you if you're paying to keep it at a bank. Kearny's high interest checking account has no monthly fee, so more of your money stays in your account earning interest.

5) It's a hassle transferring money between your savings and checking accounts. Many people shuffle money between checking and savings account because they want as much of their money as possible to be earning interest — but surprise expenses do come up. Might as well give yourself a break and get a high interest checking account.

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