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As July approaches, we are on the cusp of playing and watching real baseball and not just in the Major Leagues. The Last Dance Tournament is all set to open on July 14 throughout New Jersey with more than 220 teams in the state and 36 from Monmouth and Ocean County set to participate.

The tournament will open with pool play during the first week, with pools of four-to-six teams and four-team pools paired up with one another to form eight-team pods. For the teams playing in pools that are paired up as part of an eight-team pod, the tournament will effectively be a single-elimination proposition from the first game, as the teams that starts 2-0 in each pool of the pod will play for the right to advance to the 32-team single-elimination tournament, with 16 teams in the North and 16 in the South.

All of the teams from the Shore Conference area will compete in the South Jersey bracket, with 36 teams playing in 10 pools - all of which are paired up as part of an eight-team pod. Eight of the pools will be made up of entirely Shore Conference teams and all 10 of the sites for the pools are likely to be in Monmouth or Ocean County. Nine of the sites are set, with one yet to be determined.

Most of the teams in the Last Dace Tournament are going by a name that is different from their high-school team name. In the list of the pools below, the tournament name is listed first with the high-school they are representing in parentheses.

Read on to see how the 36 teams from the Shore were paired up, as well as a quick summary of each pool and an early look at the Last Dance schedule.


South Jersey Tournament

Pool 1A

Brick Twp. Regional (At Brick American Baseball League Field)

1. Jackson Jags (Jackson Memorial)

2. Liberty Lions (Jackson Liberty)

3. Brick Mustangs (Brick Memorial)

4. Dragons Baseball Club (Brick)


Pool Summary: The Jackson Jags squad was initially expecting to play without two key pitchers in Matt Potok and Zach Crotchfelt, according to a story by NJ Advanced Media, but will now have both as part of a full-strength roster this July. The Jags are as deep and imposing as any in the southern portion of the field, with plenty of thump in a senior-heavy lineup and a quartet of senior pitchers in Nick Beetel, Rocco LaVista, Danny Greenwood and Ryan Lasko to add to the Potok-Crotchfelt combo.

While the Jackson Jags are a tournament favorite, they will have some work to do to survive pool play. Brick has Class of 2021 ace John Wade ready to go for the tournament and some pitching depth to compete despite drawing the last seed of the tournament. Liberty and the Mustangs, meanwhile, line up to face each other in round one – each featuring rosters that were set to be inexperienced in the spring but with some talent to fill the gaps.

Correction: The original post stated that two Jackson Jags players - Matt Potok and Zach Crotchfelt - would not be playing in the tournament, which coach Frank Malta told NJ Advanced Media earlier this month. Malta said Sunday both players would now be on the roster and available to play in the tournament in some capacity.


Pool 1B

Tri-County Regional (At Manalapan Rec. Center)

1. Monmouth Monarchs (Manalapan)

2. Allentown

3. Monroe Twp. Baseball (Monroe)

4. R-Ville Ravens (Robbinsville)


Pool Summary: The Monarchs will feature the majority of Manalapan’s would-be varsity roster from the spring, which makes them a team that could threaten a deep run in the tournament – even if they would have to go through Jackson Memorial in order to reach the knockout round. Manalapan had some questions to answer at the top of the rotation heading into the spring, but the Braves had plenty of depth and that should translate for the Monarchs this July. They also have a power-packed infield led by soon-to-be Princeton freshman and shortstop Nick DiPietrantonio.

The Monarchs will have to contend with some quality baseball pedigree from two other conferences. Allentown is two years removed from a second straight Central Jersey Group III championship and three removed from winning the whole thing. Monroe, meanwhile, has been a perennial contender out of Middlesex County and Robbinsville the defending runner-up in Central Jersey Group II after losing a thrilling championship game to Point Pleasant Boro in 2019.


Pool 1A and 1B Schedules

Tuesday, July 14

Pool 1A

At Brick Little League

Jackson Jags vs. Dragons Baseball Club

Liberty Lions vs. Brick Mustangs

Pool 1B

At Manalapan Recreation Complex

Monmouth Monarchs vs. R-Ville Ravens

Allentown vs. Monroe


Wednesday, July 15

Pool 1A

At Brick Little League

Jags/Dragons winner vs. Lions/Mustangs winner

Jags/Dragons loser vs. Lions/Mustangs loser

Pool 1B

At Manalapan Recreation Complex

Monarchs/Ravens winner vs. Allentown/Monroe winner

Monarchs/Ravens loser vs. Allentown/Monroe loser


Thursday, July 16

Crossover Games

Pool 1A 2-0 team vs. Pool 1B 2-0 team

Pool 1A 1-1 team vs. Pool 1B 1-1 team (Day 1 winners)

Pool 1A 1-1 team vs. Pool 1B 1-1 team (Day 2 winners)

Pool 1A 0-2 team vs. Pool 1B 0-2 team




Pool 2A

Lincroft Regional (At CBA)

1. CBA Colts (Christian Brothers Academy)

2. Manasquan

3. EB Bears (East Brunswick)

4. Prep Baseball (Mater Dei Prep)


Pool Summary: The Last Dance is a big deal for the CBA and Manasquan Baseball programs because of how heavy the two are on seniors and sophomores. The seniors will have one more opportunity to play with one another and the group of inexperienced sophomores who play will have a chance to finally get a taste of something that closely resembles varsity baseball. New head coach Marty Kenney Jr. was excited about the team’s pitching by the end of the first week of practice so that depth should bode well for CBA in this format.

If the top two seeds meet on the second day of pool play, it would result in a meeting of the No. 2 and No. 8 team in the Shore Sports Network preseason top 10 and potentially feature a major pitching matchup given the talent on both sides. If East Brunswick tops Manasquan on day one, it will still be a compelling matchup, with Marty Kenney Sr.’s sons – Marty Jr. and Chris – facing each other for the right to take their team into the pool crossover game and play for a spot in the single-elimination tournament. Mater Dei, meanwhile, is coming off a Class B Central championship season in 2019 and will have its work cut out for it playing against a powerhouse in CBA, a Group IV program in East Brunswick and one of the state’s better Group II teams in Manasquan.


Pool 2B

TBD Regional (At site to be determined)

1. Columbia Blue (Freehold Township)

2. Blue and Gold (Marlboro)

3. Monmouth Dogfish (Freehold Boro)

4. Middletown North


Pool Summary: The locale for Pool 2B is still up in the air and wherever it takes place, there will be a Freehold feel to it. The Freehold Regional programs are under tight limitations compared to other programs – they are not allowed to use any part of their program name and no program-affiliated coaches are allowed to participate – so the teams with Freehold Township, Marlboro and Freehold Boro players will look a little different than they would have in the spring.

Given that the three are local rivals, this should be one of the South’s more competitive pools. Freehold Township and Marlboro were both ranked in the 11-to-20 range of the Shore Sports Network preseason rankings, with both featuring a lot of quality non-seniors to go with some key senior contributors. The Blue and Gold squad is confirmed to have most of Marlboro’s lineup, minus talented junior Mark Capell, so the Mustangs should be a live No. 2 seed. Freehold Boro was likely to rely on its seniors a little more than either Freehold Township or Marlboro and those outgoing players will get one more chance to make some memories.

Middletown North, meanwhile, is an intriguing last seed. The Lions returned a young, junior-heavy group heading into 2020 and will hope to use the Last Dance as a spring board. The format of this tournament won’t be conducive to one pitcher dominating but an arm like Danny Frontera – a Class of 2021 right-hander at Middletown North – can turn the pool upside down.


Pool 2A and 2B Schedules

Tuesday, July 14

Pool 2A

At Christian Brothers Academy

CBA Colts vs. Prep Baseball

Manasquan vs. EB Bears

Pool 2B

At Site to Be Determined

Columbia Blue vs. Middletown North

Blue and Gold vs. Monmouth Dogfish


Wednesday, July 15

Pool 2A

At Christian Brothers Academy

CBA/Prep winner vs. Manasquan/EB Bears winner

CBA/Prep loser vs. Manasquan/EB Bears loser

Pool 2B

At Site to Be Determined

Columbia Blue/Midd. North winner vs. Blue and Gold/Dogfish winner

Columbia Blue/Midd. North loser vs. Blue and Gold/Dogfish loser


Thursday, July 16

Crossover Games

Pool 2A 2-0 team vs. Pool 2B 2-0 team

Pool 2A 1-1 team vs. Pool 2B 1-1 team (Day 1 winners)

Pool 2A 1-1 team vs. Pool 2B 1-1 team (Day 2 winners)

Pool 2A 0-2 team vs. Pool 2B 0-2 team


Pool 6A

Red Bank Regional (At Count Basie Park)

1. RBC (Red Bank Catholic)

2. Bucs Baseball (Red Bank)

3. Neptune

4. Long Branch Green Wave


Pool Summary: Red Bank Catholic was set to be a top-five team at the Shore heading into this past spring but the Caseys still had some questions to answer in their pitching staff beyond Virginia commit Shane Panzini and at a couple of key spots in the field. The RBC squad will get a chance to answer those questions this July as the top seed playing on their home field. Long Branch will be a heavy underdog in that first game, but the Green Wave were exceedingly young last year and its players cut their teeth in a very difficult A North division. Long Branch should come out fired up on day one.

The other Tuesday matchup features a pair teams that come out of Class B North. The Buc Baseball squad will try to give its Red Rank Regional seniors a nice sendoff while also prepping a talented group of juniors for a competitive 2021. Neptune, meanwhile, returned a very capable group of hitters from 2019, but its pitching depth is sure to be tested during the first week of the tournament. That first game between the B North rivals could be a slugfest for the right to take on the top seed and host team on Wednesday.


Pool 6B

Belmar Regional (At St. Rose Complex)

1. RBI Baseball (St. John Vianney)

2. Blue and Grey (Howell)

3. Monmouth Regional Falcons

4. St. Rose


Pool Summary: As the No. 10 team in the Shore Sports Network preseason rankings and the No. 1 seed in the Belmar Regional, St. John Vianney – playing under the name RBI Baseball during the Last Dance – will be a team to watch in July. The Lancers went into spring with high hopes thanks to a roster loaded with talented juniors and sophomores and a number of their key seniors will get a chance to make some noise before heading off to the next phase of their lives.

RBI’s competition in the Belmar Region starts with the Blue and Grey – which will be coached by former Howell players J.P. Traynor, Grant Hackett and Ean Craig. Pretty much the entirety of Howell’s spring roster – ranked No. 14 in the SSN rankings – will be represented at the St. Rose Athletic Complex, so the Rebels-in-disguise will be a very live contender. Monmouth Regional, meanwhile, has a young roster that remains mostly intact from this spring, when the Falcons would have been a bit of an unknown, albeit one with promise and pedigree. St. Rose was also set to be a young team that will have a chance to do some important work in developing starters for 2021.


Pool 6A and 6B Schedules

Tuesday, July 14

Pool 6A

At Count Basie Park, Red Bank

RBC vs. Long Branch Green Wave

Bucs Baseball vs. Neptune

Pool 6B

At St. Rose Athletic Complex, Wall

RBI Baseball vs. St. Rose

Blue and Grey vs. Monmouth Regional Falcons


Wednesday, July 15

Pool 6A

At Count Basie Park, Red Bank

RBC/Long Branch winner vs. Bucs/Neptune winner

RBC/Long Branch loser vs. Bucs/Neptune loser

Pool 6B

At St. Rose Complex, Wall

RBI/St. Rose winner vs. Blue and Grey/Monmouth winner

RBI/St. Rose loser vs. Blue and Grey/Monmouth loser


Thursday, July 16

Crossover Games

Pool 6A 2-0 team vs. Pool 6B 2-0 team

Pool 6A 1-1 team vs. Pool 6B 1-1 team (Day 1 winners)

Pool 6A 1-1 team vs. Pool 6B 1-1 team (Day 2 winners)

Pool 6A 0-2 team vs. Pool 6B 0-2 team


Pool 8A

Barnegat Regional (Barnegat High School)

1. Point Pleasant Boro

2. B Baseball (Barnegat)

3. Southern

4. Point Beach Gulls (Point Pleasant Beach)


Pool Summary: Point Boro checked in at No. 3 in the Shore Sports Network preseason rankings and 2020 had a chance to be the best season in program history with the talent the Panthers had on hand. Most of those players will be part of the Last Dance festivities, with one notable exception: Nick Guzzi. The Panthers ace since his freshman season is headed to St. John’s and his final game with his high-school teammates will be his brilliant outing in the 2019 Group II final in a Point Boro loss to Pascack Hills. Without Guzzi, the Point Boro pitching staff takes a big hit, but the top seed in the Barnegat Region should still have enough offense and just enough arms to remain a factor in the tournament.

The three teams seeded behind Point Boro all have some significant intrigue. Barnegat entered the season as a darkhorse candidate to win Class B South with some quality pitching, senior leadership and up-and-coming talent – all elements B Baseball will have a chance to show off during the first week of the tournament. Southern, meanwhile, boasts a team heavy on Class of 2021 talent but with a couple of key seniors in Aiden Hosszu and Ricky Glassclock to potentially light the fire for a good showing during the first week of play.

The field rounds out with Point Beach, which has a deep roster of young talent that earned the Gulls a No. 19 ranking in the SSN Preseason Top 20 coming off a trip to the Central Jersey Group I final in 2019. The first day of play will feature a Point Pleasant rivalry game in Barnegat and without a hammer like Guzzi, Point Beach could hang tough in that one.


Pool 8B

Bayville Regional (At Leiter Field)

TR East Raiders (Toms River East)

Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor Baseball (Pinelands)

Donovan Catholic

Central Baseball (Central Regional)


Pool Summary: Toms River East was hoping to build on a strong showing in the 2019 NJSIAA Tournament and the TR East Raiders will have a chance to once again show their prowess in what amounts to a single-elimination setting. The No. 15 team in the Shore Sports Network preseason rankings, TR East is the lowest-ranked Shore team to earn a No. 1 seed in their pool and will have to contend with a pretty balanced group during the first week of play. With a trio of quality 2020 graduates in Matt Santos, Reece Miller and Dan Facciano on the mound, the Raiders have the wherewithal to navigate the first three games.

Pinelands entered 2020 eager to prove it could keep the program humming despite some significant losses to graduation. That will be hard to do in this tournament with 2020 graduate, ace, and 6-foot-7 New Orleans University commit Patrick Apgar not participating in the tournament. Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor will still have brothers Bryce and Rian O’Rourke to lead the way but getting by Donovan Catholic will be a scrap without a hammer like Apgar. Donovan, meanwhile, made real strides last year under first-year coach Corey Hamman, particularly on the pitching side. The Griffins did not have an obvious ace, so this tournament will be a chance for Hamman to run a number of arms out to the mound who can do the job.

Central won only three games in 2019 but 2020 promised to be a much better experience. The Golden Eagles brought back most of their roster from a team that scored a huge upset over Jackson Memorial and figured to have a better chance to build on that with more experienced coming back. Central Baseball will have a solid group of pitchers and a pair of veteran 2020 graduates in Dan Green and Mike Masino to lead the way in what should be a competitive opener vs. Class A South rival TR East.


Pool 8A and 8B Schedules

Tuesday, July 14

Pool 8A

At Barnegat High School

Point Pleasant Boro vs. Point Beach Gulls

B Baseball vs. Southern

Pool 8B

At Leiter Field, Bayville

TR East Raiders vs. Central Baseball

Tuckerton-Little Egg Harbor vs. Donovan Catholic


Wednesday, July 15

Pool 8A

At Barnegat High School

Point Boro/Point Beach winner vs. B Baseball/Southern winner

Point Boro/Point Beach loser vs. B Baseball/Southern loser

Pool 8B

At Leiter Field, Bayville

TR East/Central winner vs. Tuckerton/Donovan winner

Point Boro/Point Beach loser vs. B Baseball/Southern loser


Thursday, July 16

Crossover Games

Pool 8A 2-0 team vs. Pool 8B 2-0 team

Pool 8A 1-1 team vs. Pool 8B 1-1 team (Day 1 winners)

Pool 8A 1-1 team vs. Pool 8B 1-1 team (Day 2 winners)

Pool 8A 0-2 team vs. Pool 8B 0-2 team



Pool 15A

Wall Twp. Regional (North Wall Little League)

1. MS Baseball (Middletown South)

2. Cougar Baseball (Colts Neck)

3. Holmdel Hornets

4. Jersey Shore Monsters (Shore Regional)


Pool Summary: Few teams were hit harder by the lost 2020 high-school baseball season than Middletown South. The Eagles were set to return a talented class of seniors that already led the program back to the top of the Class A North division in 2019. Instead, that group will get together one more time to try to make a run at the Last Dance championship – a realistic goal considering MS Baseball will feature the senior core of Chris Lotito, Danny Minze, Chris O’Connor, Jack Sheridan and Anthony Esposito, as well as one of the Shore’s more talented freshman in pitcher Ben Schild.

The biggest threat to the No. 1 seed in the pool would appear to be No. 2 Cougar Baseball. Colts Neck came in at No. 18 in the Shore Sports Network Preseason Top 20 and had some significant upside to do even better than that with sophomore Collin Kratzer ready to come into his own as the program’s shortstop and transfer Christian Rice eying a spot in the pitching rotation with proven seniors Justin Coppola and Chase Masterson.

Colts Neck will have to get by a junior-loaded Holmdel Hornets squad that can really set themselves up nicely for 2021 with a good showing during pool play of the Last Dance. The Jersey Shore Monsters, meanwhile, will be a good test for MS in the opener. Shore Regional was set to bring back standouts Cody Fleischer at catcher and Christian Bauman at shortstop as seniors, so the Monsters are a No. 4 seed with some power in their punch.


Ocean Twp. Regional (At Wanamassa Fireman's Field, Neptune City)

1. OT Baseball (Ocean)

2. RFH Bulldogs (Rumson-Fair Haven)

3. Hazlet Renegades (Raritan)

4. Matawan


Pool Summary: The Class B North and Class A Central divisions are always competitive from top-to-bottom and that’s the sort of dynamic that should play out in the Ocean Twp. Regional. OT Baseball is going to have all of its key players from the 2020 Ocean roster, which includes top pitchers Kevin Schoenberger and Nick Callano to go with an experienced group of position players. It is the kind of roster that could win two games and give Middletown South’s team a real challenge if the two teams play for the right to reach the knockout round in week two.

To make it to the single-elimination tournament, however, OT Baseball is going to have to get by two quality opponents. Matawan is one of the better four seeds in all of South Jersey, with a senior-loaded lineup that was ready to lead the way in 2020 and a pair of quality junior pitchers in Tim Egan and Mike Caldon to head up the staff.

While two B North rivals meet in the 1-vs.-4 game, A Central foes will battle in the other Tuesday game during the first week of play. Rumson opened the spring with a new coach and more-or-less an entire team coming back from 2019. Not only that, but Rumson’s projected 2020 squad would only have had one senior in its lineup – pitcher-slash-outfielder Kevin Shanes – so these RFH Bulldogs could set themselves up for a big 2021. The Hazlet Renegades, meanwhile, feature a number of Raritan players who were part of the Rockets’ run to the Group II championship game in 2018, as well as some new blood that is looking to help transition the Raritan program into another phase of championship contention.


Pool 15A and 15 B Schedules

Tuesday, July 14

Pool 15A

At North Wall Little League

MS Baseball vs. Jersey Shore Monsters

Cougars Baseball vs. Holmdel Hornets

Pool 15B

At Ocean Twp. High School

OT Baseball vs. Matawan

RFH Baseball vs. Hazlet Renegades


Wednesday, July 15

Pool 15A

At North Wall Little League

MS/Monsters winner vs. Cougars/Holmdel winner

MS/Monsters loser vs. Cougars/Holmdel loser

Pool 15B

At Ocean Twp. High School

OT/Matawan winner vs. RFH/Hazlet winner

MS/Monsters loser vs. Cougars/Holmdel loser


Thursday, July 16

Crossover Games

Pool 15A 2-0 team vs. Pool 15B 2-0 team

Pool 15A 1-1 team vs. Pool 15B 1-1 team (Day 1 winners)

Pool 15A 1-1 team vs. Pool 15B 1-1 team (Day 2 winners)

Pool 15A 0-2 team vs. Pool 15B 0-2 team


Other South Jersey Pools

Pool 3A

Pitman Regional (Alcyon Field, Pitman)

1. Sader Baseball Club (Bishop Eustace)

2. Audubon

3. Pitman

4. Mid-Atlantic Cheetahs (GCIT)

Pool 3B

Pitman Regional (Glassboro)

1. Vineland Gamecocks (Vineland)

2. Washington Twp.

3. Bulldogs (Glassboro)

4. Glendora Thunder (Triton)


Pool 4

Ocean City Regional (Ocean City High School)

1. Ocean City Raiders (Ocean City)

2. BPC Spartans (Holy Spirit)

3. Triple Crown Sports (Egg Harbor)

4. EHC Pirates (Cedar Creek)

5. Atlantic County Redhawks (Altantic Tech)

6. Millville Lighting (Millville)


Pool 5A

Metuchen Regional (St. Joseph High School)

1. SJ Falcons (St. Joseph Metuchen)

2. Sayreville

3. JFK Mustangs (Iselin Kennedy)

4. Wardlaw Rams (Wardaw-Hartridge)

Pool 5B

Edison Regional (Edison High School)

1. Edison Eagles (Edison)

2. JP Hawks (J.P. Stevens)

3. Carteret Ramblers (Carteret)

4. South River


Pool 7

Lawrenceville Regional (Site TBD)

1. Notre Dame

2. East Windsor Rams (Hightstown)

3. Cardinals Baseball (Lawrence)

4. PC Tigers (Princeton)


Pool 9A

Voorhees Regional (Eastern High School)

1. Team SISU (Eastern)

2. GT Highlanders (Highland Regional)

3. Mo Town (Moorestown)

4. Knights (Sterling)

Pool 9B

Delran Regional (Holy Cross High School)

1. Cherry Hill Baseball (Cherry Hill East)

2. Cross Baseball (Holy Cross)

3. Garnets (Haddon Heights)

4. Maple Shade Wildcats (Maple Shade)


Pool 10A

Bordentown Regional (Bordentown Field)

1. Dirty Boyz Liedtka Trucking (Hamilton West)

2. Hamilton Spartans (Steinert)

3. Mercer Stars (Nottingham)

4. Bordentown

Pool 10B

Trenton Regional (Trenton Babe Ruth)

1. The Program (Hun)

2. TCA (Trenton Catholic)

3. Big Red Baseball (Lawrenceville)

4. Red Raiders (Pennington)


Pool 11

Kingsway Regional (East Greenwich Fields)

1. Dragons Baseball (Kingsway)

2. Harrison Heat (Clearview)

3. Pennsville

4. Salem Rams (Salem)


Pool 12

Brooklawn Regional (Gloucester Catholic)

1. Brooklawn (Gloucester Catholic)

2. Eagle Nation (West Deptford)

3. SJ Spartans (Deptford)

4. Lions Baseball (Gloucester City)


Pool 13

Williamstown Regional (Williamstown High School)

1. Mainland

2. Williamstown

3. Chargers (Timber Creek)

4. Buena Twp. Chiefs (Buena)


Pool 14A

Bellmawr Regional (Bellmawr Rec 1)

1. Marlton Chiefs (Cherokee)

2. Medford Renegades (Shawnee)

3. Overbrook Rams (Overbrook)

4. Eagles (Paul VI)

Pool 14B

Burlington Regional (Doane Academy)

1. NB Warriors (Northern Burlington)

2. Burlington Twp.

3. Doane Academy

4. Roebling (Florence)


Pool 16A

North Brunswick Regional 1 (Community Park)

1. Vikings (South Brunswick)

2. OB Knights (Old Bridge)

3. North Brunswick Twp. (North Brunswick)

4. STA Trojans (St. Thomas Aquinas)

North Brunswick Regional 2 (Community Park)

1. South Plainfield

2. Middlesex Blue Jays (Middlesex)

3. Spotswood

4. MVCTS Vo-Techs (Middlesex Vo-Tech)


South Jersey Single Elimination Tournament Pairings

Round of 16

Tuesday July 21

Pod 1 Winner vs. Pod 16 Winner

Pod 8 Winner vs. Pod 9 Winner

Pod 5 Winner vs. Pool 12 Winner

Pool 4 Winner vs. Pool 13 Winner

Pod 3 Winner vs. Pod 14 Winner

Pod 6 Winner vs. Pool 11 Winner

Pool 7 Winner vs. Pod 10 Winner

Pod 2 Winner vs. Pod 15 Winner



Wednesday, July 22

Pod 1/16 Winner vs. Pod 8/9 Winner

Pool 4/13 Winner vs. Pod 5/12 Winner

Pod 3/14 Winner vs. Pod 6/11 Winner

Pod 2/15 Winner vs. Pod 7/10 Winner



Tuesday, July 28

Pod 1/8/9/16 Winner vs. Pod 4/5/12/13 Winner

Pod 2/7/10/15 Winner vs. Pod 3/6/11/14 Winner


South Jersey Championship

Wednesday, June 29


North-South Championship

Thursday, June 30


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