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Here are the 2022 Shore Conference Coaches' All-Division teams. These teams were selected by the respective coaches in each of the Shore Conference's seven divisions.



Offensive Player of the Year: Sabino Portella, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

Defensive Player of the Year: Colin Gallagher, Jr., Middletown South

Coach of the Year: Jeremy Schulte, Rumson-Fair Haven

First Team - Offense

QB - Owen O'Toole, So., Rumson-Fair Haven

QB - Frankie Williams, So., Red Bank Catholic

RB - Sabino Portella, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

RB - Najee Calhoun, Fr., Donovan Catholic

RB - Donovan Summey, Jr., Middletown South

RB - Anthony Gartz, Sr., Wall

RB - Keisun Sanders, Sr., Wall

WR - Nick Rigby, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

WR - Scott Venancio, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

WR - Emanuel Ross, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

WR - Najih Rahman, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

WR - Micahel Thomas III, So., Donovan Catholic

TE - Pat Donohue, Sr., Wall

OL - Tommy Whyte, Sr., Middletown South

OL - Julian Santo, Sr., Manalapan

OL - Adam Yevchak, Jr., Donovan Catholic

OL - Tyler Burnham, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

OL - Lorenzo Portella, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

Utility - Alex Dille, Sr., Manalapan

Return specialist -  Robert Stolfa, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

K - Oliver Lorraine, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

First Team - Defense

DL - Billy Carr, Sr., Wall

DL - Luke Wafle, So., Middletown South

DL - Zaeir Day, Jr., Donovan Catholic

DL - Sam Rock III, Jr., Donovan Catholic

DL - Cooper Bunnell, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DL - Aidan Donohue, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DL - Logan Graham, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Colin Gallagher, Jr., Middletown South

LB - Davin Brewton, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Dante Vernieri, Sr., Donovan Catholic

LB - Luke Mikolajczyk, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

LB - Michael Palmieri, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Hunter Johnson, Jr., Donovan Catholic

DB - Owen Richter, Jr., Middletown South

DB - Logan Colleran, Sr., Middletown South

DB - Thomas Clark-Glasco, Sr., Manalapan

DB - Ryan Kalman, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DB - Beau Kemler, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Utility - Jake Czwakiel, Jr., Middletown South

P - Michael Calton, Sr., Manalapan

Second Team - Offense

QB - Todd Lambertson, Jr., Donovan Catholic

RB - Torin Harmon, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

RB - Alastair Orr, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

WR - Emanuel Gerena, Fr., Donovan Catholic

WR - Anthony Macchio, Jr., Manalapan

WR - Quinn Curley, Sr., Middletown South

TE - Jason Wagner, Sr., Middletown South

OL - Julien Devlin, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

OL - Patrick Magee, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

OL - Michael Toth, So., Middletown South

OL - EJ Smith, Sr., Donovan Catholic

OL - Louis DiBiase, So., Donovan Catholic

Return specialist - Brendan Sliva, So., Middletown South

K: Justin Lamorte, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

Second Team - Defense

DL - Artem Reinikov-Jouk, Sr., Manalapan

DL - Will Christopher, Sr., Middletown South

DL - Marshall Halfacre, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DL - Markus Brown, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

LB - Reed Elsas, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

LB - Brendan Catalano, Sr., Manalapan

LB - JJ Correa, Jr., Donovan Catholic

LB - Luke Wassef, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

DB - Mason Adam, So., Wall

DB - Richard Davis, Sr., Donovan Catholic

DB - Christian Ungemah, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DB - Darrius Colleton, Sr., Manalapan

Utility - Beau Servidio, Sr., Middletown South



Offensive Player of the Year: Micah Ford, Toms River North

Defensive Player of the Year: Ty Kazanowsky, Toms River North

Coach of the Year: Dave Oizerowitz, Toms River North

First Team - Offense

QB - Micah Ford, Jr., Toms River North

QB - Luke Sheehan, Jr., Middletown North

QB - Earnest Reevey, Jr., Long Branch

RB - Josh Moore, Jr., Toms River North

RB - Sekou Kamau, Sr., Long Branch

RB - Zaheem Brown, Jr., Long Branch

WR - Tareq Council, Jr., Toms River North

WR - Michael Hall, Sr., Long Branch

WR - Trevor Santucci, Jr., Lacey

WR - Tony Brinson, Sr., Central

WR - Derek Soto, Sr., Middletown North

TE - Max DiPietro, Sr., Southern

OL - Jaelyne Matthews, So., Toms River North

OL - Josh Kaye, Sr., Toms River North

OL - Jack Lopez, Sr., Middletown North

OL - Brendan Suspie, Sr., Lacey

OL - Lucas Ainbinder, Sr., Middletown North

OL - Armando Sanchez, Jr., Southern

Utility - Nasir Jackson, So., Toms River North

Utility - Nick Walano, Sr., Toms River North

K - Ian Poole-Morgan, Jr., Middletown North

First Team - Defense

DL - Peter Dempsey, Sr., Middletown North

DL - Nick Baiocco, Sr., Toms River North

DL - Matt Luca, Sr., Lacey

DL - Scott Nico, Jr., Central

DL - Nasir McDougald, Sr., Toms River North

LB - Ty Kazanowsky, Sr., Toms River North

LB - Anthony Rodrigez, Jr., Toms River North

LB - Ty Boland, Sr., Toms River North

LB - Esau Walker, Sr., Long Branch

LB - Dilyn Blount, Sr., Long Branch

LB - Nicholas Maertens, Jr., Lacey

DB - Jeremiah Pruitt, Jr., Toms River North

DB - Shamar Williams, Sr., Long Branch

DB - Andy Falletta, Sr., Long Branch

DB - Akeel Gaines, Sr., Long Branch

DB - Zach Brewster, Sr., Lacey

Utility - Luke Oizerowitz, Jr., Toms River North

P - Diego Wolf, Sr., Lacey

Second Team - Offense

QB - Devin Sisler, So., Central

RB - Mordecai Ford, So., Toms River North

RB - Dominic Perrone, Sr., Lacey

RB - Neno Morgan-Acker, Jr., Middletown North

WR - Camryn Thomas, So., Toms River North

WR - Royality Riley, So., Central

WR - Dylan Briggs, Jr., Middletown North

OL - Keith Sullivan, Sr., Lacey

OL - Hathem Hooranyi, So., Toms River North

OL - Justin Kaye, Jr., Toms River North

OL - Fernando Flores-Martinez, Jr., Long Branch

OL - Joseph Corely, So., Long Branch

OL - Andrew Klimovich, So., Middletown North

Utility - Dave Wilson, Sr., Lacey

Utility - Ka'Ley Spearman-Young, Jr., Middletown North

K - Yianni Papanikolas, So., Toms River North

Second Team - Defense

DL - Matt Coon, Sr., Lacey

DL - Michael Dwyer, So., Middletown North

DL - Trey Mitchell, Sr., Central

DL - CJ Valenti, Jr., Toms River North

LB - Corey Smith, So., Lacey

LB - Nick Stanzioni, Jr., Lacey

LB - Cody VanderVliet, Sr., Toms River North

LB - Christian Oliveri, Jr., Toms River North

LB - Jaivon Tate, Sr., Central

LB - Javier Gonzalez, So., Long Branch

LB - Xander Murray, Sr., Southern

LB - Michael Subik, Sr., Middletown North

LB - Justin Soto, Jr., Middletown North

DB - Trey Rinella, Jr., Toms River North

Utility - Richie Grabowski, Sr., Middletown North

Utility - James Barnao, Jr., Middletown North

P -��Mike Zecena, Jr.,. Southern



Co-Offensive Players of the Year:  Tai Mann, Jackson Memorial & Chris Scully, Colts Neck

Co-Defensive Players of the Year: Matt Cassidy, Marlboro & Will Surdez, Colts Neck

Co-Coaches of the Year: Jason Dagato, Marlboro & Matt Ahearn, Colts Neck

First Team - Offense

QB - Tai Mann, Sr., Jackson Memorial

RB - Chris Scully, Jr., Colts Neck

RB - Aidan Sweeney, Sr., Jackson Memorial

RB - Chase Enlow, So., Freehold Township

WR - Kevin Maloney, Jr., Howell

WR - Ryan Mendes, Sr., Marlboro

WR - Shawn Corchado, Jr., Freehold Township

TE - Damian Padilla, Sr., Howell

OL - Corey Shanin, Sr., Marlboro

OL - Hunter Boilen, Sr., Marlboro

OL - JJ Cifelli, Jr., Colts Neck

OL - Charlie Whalen, Jr, Colts Neck

OL - Ryan Fischer, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Return specialist - Jake Houston, Sr., Marlboro

Utility - Jack Gartenstein, Sr., Howell

K - Luke Rubin, Jr., Marlboro

First Team - Defense

DL - Lucas McEvoy, Sr., Marlboro

DL - Eric Loureiro, Jr., Colts Neck

DL - Anthony Lombardi, Jr., Colts Neck

DL - Seven Miller, Sr., Howell

DL - Angelo Nicosia, Sr., Jackson Memorial

LB - Matt Cassidy, Jr., Marlboro

LB - Will Surdez, Sr., Colts Neck

LB - Sam Mele, Sr., Howell

LB - Brandon Bigelow, Jr., Jackson Memorial

LB - Nick Benjamino, Sr., Freehold Township

LB - Ray DeFrancesco, Jr., Howell

DB - Albert D'Alessandro, Jr., Jackson Memorial

DB - Matt Celli, Sr., Colts Neck

DB - Jaiden Hernandez, Jr., Jackson Memorial

DB - Nick Carnevale, Jr., Freehold Township

Utility - Jordan Hamlin-Wilford, Sr., Freehold

P - Cody Wohlrab, Sr., Freehold Township

Second Team - Offense

QB - AJ Schwartz, Sr., Marlboro

QB - Egan Nelms, Jr., Howell

RB - Jack Lefkowitz, So., Colts Neck

RB - Gavin Golub, Jr., Freehold

RB - Brandon Wright, Jr., Howell

WR - Alex Frank, Sr., Marlboro

WR - Jack Tormey, Sr., Colts Neck

TE - Shaun Hubbard, Jr., Jackson Memorial

OL - Peter Budveit, Sr., Marlboro

OL - Riley Johnston, Sr., Howell

OL - Carter Stokes, Jr., Freehold

OL - Matt Liggio, Jr., Colts Neck

OL - Albert Yodakis, So, Colts Neck

Return specialist - Ryan Jagodzinski, Jr., Jackson Memorial

Utility - Spencer Rushton, Jr., Freehold

K: Aidan Manasso, Jr., Colts Neck

Second Team - Defense

DL - Malachi Cancel, Sr., Freehold

DL - Lucas Stahlnecker, Sr., Jackson Memorial

DL - Jayden Holmes-Cotter, Sr., Freehold Township

DL - Sam Surdez, Jr., Colts Neck

LB - Anthony Tropeano, Jr., Marlboro

LB - James Bertan, So., Colts Neck

LB - Sebastian Andujar, Jr., Freehold Township

LB - Joe Cate III, Jr., Howell

LB - Ethan Kalinauskas, Jr., Jackson Memorial

DB - Zach Padilla, So., Howell

DB - Nick Scaff, Jr., Marlboro

DB - Anthony Long, Sr., Freehold Township

DB - Ethan Sloane, Jr., Colts Neck

Utility - Dom Marino, Sr., Howell

Utility - Dom Beninato, Jr., Colts Neck



Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Tyler Douglas, Ocean & Connor Dietz, Brick Memorial

Defensive Player of the Year: CJ Flannigan, Ocean

Coach of the Year: Don Klein, Ocean

First Team - Offense

QB - Tyler Douglas, Sr., Ocean

QB - Connor Dietz, Jr., Brick Memorial

RB - Davon Craft, Jr., Neptune

RB - Jah'cire Jones, Jr., Red Bank

RB - Devon Bond, Sr., Toms River North

WR - Mateo Andrews, Sr., Ocean

WR - Jeremiah Crispin, Sr., Brick Memorial

WR - Ky'Yam Martin, Sr., Red Bank

TE - Tyson Lopez, Sr., Brick

OL - Nick Caruso, Jr., Ocean

OL - Griffin Egan, Jr., Red Bank

OL - Giancarlo Polazzalo, Jr., Ocean

OL - Ben Wooley, Sr., Brick Memorial

OL - Mike Pormigiano, Sr., Brick

Utility - Pierce Olsen, Sr., Red Bank

Return specialist - Lamar Hicks, Sr., Red Bank

K - Giancarlo Dautaj, Sr., Red Bank

First Team - Defense

DL - Shane Garrett, Sr., Ocean

DL - Ben Trench, Sr., Ocean

DL - Chris Salvato, Sr., Brick

DL - Donovan Wilkinson, So., Toms River South

LB - Jake Toye, Jr., Brick

LB - Deondre Banks, Sr., Neptune

LB - Willie Canavan, Jr., Ocean

LB - Kyle Borenius, Jr., Red Bank

LB - Trey Tallmadge, Fr., Brick Memorial

LB - Joel Small, Sr., Toms River South

DB - CJ Flannigan, Sr., Ocean

DB - Caleb Thompson, Sr., Ocean

DB - Liam Stack, Jr., Red Bank

DB - Logan Donnelly, Sr., Brick

Utility - Ben Girard, Jr., Ocean

Utility - Brendan Laughlin, Sr., Red Bank

P - AJ Grygiel, Sr., Brick

Second Team - Offense

RB - Nick Iacouzzi, Jr., Ocean

RB - Kevin Andrews, So., Brick Memorial

RB - Travis Trempy, Jr., Brick

WR - Jayden Johnson, So., Brick

WR - Danny Pierson, So. Toms River South

WR - Jasaan Whitaker, Jr., Brick Memorial

TE - Joe Nolan, Sr., Brick Memorial

OL - Reuvi Israeli, Jr., Ocean

OL - Jayden Rodrigez, Sr., Neptune

OL - Abdul Rahmi, Sr., Brick

OL - James King, Sr., Toms River South

OL - Hank Dal Pra, Sr., Red Bank

Utility - Gunnar Eckerstrom, Jr., Red Bank

Return specialist - Eli Benjamin, Sr., Brick Memorial

K - Kurt Wieboldt, Jr., Brick

Second Team - Defense

DL - Jayceon Webster, Sr., Ocean

DL - Brendon Jervett, Jr., Red Bank

DL - Jayden Rivera, Sr., Brick Memorial

DL - Ezra Myers, Jr., Brick

LB - Colin Wilson, Sr., Brick

LB - Will Walsh, Jr., Brick

LB - Stephen Falco, Jr., Ocean

LB - Michael Poniros, Jr., Ocean

LB - Evan Eckerstrom, Jr., Red Bank

LB - Alex Chobak, Jr., Red Bank

DB - James Sobieski, So., Ocean

DB - Semaj Pennington, Sr., Neptune

DB - Germaine Rice, Fr., Brick

DB - Malcolm Beale, So., Ocean

Utility - Nicco Maribo, Jr., Brick Memorial

P - Nick Gandolfo, Jr., Red Bank



Offensive Player of the Year: Kieran Falzon, Raritan

Defensive Player of the Year: Connor Reynolds, Point Boro

Coach of the Year: Brian Staub, Point Boro

First Team - Offense

QB - Brett Patten, Sr., Manasquan

QB - Matt Oliphant, Jr., Point Boro

RB - Kieran Falzon, Sr., Raritan

RB - Jake Croce, Jr., Point Boro

RB - Julian Jones, Sr., Monmouth

WR - Dan Calicari, Sr., Raritan

WR - Tahaj Wiggins, Sr., Monmouth

WR - Jack Dettlinger, Sr., Manasquan

WR - Joey Marcello, Jr., St. John Vianney

OL - Cole Skinner, Sr., Point Boro

OL - Nick Bachmann, Jr., Holmdel

OL - Charles Davison, Jr., Point Boro

OL - Zach Scully, Sr., St. John Vianney

OL - Tom Jeleniewski, Sr., Raritan

Utility - Jhamier Howard, Sr., Manasquan

Utility - Kyle Verriest, Sr., St. John Vianney

Return specialist - Connor Cilento, Sr., Point Boro

First Team - Defense

DL - Connor Reynolds, Sr., Point Boro

DL - Jack Coleman, Sr., Raritan

DL - Myles Byrd-Rice, Jr., St. John Vianney

DL - James Gilmore, Sr., Manasquan

DL - Aidan Ward, Sr., Point Boro

LB - Tyler Gordon, Sr., Point Boro

LB - Matt Agar, Sr., Raritan

LB - Christian Buchanan, Sr., St. John Vianney

LB - Ryan McCormack, Sr., Raritan

LB - Will Burns, Jr., Manasquan

DB - Jack Farrah, Sr., St. John Vianney

DB - Aaron Van Trease, Sr., St. John Vianney

DB - Prince Hostler, Sr., Monmouth

DB - Sam Muraglia, Sr., Point Boro

Utility - Tim Haggerty, Sr., Holmdel

Utility - Jayden Craft, Jr., Raritan

Second Team - Offense

QB - Anthony Jehn, Sr., Monmouth

RB - Luca Minardo, Jr., St.  John Vianney

RB - Anthony Setteducate, Jr., Holmdel

WR - Kyle Pettus, Jr., St. John Vianney

WR - Joe Murphy, Sr., Raritan

TE - Griffin Hicks, Jr., Monmouth

OL - Tim O'Dowd, Sr., St. John Vianney

OL - Andrew Chemo, Sr., St. John Vianney

OL - Paul D'Iorio, Sr., Raritan

OL - Casey Brew, Jr., Holmdel

OL - Declan Pratt, Sr., Point Boro

Utility - Ryan Buchanan, Jr., St. John Vianney

Utility - Lucas Bontempo, Sr., Monmouth

Second Team - Defense

DL - Nick Godkin, Sr., Raritan

DL - Matt DeFelice, Sr., St. John Vianney

DL - Dan Kikta, Jr., Monmouth

DL - Matt O'Donnell, Sr., Manasquan

LB - Kyle Walling, Jr., Raritan

LB - Eric Crossley, Sr., Monmouth

LB - Mike Foley, Sr., St. John Vianney

LB - Noah Manmeri, Jr., Raritan

LB - Thomas Cleary, Sr., St. John Vianney

DB -  Evan Booth, Jr., Monmouth

DB - Logan Acevedo, Jr., Raritan

DB - Nick Galamb, Sr., St. John Vianney

DB - Colin Obser, So., Point Boro

Utility - JJ Bennett, Sr., Point Boro

Utility - Elijah Portales, Sr., St. John Vianney

Utility - Nick Huisman, Sr., Monmouth



Offensive Player of the Year: Colin Palumbo, Matawan

Defensive Player of the Year: Mike Hall, Pinelands

Coach of the Year: Jay Graber, Matawan

First Team - Offense

QB - Ryan Allen, Sr., Pinelands

QB - Am'ir Martinez de Scott, So., Matawan

RB - Colin Palumbo, So, Matawan

RB - JoJo Bivins, Sr., Barnegat

RB - Zack Corrado, Sr., Jackson Liberty

RB - Jaimin Parkinson, So., Pinelands

WR - Mike Frawley, Jr., Pinelands

WR - Tyrone Benjamin, Sr., Manchester

WR - Welman Crooms, Fr., Matawan

OL - Nikolaus Winzer, Sr., Matawan

OL - Jayden Elijah, So., Matawan

OL - Brandon Bittar, Sr., Jackson Liberty

OL - Joe Rome, Sr., Toms River East

OL - Joseph Pufahl, Sr., Pinelands

Utility - Amari Phillips, Sr., Toms River East

Utility - Cameron Cooper, Jr., Matawan

Return specialist - Nevin Hart, Jr., Toms River East

K - Jake Zibbell, Matawan

First Team - Defense

DL - Mike Hall, Sr., Pinelands

DL - Rodney Burke, Sr., Barnegat

DL - Zion Spence, Sr., Matawan

DL - MJ Williams, Jr., Toms River East

DL - Dan Lidzhiev, Sr., Jackson Liberty

LB - Joseph Bodin, Sr., Matawan

LB - MorganBlake Gagneron, So., Matawan

LB - Dante Mortellite, So., Manchester

LB - Cole Toddings, So., Barnegat

LB - Connor Armstrong, Sr., Barnegat

DB - Myquan Rush, So., Barnegat

DB - Shikeith Gordon, Sr., Barnegat

DB - Liam Villinger, Jr., Pinelands

DB - Brian Schnur, Sr., Toms River East

DB - Jayden Percodani, Jr., Matawan

Utility - Stephen Borden, Sr., Pinelands

Utility - Mekhi Hall, Sr., Pinelands

P - Mike Bruno, Sr., Toms River East

Second Team - Offense

QB - Aidan Lunn, So., Manchester

RB - Josh Love, Jr., Manchester

RB - Connor Bonicky, Sr., Pinelands

RB - MJ Goins, So., Manchester

WR - Anthony Rucci, Sr., Pinelands

TE - Lance Santos, Sr., Matawan

WR/TE - Jake Buckman, Jr., Toms River East

OL - Dave Lidzhiev, Sr., Jackson Liberty

OL - Nick Porcelli, Jr., Barnegat

OL - Jordan Reamer, Jr., Matawan

OL - Anthony Aguanno, So., Pinelands

OL - James Lynch, So., Toms River East

OL - Jayden Hadzovic, So., Pinelands

Utility - Chris Burseth, Jr., Matawan

Return specialist - Joe Accordino, Jr., Jackson Liberty

K - Ethan Woods, Jr., Pinelands

Second Team - Defense

DL - Seif Wahby, Sr., Matawan

DL - Ryan Ushock, Sr., Toms River East

DL - Chris Marriot, Sr., Barnegat

DL - Connor Pappas, Sr., Barnegat

DL - Manny Swain, Jr., Manchester

LB - Seth Friewald, Sr., Barnegat

LB - Max Giaccone, Sr., Barnegat

LB - Corzeek Palms, So., Jackson Liberty

LB - Logan Russo, Jr., Pinelands

LB - Christian Pasos, Sr., Manchester

DB - Joe Celentano, Sr., Jackson Liberty

DB - Eli Casalan, Sr., Manchester

DB - Alan Nelson, Sr., Barnegat

DB - Joe Scala, Sr., Toms River East

Utility - Theo Wojo-Grasso, Sr., Jackson Liberty

Utility - BrianChrles Gagneron, Jr., Matawan

Utility - Eric Gutridge, So., Matawan

P - Joe Horowitz, Jr., Manchester



Offensive Player of the Year: Nazir Treadwell, Keyport

Defensive Player of the Year: Jackson Whitacre, Shore

Co-Coaches of the Year: Jason Glezman, Keyport & Lamar Davenport, Asbury Park

First Team - Offense

QB - Jai'Sun Brown, Sr., Asbury Park

RB - Nazir Treadwell, Jr., Keyport

RB - Jashawn Carter, Sr., Asbury Park

RB - Lucas Rosa, Sr., Shore

RB - Keyon Tims, Sr., Lakewood

RB - Roman Grauso, Sr., Point Beach

WR - Rah'Lee Stephens, Jr., Asbury Park

WR - Derrick Marsh, Sr., Lakewood

WR - Kevin Burns, Sr., Point Beach

TE - Jackson Killian, Sr., Point Beach

OL - Jake Papera, Jr., Shore

OL - Alexis Torres, Sr., Lakewood

OL - Ryan Burns, Jr., Keyport

OL - Connor Haney, Jr., Shore

OL - Michael Menture, Sr., Keansburg

Utility - Nasun Lee, Sr., Keansburg

Utility - Lucas White, Jr., Shore

K - Michael Furlong, Sr., Shore

First Team - Defense

DL - Jackson Whitacre, Jr., Shore

DL - Kevin Fitzgerald, Sr., Keyport

DL - Yazzir Johnson, Sr., Asbury Park

DL - Xavier Moro, So., Shore

DL - Rob Dey, Sr., Point Beach

DL - Darin Bacote, Sr., Asbury Park

LB - Javon King, Sr., Asbury Park

LB - Roman Blanks, So., Keyport

LB - Mason Eldridge, Sr., Keyport

LB - Ian Mendez, Sr., Keansburg

LB - Joe Beley, Sr., Point Beach

DB - Mike Ford, Jr., Keyport

DB - CJ Sears, Jr., Shore

DB - Mike Alonso, Sr., Keansburg

DB - Shaborn Goodman, Sr., Asbury Park

DB - Alex George, Jr., Shore

Utility - Daijon Cross, Sr., Keyport

P - Jayvon Gonzalez, Sr., Lakewood

Second Team - Offense

QB - Ty Koch, Sr., Shore

RB - Iquann Crawford, Jr., Asbury Park

RB - Ramel Anderson, So., Lakewood

RB - Jake Mullins, Sr., Point Beach

WR - Andrei Matthews, So., Keyport

TE - Riely Jankowski, Sr., Keansburg

OL - Elijha Drake, Sr., Asbury Park

OL - Paul Giglio, Jr., Shore

OL - Sean Alicia, So., Lakewood

OL - Shawan Singh, Jr., Keyport

OL - Kyle Scott, Sr., Keansburg

OL - Chris Valente, Sr., Point Beach

OL - David Fant, Sr., Point Beach

Utility - Parker Fegan, Jr., Shore

Utility - Ryan Oreste, Sr., Point Beach

Utility - Dajuan Weems, So., Keansburg

K - Joe Sautner, Sr., Keansburg

Second Team - Defense

DL - Razhon McNeil, Jr., Asbury Park

DL - Isaiah Goodman, Sr., Keansburg

DL - Sean Fisher, Jr., Shore

DL - Amir Enoch, Jr., Lakewood

DL - Ben Morgan, Sr., Keyport

LB - Jah'Vell Carter, Jr., Asbury Park

LB - Bill Huhn, Sr., Keansburg

LB - Aidan O'Brien, Sr., Shore

LB - Malachy Connors, Jr., Shore

LB - Logan Blanks, Sr., Keyport

DB - Derrick Ostervich, Sr., Keyport

DB - JP Debow, Sr., Keansburg

DB - Shane Debow, Sr., Keansburg

DB - Messiah Holmes-Harris, Sr., Asbury Park

Utility - Jake Pennell, Jr., Shore

Utility - Dominick Terracione, Jr., Keansburg

Utility - Brendan O'Brien, So., Shore

P - Max Judson, Sr., Keyport



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