St, John Vianney, No. 1 in the Shore Sports Network Top 10, earned the top seed for the upcoming Shore Conference Tournament on Sunday.

The Lady Lancers (20-1) are followed by Manasquan (20-2), Red Bank Catholic (18-4), St. Rose (20-2) (the defending champion), Manchester (19-3), Rumson-Fair Haven (14-8), Toms River North (20-2) and Donovan Catholic (19-2). The top eight seeds received a bye into the first round.

Tournament play begins on Tuesday with preliminary round matchups.

1-St. John Vianney (20-1); 2-Manasquan (20-2); 3-Red Bank Catholic (18-4); 4-St. Rose (20-2); 5-Manchester (19-3); 6-Rumson-Fair Haven (14-8); 7-Toms River North (20-2); 8-Donovan Catholic (19-3); 9-Jackson Memorial (17-2); 10-Holmdel (13-7); 11-Colts Neck (15-5); 12-Marlboro (14-6); 13-Long Branch (11-10); 14-Red Bank (12-10); 15-Middletown North (12-7); 16-Toms River East (13-7); 17-Trinity Hall (20-2); 18-Raritan (12-10); 19-Southern (14-7); 20-Barnegat (14-7); 21-Howell (9-9); 22-Mater Dei (14-9); 23-Point Beach (12-7); 24-Keyport (10-9).

Preliminary Round


24-Keyport at 9-Jackson Memorial

23-Point Beach at 10-Holmdel

22-Mater Dei at 11-Colts Neck

21-Howell at 12-Marlboro

20-Barnegat at 13-Long Branch

19-Southern at 14-Red Bank

18-Raritan at 15-Middletown North

17-Trinity Hall at 16-Toms River East

Instant reaction: It goes without saying, yet needs to be re-affirmed...seeding this field is annually a beastly endeavor. A healthy pool of quality teams with particular resumes tends to make the Shore Conference Tournament such a gratifying title to claim.

Had the good fortune to sit in on the meeting solely as an observer. Nonetheless, I did spend some time Saturday night putting together list for the seeds, an informal ballot if you will. This is the way I happened to see it, for what it's worth with teams actual SCT tournament seed in parenthesis. Best of luck to all.

1-St. John Vianney (1)...Hard to challenge the Lady Lancers in this spot. Record speaks for itself, with the only loss coming at the hands of unbeaten Christ the King of NY, annually a state power.

2-Manasquan (2)...Warriors cemented their case for this spot Saturday by downing St. Rose, 50-44, in OT.

3-St. Rose (4)...Loss to Manasquan in OT on the road seemed to make their arguement for the three. Only other loss was to Pickerington Central (Ohio) at the Diamond State Classic, which was a loaded field of national heavyweights. If any team has a gripe in this field, it's the Purple Roses, who happen to be the defending champion. That said, last year, I also felt they were vastly undersold as a five-seed. This cast plays huge with a chip on its shoulder. If they feel snubbed once more....beware.

4-Red Bank Catholic (3)...Caseys have a big win over Manasquan and split their season series with the Warriors. Veteran cast that spills its bucket and takes immense pride in defense. Thought RBC was firm in the fourth seed.

5-Manchester (5)....Give the Hawks a lot of credit. Played an aggressive out-of-conference schedule, which should have them primed for SCT. Beat Rumson-Fair Haven in head-to-head meeting.

6-Rumson-Fair Haven (6)...As stated above, loss to Manchester seemed to naturally put them right behind the Hawks. Another squad that has groomed for the post season against a taxing schedule.

7-Toms River North (7)...A South champ, split with Jackson Memorial and lost to Manchester in WOBM final. Dangerous crew that scored notable wins out of conference againt Rancocas Valley and Ocean City.

8-Jackson Memorial (9)...Although they spilt with A South champ Toms River North, Jags did win the most recent meeting. Had this vibe about Jackson Memorial that folks were overlooking them.

9-Donovan Catholic (8)...Man, Griffins have won 17 straight and split with Manchester to share B South title. Two-point win over Colts Neck gave them the nod over Cougars for consideration in this spot. Would have no problem if seeded a little higher.

10-Colts Neck (11)...Cougars won A North, bowed to Donovan Catholic by two and had two wins over division rival Marlboro.

11-Marlboro (12)...Mustangs strike me as another dangerous cast. Lost twice to Colts Neck in A North. Give them props for playing St. John Vianney, Manasquan and Rumson-Fair Haven out of division.

12-Holmdel (10)...Loss to Red Bank on Friday hurt Hornets. A win there and I would have had them in top 10. So, I had them here.

13-Southern (19)...Thought the Rams, 9-2 over last 11 games and with four losses against teams that were seeded in top nine, had a good case here. Own a win over Jackson Memorial.

14-Middletown North (15)...Six of its seven losses came against teams seeded amongst top 11. Split with Long Branch in B North.

15-Long Branch (13)...Could have easily flip-flopped Green Wave with Middletown North but gave North nod with a 9-5 record in B North. Long Branch was 5-9. However, Green Wave won the most recent meeting between the two during a four-game win streak that included a win versus Red Bank.

16-Red Bank (14)...Bucs showed a lot of grit this weekend, first with an impressive win against Holmdel to assure a berth and then downing Holy Spirit on Saturday to cement its spot.

17-Toms River East (16)...After a 4-4 start, Raiders went 9-3 with losses to the three schools ahead of them in A South standings - Toms River North, Jackson Memorial and Southern. East also had a big win over Donovan Catholic at the WOBM Christmas Classic and edged Southern, 42-41, in their first meeting.

18-Trinity Hall (17)...Monarchs boasted an impressive 20-2 mark with only losses coming at the hands of B Central champion St. Rose. It's a veteran group that's done a nice job and went 6-2 against SCT qualifiers. However, those six wins came against Keyport, Point Beach and Mater Dei, all I had seeded below them.

19-Raritan (18)...Rockets were 4-8 in A Central and had six losses against teams seeded above. They did split with Red Bank and a non-division win over Barnegat made their case for me here.

20-Barnegat (20)...Head-to-head loss against Raritan gave Rockets nod in the 19th spot.

21-Howell (21)...Credit the Rebels, who were 6-9 on Jan. 30, for qualifying. Ride into the tournament on three-game win streak.

22-Mater Dei (22)...Seraphs have quietly put together a strong season in B Central.

23-Point Beach (23)...Like Mater Dei, the Garnet Gulls more than kept their head above water in B Central.

24-Keyport (24)...An eight-game win streak mid season gave Red Raiders enough wiggle room to absorb going 2-7 down the stretch. Yet, with backs to wall, topped Asbury Park to earn their way in.


2017---St. Rose 56, St. John Vianney 31

2016---St. John Vianney 59, Manasquan 48

2015---Manasquan 69, St. Rose 60

2014---Manasquan 61, St. Rose 41

2013---Red Bank Catholic 50, Point Pleasant Boro 46

2012---St. Rose 65, Manasquan 56

2011---Neptune 57, St. John Vianney 48

2010---Neptune 60, Colts Neck 50

2009---Neptune 56, St. John Vianney 54

2008---Colts Neck 66, Red Bank Catholic 53

2007---Red Bank Catholic 34, Rumson 31

2006---Red Bank Catholic 41, Rumson 31

2005---St. John Vianney 47, Monmouth Reg. 30

2004---St. John Vianney 56, Toms River North 47

2003---Red Bank Catholic 48, Marlboro 46

2002---St. John Vianney 39, Marlboro 36

2001---Red Bank Catholic 44, St. John Vianney 39

2000---Red Bank Catholic 62, St. John Vianney 56

1999---St. John Vianney 56, Red Bank Catholic 52

1998---St. John Vianney 45, Red Bank 34

1997---St. John Vianney 59, Red Bank Catholic 45

1996---St. John Vianney 53, Red Bank Catholic 47

1995---St. John Vianney 61, Red Bank Catholic 55

1994---St. John Vianney 86, Red Bank 46

1993---St. Rose 67, St. John Vianney 57

1992---St. John Vianney 54, St. Rose 50

1991---St. John Vianney 58, Keyport 47

1990---St. John Vianney 59, Toms River East 48

1989---Neptune 79, St. John Vianney 49

1988---Neptune 70, Raritan 48

1987---Neptune 61, Manasquan 46

1986---St. Rose 55, Freehold Twp. 52

1985---Middletown South 50, Neptune 48

1984---Southern Regional 42, Neptune 40

1983---Manasquan 43, Lakewood 36

1982---Neptune 59, Rumson 46

1981---Manasquan 45, Middletown North 35

1980---Freehold Twp. 70, Brick 47

1979---Middletown South 45, Asbury Park 43

1978---Shore Regional 48, Asbury Park 45

1977---Asbury Park 56, Shore Regional 33

1976---Asbury Park 83, Lakewood 56

1975---Asbury Park 51, Toms River South 27

1974---Asbury Park 45, Long Branch 37 (OT)

1973---Shore Regional 43, Brick 41

1972---Brick 37, Point Pleasant Boro 27

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