Shore Girls Lacrosse Coaches Association All-Division Teams


Player of the Year: Michelle Pascrell, Freehold Township

Coach of the Year: Patra Acquaviva, Freehold Township

First Team

A – Julianne Miranda, Middletown North

A – Ally Largey, Colts Neck

A – Katie Peterson, Freehold Township

A – Cam Allmers, Colts Neck

M – Jenna Cholowinski, Howell

M – Olivia Manghisi, Howell

M – Michelle Pascrell, Freehold Township

M – Kristen Murphy, Freehold Township

M – Cai Martin, Freehold Township

M – Taylor Niedzielski, Colts Neck

D – Erin Coyle, Marlboro

G – Allie Kerwin, Neptune

Honorable Mention

A – Sarah Shaughnessy, Colts Neck

M – Rebecca Long, Middletown North

M – Carly Laverly, Howell

M – Jillian Dee, Howell

M – Nina Rivera, Manalapan

M – Kat Deluca, Manalapan

M – Rachael Huang, Marlboro

M – Kellie Russo, Colts Neck

M – Cara DiStefano, Neptune

D – Colleen MacWilliams, Howell

D – Katie Thomas, Colts Neck

G – Eric Desantis, Howell



Player of the Year: Mary Kate George, Shore

Coach of the Year: Dana Lenneper, Trinity Hall

First Team

A – Alexis Lauricella, St. John Vianney

A – Cassie James, Rumson-Fair Haven

A – Kinsey Clark, Holmdel

M – Hannah Vates, St. John Vianney

M – Gillian Curran, Rumson-Fair Haven

M – Mary Kate George, Shore

M – Meg MacGillis, Rumson-Fair Haven

M – Erin Mendini, Holmdel

D – Lily Bedell, Rumson-Fair Haven

D – Makenna Maguire, Rumson-Fair Haven

D – Maddy Karpe, Shore

G – Gina Fatovic, St. John Vianney

Honorable Mention

A – Kate Caruso, Rumson-Fair Haven

A – Catherine Loder, Trinity Hall

A – Olivia Stoddard, St. Rose

M – Allison Sobieski, Ranney

M – Sydney Riepl, Trinity Hall

M – Jill Veseglia, St. Rose

M – Victoria Shenk, St. John Vianney

M – Lily Santi, Shore

D – Erin Shields, Holmdel

D – Valentina Paz, Trinity Hall

D – Julia Dresser, St. John Vianney



Player of the Year: Jen Toal, Toms River South

Coach of the Year: Tara Murray, Toms River South

First Team

A – Jen Toal, Toms River South

A – Emily Donzanti, Toms River South

A – Holly Yannacone, Southern

M – Sabrina Chandler, Jackson Memorial

M – Kayley Toye, Brick

M – Heather Devaney, Jackson Memorial

M – Brooke Adams, Toms River South

M – Maitland Demand, Southern

D – Lillian Walker, Central

D – Kaylee Hoffman, Brick

D – Casey Dickinson, Toms River South

G – Kasey Wilson, Brick

Honorable Mention

A – Colleen Mason, Southern

A – Ashley Kelly, Toms River East

M – Hannah Claus, Toms River South

M – Tea Ferrara, Brick Memorial

M – Lucille Villani, Brick Memorial

M – Grace Guthorn, Brick Memorial

M – Mikayla Oliveira, Brick

M – Alexis Dohn, Central

D – Rachel Sauer, Southern

D – Danielle Bialecki, Southern

D – Michelle Martin, Southern

G – Megan MacKay, Toms River South




Co-Players of the Year: Janie Cowley, Manasquan; Kristin Pezzullo, Red Bank Catholic

Coach of the Year: Brooke Connell, Red Bank

First Team

A – Bella Feldmann, Manasquan

A – Jenna Harms, Manasquan

A – Mackenzie Boyle, Red Bank Catholic

M – Janie Cowley, Manasquan

M – Morgan Bartlett, Ocean

M – Meghan Murray, Red Bank

M – Kristin Pezzullo, Red Bank Catholic

M – Remi Reinhardt, Wall

D – Abby Kinneally, Manasquan

D – Reilly Traynor, Red Bank Catholic

D – Mia Conti, Red Bank

G – Shannon Ross, Ocean

Honorable Mention

A – Abi George, Red Bank Catholic

A – Brille Bezick, Middletown South

A – Amy Wegrzyniak, Ocean

A – Kerry Wren, Wall

M – Grace Gargiulo, Red Bank Catholic

M – Taylor Herr, Ocean

M – Harley Piling, Manasquan

M – Alexa Sirchio, Wall

D – Olivia Buthorn, Middletown South

D – Jenna Karabin, Wall

D – Riley Adam, Wall

G – Lindsay Mazzucco, Red Bank Catholic




Player of the Year: Jade Rivera, Jackson Liberty

Coach of the Year: Sarah Hayek, Jackson Liberty

First Team

A – Claudia Schreier, Lacey

A – Keira McNamara, Point Boro

A – Adrienne Wigert, Point Boro

M – Caroline Fenton, Lacey

M – Jade Rivera, Jackson Liberty

M – Chloe McGee, Barnegat

M – Madeline Schleicher, Barnegat

M – Robyn Winchester, Point Boro

D – April Rivera, Point Boro

D – Ashley Walter, Barnegat

D – Tsering Badushov, Jackson Liberty

G – Caroline Schwester, Donovan Catholic

Honorable Mention

A – Katie Conway, Point Boro

A – Donna Polhemus, Jackson Liberty

A – Kara Ferrigno, Barnegat

M – Maeve Carney, Jackson Liberty

M – Talianna Bella, Donovan Catholic

M – Cara Johnson, Manchester

M – Emily Staino, Pinelands

M – Danielle Marotta, Jackson Liberty

D – Amanda Ramirez, Manchester

D – Catherine Hynoski, Donovan Catholic

D – Abigayle Sinibaldi, Lacey

G – Bailey Havens, Jackson Liberty


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