SSN Surf Taco Week 7 Boys Soccer Player of the Week

Max Rosen, Marlboro

A difficult season ended in difficult fashion for Marlboro, which went 0-3 during the penultimate week of 2020. A primary reason for that was the Mustangs were facing two of the Shore’s hottest teams – Freehold Township (seven straight wins) and Jackson Memorial (six straight) – at the time.

Outside of a rough second half in the first Freehold Township loss, Marlboro was in all three games, with Rosen playing well in all three. He scored in both Freehold Township losses, scoring the first goal in a 4-1 loss on Tuesday and a second-half equalizer on Thursday. The Mustangs traded goals with Jackson and were dangerous over the final 20 minutes but the Jaguars won it on a golden goal by top scorer Steve Bado.

Rosen ran away with the Week 7 Player of the Week award behind 39 percent support from the voters. Wall senior Sean Southwell was a distant second in both directions, checking in with 22 percent of the vote, which was double the total of third-place Johnny Troiano of St. John Vianney. All Shore Sports Network Boys Soccer Player of the Week winners receive a gift card to Surf Taco.

Marlboro junior Max Rosen (right). (Photo by Paula Lopez)
Marlboro junior Max Rosen (right). (Photo by Paula Lopez)

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