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Of all the tournaments run by the Shore Conference throughout the scholastic calendar, the Shore Conference Baseball Tournament might be the hardest to win and is certainly the hardest to seed. Pitching matchups are always the x-factor, not only once the tournament gets underway, but also in sorting through the teams and attempting to seed them appropriately.

With a few exceptions, seeding this year’s field will be a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Head-to-head results matter to a point, but so do the pitching matchups in any game in questions. A team could have a strong collection of wins, but who was pitching in those games? These are important questions every year, but in this particular year, it is very hard to separate teams.

Up until Tuesday night, the No. 1 spot looked like an easy call and it still might be safe to assume that the team that has been No. 1 since the second week of the season will still hold that spot when at the start of the tournament. As far as the rest of the field, here is a best guess at how the bracket will shake out, with 26 teams secure and three still battling to land above .500 by 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

Up-to-Date 2022 Shore Conference Baseball Standings

1. Rumson-Fair Haven (14-1, 12-1)

Division Wins: Holmdel (2), Monmouth (2), Raritan (2), St. Rose (2), Shore (2), Ocean, Red Bank Catholic
Division Losses: At Red Bank Catholic
Non-Division Wins: Red Bank, Ranney
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: At Ocean
Why They’re Here: There are some nitpicks about the thin resume, especially now that there is a loss on it after Tuesday night’s defeat at the hands of Red Bank Catholic. With a division title locked up and wins over Ranney and Red Bank Catholic, Rumson is still the heavy favorite to snag the No. 1 seed. The Bulldogs have the pitching to be dangerous in any tournament, but the offense has dealt with some inconsistency and has not been as pesky from top-to-bottom as it was last year against good pitching.

2. Howell (14-4, 12-2)

Division Wins: Freehold Twp. (2), Long Branch (2), Manalapan (2), Marlboro (2), Middletown North (2), at CBA, at Middletown North
Division Losses: CBA, Middletown South
Non-Division Wins: Watchung Hills, Middletown North (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: Caldwell, Wall (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: At Colts Neck
Why They’re Here: Howell’s pitching has started to look a little suspect over the last couple of weeks, but a minor injury to ace Danny Furlong could explain at least some of the trouble. Furlong is back and with a chance to reset the rotation while running out a lineup that continues to swing the bat well, Howell has the ability to go with a resume that is as good as any in the field.

3. Middletown South (15-7, 9-4)

Division Wins: Long Branch (2), Marlboro (2), Middletown North (2), CBA, Freehold Twp., at Howell
Division Losses: At CBA, at Freehold Twp., Howell, at Manalapan
Non-Division Wins: Cranford, vs. Jackson Memorial, Manalapan (MCT), Manasquan (MCT), Red Bank Catholic (MCT), Ranney
Non-Division Losses: Allentown, at Delbarton, vs. Egg Harbor
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Middletown South has played the most complete schedule of any team in the field and with 15 wins, the Eagles have landed their share of haymakers in their pursuit of the No. 1 spot. With Rumson winning Class A Central and Howell winning the Class A North division championship, Middletown South is probably going to settle in at No. 3, but as a Monmouth County Tournament finalist with wins over Cranford, Jackson Memorial, Red Bank Catholic, Howell, CBA and Ranney, Middletown South sure looks the part of a No. 1 seed.

4. Red Bank Catholic (14-5, 10-4)

Division Wins: Holmdel (2), Raritan (2), St. Rose (2), at Monmouth, at Ocean, Rumson-Fair Haven, Shore
Division Losses: Monmouth, Ocean, at Rumson-Fair Haven, at Shore
Non-Division Wins: Manasquan, vs. Holy Spirit, at CBA (MCT), at Freehold Twp. (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: At Middletown South (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: While Monday’s extra-inning loss to Middletown South capped RBC’s ceiling at No. 4, Tuesday’s win over Rumson-Fair Haven should help the Caseys hit that ceiling. The Caseys are very tough to beat with ace Alex Stanyek on the mound, but they have lost two games Stanyek has started and one of the two starts of his they won required nine innings. It could also hurt the Caseys that they lost to two teams that will not be in the tournament (Ocean and Shore) but there is enough good to offset that.

5. Wall (12-3, 9-3)

Division Wins: Matawan (2), Neptune (2), at Colts Neck, at Freehold Boro, Manasquan, Red Bank, at St. John Vianney
Division Losses: Colts Neck, at Manasquan, St. John Vianney
Non-Division Wins: Jackson Liberty, Monmouth (MCT), at Howell (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Division standings are usually the baseline for the seeding, but sometimes, a team that does not win a division deserves to be seeded like it did. The Crimson Knights fall into that category this year: they beat two quality opponents – Monmouth and Howell – on consecutive days to reach the Monmouth County Tournament semifinal, which Wall won’t play until after the SCT is seeded. After a lukewarm start, Wall seems to be locked in at the plate and has managed to find enough pitching to give that potent lineup a chance to win against anybody. Compared to the other two top-eight contenders out of B North, Wall has shown more upside and balance than Colts Neck and has been steadier than St. John Vianney.

6. Ranney (15-4, 10-0)

Division Wins: Henry Hudson (2), Keansburg (2), Keyport (2), Point Beach (2), Asbury Park, Mater Dei
Division Losses: None
Non-Division Wins: At Delbarton, Ferris, St. Mary Rutherford, at Brick Memorial, at Poly Prep (N.Y.)
Non-Division Losses: At Rumson-Fair Haven, St. John Vianney (MCT), vs. Ocean City, at Middletown South
Before the Cutoff: At Mater Dei
Why They’re Here: Ranney had a bad day in losing to St. John Vianney and Ocean City on the same Saturday and those losses could call into question the Panthers’ status as a top-five seed. On the other hand, Ranney has a win over Delbarton team that beat Middletown South, solid programs in Ferris, St. Mary’s of Rutherford and Brick Memorial, and the big one – a road win over a nationally-ranked Poly Prep squad. Three of Ranney’s four losses are by one run and the lone one-run win for the Panthers is the one over Poly Prep. There is not a lot of success vs. the Shore on the resume, but there are some major wins that should make up for it.

7. Christian Brothers Academy (10-6, 7-4)

Division Wins: At Freehold Twp., at Howell, Long Branch, Manalapan, Marlboro, at Middletown North, Middletown South
Division Losses: Howell, at Marlboro, Middletown North, at Middletown South
Non-Division Wins: Ferris, Beaver Local (Oh.), Whitney Young (Ill.)
Non-Division Losses: Archbishop Moeller (Oh.), Red Bank Catholic (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: At Manalapan
Why They’re Here: CBA has beaten every team in Class A North exactly once and has yet to complete series against Manalapan, Freehold Township and Long Branch. Of the Colts’ five losses to teams within the Shore Conference, four have come with the opposing team’s No. 1 starter on the mound, with Middletown South the lone exception. On the other hand, CBA has yet to beat a No. 1 starter, so the Colts are not a lock to be this high.

8. Colts Neck (11-4-1, 11-2-1)

Division Wins: Freehold Boro (2), Manasquan (2), Matawan (2), Red Bank (2), at Neptune, at St. John Vianney, at Wall
Division Losses: St. John Vianney, Wall
Division Ties: Neptune
Non-Division Wins: None
Non-Division Losses: Marlboro (MCT), vs. Robbinsville
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Howell
Why They’re Here: Colts Neck is the outright champion of a Class B North division that is probably the most balanced from top-to-bottom in the conference and that warrants kind treatment from the seeding committee. Where the Cougars may run into a problem is their zero wins outside the division, which most stems from a lack of playing them. A scheduled game against Howell on Wednesday will be a good test, especially for a team that has not scored more than three runs in any game since the calendar turned to May.

9. St. John Vianney (12-4-1, 10-3-1)

Division Wins: Manasquan (2), Neptune (2), Red Bank (2), at Colts Neck, at Freehold Boro, at Matawan, at Wall
Division Losses: Colts Neck, Freehold Boro, Wall
Division Ties: Matawan
Non-Division Wins: St. Rose (MCT), at Ranney (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: Marlboro (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: The Lancers will be one of the harder teams in the field to seed because they have one of the best wins on the board while also harboring one of the worst losses on the board. St. John Vianney knocked off Ranney in the Monmouth County Tournament round of 16 and when you add that to wins over Wall and Colts Neck, the Lancers look like a Top 10 lock. On the other hand, they could not ride the momentum of the Ranney win and advance to the MCT semifinals, losing at home to No. 13 seed Marlboro. On top of that, they have a loss to 3-13 Freehold Boro and an 11-11 tie against a Matawan team that had not scored more than five runs in any other game before putting up 10 Tuesday vs. Long Branch. They certainly deserve a home game, but there is a run of teams that will point to those three results as evidence that St. John Vianney should be lower. If you value peak performance, though, this is a good spot.

10. Jackson Memorial (12-6, 10-3)

Division Wins: Brick (2), Toms River East (2), Toms River South (2), Brick Memorial, at Central, at Southern, Toms River North
Division Losses: Central, Southern, at Toms River North
Non-Division Wins: Vs. Williamstown, Brick (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: Vs. Bishop Eustace, at Malvern Prep, vs. Middletown South
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Southern (OCT)
Why They’re Here: Jackson Memorial has yet to officially lock up the outright Class A South championship, so the Jaguars won’t be able to boast anything beyond co-champion status on Wednesday night. Throw in a loss to a Toms River North team that won’t make the tournament and a lack of wins outside the division (other than over 7-7 Williamstown) and Jackson Memorial will have a hard time making a substantive case for the top eight beyond the fact that the team is loaded with talent and upside.

11. Monmouth (10-5, 10-3)

Division Wins: Holmdel (2), Ocean (2), Raritan (2), St. Rose (2), at Red Bank Catholic, at Shore
Division Losses: Rumson-Fair Haven (2), Red Bank Catholic
Non-Division Wins: None
Non-Division Losses: At Neptune, at Wall (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Shore
Why They’re Here: With a standout No. 1 in Aiden Denton and a solid No. 2 in Christian Zito, Monmouth has a sneaky-good team with a sneaky-good resume. Not only did the Falcons beat Red Bank Catholic; they beat RBC in a game started by Caseys No. 1 Alex Stanyek. It also took seventh-inning rally for Rumson-Fair Haven to avoid an upset at the hands of Denton and the Falcons. Monmouth has had some trouble scoring runs – take out the 29 runs they scored in two wins over Holmdel and they are averaging just under four runs per game – so that could be a hang-up in making a case to crack the top 10.

12. Manalapan (9-8, 7-5)

Division Wins: Freehold Twp. (2), Long Branch (2), Marlboro, Middletown North, Middletown South
Division Losses: Howell (2), at CBA, at Marlboro, at Middletown North
Non-Division Wins: Freehold Boro (MCT), at Old Bridge
Non-Division Losses: At Hamilton West, Notre Dame, at Middletown South (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: Vs. CBA
Why They’re Here: It has not been a typical Manalapan year overall, but the Braves are quietly rounding into form after a slow start. Tyler Kane has pitched like an ace all year and sophomore Dylan Shaffer is in the middle of a breakout stretch as a No. 2 starter. Manalapan has two 1-0 losses and in two other losses, the Braves led going into the final two innings. None of the losses are bad (the Middletown North loss was with Lions ace and Seton Hall commit Colin Dowlen on the mound) and while the resume is not Top 10 worthy, Manalapan is an 9-8 team trending in the right direction.

13. Freehold Township (10-8, 6-7)

Division Wins: Long Branch (2), Marlboro (2), at Middletown North, Middletown South
Division Losses: Howell (2), Manalapan (2), CBA, Middletown North, at Middletown South
Non-Division Wins: Freehold Boro, at Lacey, Millburn, Red Bank (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: Red Bank Catholic (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Freehold Township has been a streaky team. The Patriots were no-hit by Ben Schild and Middletown South on opening day, won their next six, then lost their next five. They have managed to stay at or above .500 since dropping the opener and with wins over Middletown South and Millburn, Freehold Township has shown it can raise its game to hang with some big-name programs – no surprise for a team used to playing in Class A North.

14. Southern (10-5, 8-4)

Division Wins: Brick (2), Central (2), at Brick Memorial, at Jackson Memorial, Toms River East, at Toms River North
Division Losses: At Brick Memorial, Jackson Memorial, at Toms River East, Toms River North
Non-Division Wins: Vs. Cedar Creek
Non-Division Losses: vs. Buena
Before the Cutoff: At Jackson Memorial (OCT)
Why They’re Here: The only Class A South team Southern has not beaten is Toms River South and that is because the two teams have not yet played one another. The Rams were a scrappy bunch during the early part of the Class A South schedule with wins over Jackson Memorial, Toms River North and Brick Memorial and they have only gotten better, as evidenced by a sweep of Central that they completed on Monday. Southern is not officially the second-place team in Class A South yet, but they should be treated as such on Wednesday night.

15. Marlboro (9-9, 5-9)

Division Wins: Long Branch (2), CBA, Manalapan, Middletown North
Division Losses: Freehold Twp. (2), Howell (2), Middletown South (2), at CBA, at Manalapan, at Middletown North
Non-Division Wins: Barnegat, Raritan (MCT), at Colts Neck (MCT), at St. John Vianney (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Marlboro has some very good wins that include triumphs over CBA, Manalapan, Colts Neck and St. John Vianney and those should carry the Mustangs to a first-round home game. Of those wins, only one was against a No. 1 starter, which came against Manalapan’s Tyler Kane, and none of the other three wins were started by the opponent’s No. 2 starter either. With that being said, Marlboro is a battle-tested team with some quality wins and tournament success already this season and there is potential for the committee to bump the Mustangs up a few spots.

16. Central (12-7, 8-6)

Division Wins: Brick (2), Toms River East (2), Toms River South (2), Brick Memorial, at Jackson Memorial
Division Losses: Southern (2), Toms River North (2), at Brick Memorial, Jackson Memorial
Non-Division Wins: At Point Boro, vs. Hammonton, at Barnegat, Point Boro (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: St. Augustine
Before the Cutoff: At Neptune
Why They’re Here: After a win at Jackson Memorial on April 27, Central had a path to winning the Class A South championship, but went 1-3 to close out the division slate. The two recent losses to Southern now put Central in jeopardy of missing out on a home game, but with one of the best pitchers in the conference in Cam Leiter and some quality on the resume, the Golden Eagles should be no worse than 15 or 16 as long as they finish strong on Wednesday at Neptune.

17. Middletown North (9-9, 6-8)

Division Wins: Long Branch (2), at CBA, at Freehold Twp., Manalapan, Marlboro
Division Losses: Howell (2), Middletown South (2), CBA, Freehold Twp., at Manalapan, at Marlboro
Non-Division Wins: At Matawan (MCT), Raritan, Freehold Boro
Non-Division Losses: At Howell (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Red Bank
Why They’re Here: Middletown North still needs to win on Wednesday against Red Bank to get in and the Bucs have not been a pushover this year, despite what a 5-13 record might suggest. Colin Dowlen’s perfect game Tuesday got Middletown North back to .500 and the Lions will try to finish it off Wednesday to secure a spot. If they can, the Lions are probably going to come up short of a home game, but they could be in the mix for one thanks to some solid Class A North wins and the presence of Dowlen in the rotation.

18. Brick Memorial (11-7, 7-6)

Division Wins: Brick (2), Central, at Southern, at Toms River East, at Toms River North, Toms River South
Division Losses: At Central, at Jackson Memorial, Southern, Toms River East, Toms River North, at Toms River South
Non-Division Wins: At Donovan Catholic, at Point Beach, at Hamilton West, Point Beach (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: Ranney
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Brick Memorial won’t get a chance to beat Jackson Memorial before the cutoff, which means the Mustangs may have to settle for a road game in the first round. With regular-season series splits against five division foes and three solid wins outside the division, Brick Memorial at least has an argument to climb into the top 15, but a win over Jackson Memorial probably would need to be the final nail to drive home the point.

19. Neptune (7-6-1, 5-6-1)

Division Wins: Manasquan (2), Red Bank (2), Freehold Boro
Division Losses: St. John Vianney (2), Wall (2), Colts Neck, at Matawan
Division Ties: At Colts Neck
Non-Division Wins: At Barnegat, Monmouth
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Central
Why They’re Here: If any team is in position to move from a road game into a home game over the next two days, it is probably Neptune. The Scarlet Fliers beat Class B South co-champion Barnegat, beat Monmouth when the Falcons were ranked and battled Colts Neck to a 3-3 tie before darkness interfered with the finish. A loss the Matawan is keeping them down a few spots at the moment, but a win over Central on Wednesday could make up for it.

20. Manasquan (10-10, 7-7)

Division Wins: Freehold Boro (2), Matawan (2), Red Bank (2), Wall
Division Losses: Colts Neck (2), Neptune (2), St. John Vianney (2), at Wall
Non-Division Wins: Point Boro, Holmdel (MCT), at Ocean (MCT)
Non-Division Losses: At St. Rose, at Red Bank Catholic, at Middletown South (MCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: It’s splitting hairs between Donovan Catholic and Manasquan, with the Warriors boasting a very good win over Wall early in the year, but also trying to make up for a loss to St. Rose. In fairness to Manasquan, St. Rose has played better since shocking the Warriors and the rest of their losses are all to quality teams. Two losses to Neptune probably knock Manasquan out of the running for a home game.

21. Toms River South (8-6, 6-6)

Division Wins: Brick (2), Toms River North (2), Brick Memorial, at Toms River East
Division Losses: Central (2), Jackson Memorial (2), at Brick Memorial, Toms River East
Non-Division Wins: Manchester, Manchester (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: With two wins over Manchester – which handled Barnegat twice and split with Donovan Catholic – Toms River South has every reason to be seeded ahead of the entire Class B South field, although Thursday’s head-to-head with Donovan Catholic could provide some clarity that the committee will not have the luxury of considering.

22. Donovan Catholic (9-7, 8-4)

Division Wins: Lacey (2), Pinelands (2), Barnegat, Jackson Liberty, Manchester, Point Boro
Division Losses: At Barnegat, at Jackson Liberty, at Manchester, at Point Boro
Non-Division Wins: Jackson Liberty (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: Brick Memorial, at Allentown, Shawnee
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: The Griffins are the top-rated team out of Class B South based on them winning at least once vs. every divisional opponent – the only B South team that can claim that. B South is hurting for wins outside the division, with Donovan Catholic failing to pick one up against any of its three non-B-South opponents. With ace Shaun O’Keefe on the mound, though, a 22 seed will seem like it’s selling Donovan Catholic very short.

23. Barnegat (10-9, 10-4)

Division Wins: Lacey (2), Lakewood (2), Pinelands (2), Point Boro (2), Donovan Catholic, Jackson Liberty
Division Losses: Manchester (2), at Donovan Catholic, at Jackson Liberty
Non-Division Wins: None
Non-Division Losses: At Marlboro, Neptune, vs. Edison, Central, Toms River East (OCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: With a 0-5 record outside of Class B South that includes losses to three teams seeded in the 15-to-18 range, Barnegat is ticketed for a seed in the 20’s. The Bengals have pitching, so there are some qualitative arguments for a higher seed, but without any obvious resume-boosts, it’s hard to get Barnegat out of this spot.

24. Jackson Liberty (8-7, 7-5)

Division Wins: Manchester (2), Point Boro (2), Barnegat, Donovan Catholic, at Lacey
Division Losses: Pinelands (2), Barnegat, at Donovan Catholic, Lacey
Non-Division Wins: Monroe
Non-Division Losses: At Wall, at Donovan Catholic (OCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Like Barnegat, Jackson Liberty also has pitching that could make life very uncomfortable for a first-round opponent. The Lions even have a solid win outside the division with a 3-1 win over Monroe, but with a 7-5 mark in B South, Jackson Liberty is likely to come in behind Barnegat and Donovan Catholic.

25. Lacey (9-7, 9-5)

Division Wins: Lakewood (2), Manchester (2), Pinelands (2), Point Boro (2), at Jackson Liberty
Division Losses: Barnegat (2), Donovan Catholic (2), Jackson Liberty
Non-Division Wins: None
Non-Division Losses: Freehold Twp., at Southern (OCT)
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Toms River North
Why They’re Here: Lacey has now played two games outside the division and while both were losses, they do suggest the Lions can hang with a quality team. It took 11 innings for Freehold Township to put Lacey away during the regular season and Southern needed two runs in the sixth inning to beat the Lions on Tuesday in the Ocean County Tournament. Lacey is playing its best right now with a team that lacked experience to start the season, so maybe there is reason to bump them up a couple spots.

26. Pinelands (8-8, 6-8)

Division Wins: Jackson Liberty (2), Lakewood (2), at Manchester, at Point Boro
Division Losses: Barnegat (2), Donovan Catholic (2), Lacey (2), Manchester, Point Boro
Non-Division Wins: Atlantic Tech, at Toms River North (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: It took two wins to get into the SCT and Pinelands came through by beating Manchester on Monday and Toms River North Tuesday in the OCT opening round. Ace Stephen Demilio carried the Wildcats to a 1-0 win over Toms River North on Tuesday and could be an x-factor if Pinelands can get him on the mound for an SCT game. With a 6-8 B South record, Pinelands is likely to be the last B South team seeded, though not the last overall.

27. Point Pleasant Beach (13-6, 10-2)

Division Wins: Asbury Park (2), Henry Hudson (2), Keansburg (2), Keyport (2), Mater Dei (2)
Division Losses: Ranney (2)
Non-Division Wins: At Wardlaw-Hartridge, at West Windsor-Plainsboro South, at Perth Amboy Tech
Non-Division Losses: Brick Memorial, at Shore, Raritan, at Brick Memorial (OCT)
Before the Cutoff: None
Why They’re Here: Point Beach has beaten up on teams that won’t be in this tournament, although the Garnet Gulls did pick up a win over Group IV West Windsor-Plainsboro South. Games against Brick Memorial and Shore were competitive, while the loss to Raritan and the two to Ranney were not.

28. Mater Dei Prep (7-7, 6-4)

Division Wins: Asbury Park (2), Keansburg (2), Keyport (2)
Division Losses: Point Beach (2), at Henry Hudson, at Ranney
Non-Division Wins: At Long Branch
Non-Division Losses: At Brick, at Holmdel, South River
Before the Cutoff: Vs. Ranney
Why They’re Here: Unless the Ranney game scheduled for Wednesday is postponed, Mater Dei is highly likely to miss the tournament. If the Seraphs find themselves in the field – and with the recent news of Mater Dei’s closing at the end of the year, it might be a nice way to send the team off – they will be the last seed in the field.


Still Alive

Toms River East (7-8, 6-8)

Division Wins: Brick (2), at Brick Memorial, Southern, Toms River North, at Toms River South
Division Losses: Central (2), Jackson Memorial (2), Brick Memorial, at Southern, at Toms River North, Toms River South
Non-Division Wins: At Barnegat (OCT)
Non-Division Losses: None
Before the Cutoff: At Manchester
Chances to Qualify: Very good. The Raiders started the week needing to win three games in three days against quality opponents to get in and after completing the first two legs of the gauntlet, they are one away from completing the climb. First, they took down rival Toms River East on the road, then put up nine runs in the first inning en route to an OCT win over Barnegat on Tuesday. Manchester stands between Toms River East and a spot in the SCT and while the Hawks won’t be playing for much more than pride, they are a team that is about 11 months removed from winning a sectional championship with almost the same roster.


Projected First Round Pairings

(28) Mater Dei Prep at (5) Wall

(27) Point Beach at (6) Ranney

(26) Pinelands at (7) CBA

(25) Lacey at (8) Colts Neck

(24) Jackson Liberty at (9) St. John Vianney

(23) Barnegat at (10) Jackson Memorial

(22) Donovan Catholic at (11) Monmouth

(21) Toms River South at (12) Manalapan

(20) Manasquan at (13) Freehold Twp.

(19) Neptune at (14) Southern

(18) Brick Memorial at (15) Marlboro

(17) Middletown North at (16) Central


Projected Round of 16 Matchups

(17) Middletown North/(16) Central winner at (1) Rumson-Fair Haven

(18) Brick Memorial/(15) Marlboro winner at (2) Howell

(19) Neptune/(14) Southern winner at (3) Middletown South

(20) Manasquan/(13) Freehold Twp. winner at (4) Red Bank Catholic


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