⚾️ New York Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera and Aaron Boone the first of many to come to Jersey Shore

⚾️ Brandon Steiner and Frank Luna form partnership to bring great Yankees and other sports athletes to Ocean and Monmouth County

⚾️ Some big names may be coming to Jersey Shore this year

Imagine if I told you even a few months ago that two members of the New York Yankees would be here at the Jersey Shore.

It has happened and been a super fun ride!

Oswaldo Cabrera, the super rookie sensation, and Aaron Boone, manager of the Bronx Bombers have come to Belmar and Asbury Park, respectively, over the last couple of months.

(Photo: Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)
(Photo: Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)

Both events turned from vision to reality thanks to work of Brandon Steiner of CollectibleXchange and Frank Luna of Bradley Beach.

Steiner is a legend when it comes to organizing meet and greet events, knowing the value of autographs, how to monetize sports memorabilia, and so much more now for over 30-years.

Frank is a passionate Yankees and sports fan looking to not only bring these ballplayers and coaches to the area but turn them into community events for the Jersey Shore that has included a surprise to Asbury Park Little League ballplayers with Cabrera and a meet and greet between local Military Veterans and Boone.

And, there's some big names being discussed you may see here at the Jersey Shore this year.

Could it be Mariano Rivera? Could it be Bernie Williams or Paul O'Neil? Could it be someone else from recent Yankees teams or current rosters?

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I asked Brandon Steiner and Frank Luna to join me on Shore Sports Talk on 94.3 The Point to discuss their events so far, what's to come, and just some of the fun we've all had and stories we can share about experiences working or meeting some great sports athletes and coaches over the years.

Here is the conversation that I had this morning with Brandon Steiner and Frank Luna on Shore Sports Talk on 94.3 The Point.

Conversation Part One:

Conversation Part Two:

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