Small business leaders wear a lot of hats: marketing, customer service, employee recruiting and retention and more. They have to decide when the time is right to expand and when to stay the course.

You shouldn't wait until you're contemplating a big decision to talk with your banker, though. You might not realize all the ways a local community bank like Kearny Bank can help you grow, including a variety of commercial loan options:

1) Small business networking. Unlike some national bank leaders, Kearny Bank leaders are invested in the community, working to build relationships across industries and local small businesses. Building a good relationship with a banker could lead to great recommendations for other key professionals, from marketing to suppliers and beyond.

2) Great financial tools that make your life easier. Kearny Bank's Smart$afe automates cash handling "from payment until deposited into your Kearny Bank account ending handling errors and the threat of theft," according to its website. The technology offers several reporting options, so you can reconcile transactions, manage cash flow, analyze trends and research items. Another great tool is remote capture, which allows you to scan checks and deposit them electronically without having to run to the bank branch.

3) Retirement savings plans for your employees. Kearny Bank offers a variety of options for sole proprietor, a partnership, corporation or tax exempt organization willing to fund retirement benefits for your employees, including Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) and Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP).

4) Convenient credit card processing. Accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover and see the gross proceeds deposited directly into your bank account.

5) Funds to grow. Kearny Bank offers commercial loans, including lines of credit with terms of up to three years with a variety of payment options. For larger fixed asset purchases or acquisitions, term loans are available with terms of 5-7 years with fixed or floating interest rates. Kearny Bank personnel are happy to review which options could be best for your business goals, both now and a few years down the road.

Plus, Kearny Bank is an SBA Preferred Lender, which means they can grant loans in-house without additional SBA underwriting. With loan amounts available up to $5 million and terms up to 25 years, down payments as little as 10% and flexible repayment options, make Kearny Bank your one-stop SBA lending source.

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