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Now that we've had a good amount of matches and tournaments for most teams, it's time for the first batch of Shore Sports Network individual weight class rankings.

The first set of rankings is never easy and that was again the case, especially in the 5 through 10 spots of most of the weights. The way I compiled the initial rankings is to first place the wrestlers at the lowest weight they've wrestled this season and then first rank them based on prior postseason advancement. After that, head-to-head results come into play. From there and if all else is mostly equal, overall record and editorial discretion are used.

It's still early and although many wrestlers have 10 or more bouts wrestled, a lot of those have come against non-conference opponents. The picture will start to clear up a bit more as the division schedules play out.

On another note, wrestlers that have yet to wrestle a match this season are not ranked. Once they get on the mat, they'll be placed appropriately.

Finally, if there are any head-to-head results from this year that I missed that should alter the rankings, please reach out to me at


2021-2022 Shore Conference Wrestling Weight Class Rankings



1-Ricky Gomez, Jr., Matawan (10-0)

2-Anthony Urso, So., Jackson Liberty (7-0)

3-Jason Seda, So., Jackson Memorial (12-0)

4-Brady Klinsky, So., Middletown North (8-1)

5-Patrick O'Keefe, Fr., St. John Vianney (9-4)

6-Joey DeAngelo, Fr., Point Boro (6-2)

7-Liam Clark, So., Howell (4-1)

8-Tyler Venet, So., CBA (9-2)

9-Gavin Martin, Fr., Brick Memorial (10-4)

10-Aidan Davis, So., Raritan (7-2)



1-Anthony Knox, Fr., St. John Vianney (4-0)

2-Xavier Ortega, Fr., Howell (7-4)

3-Lawrence Liss, So., Matawan (9-1)

4-Ryan Dubnik, So., Freehold Township (9-2)

5-Scottie Sari, Fr., Southern (9-4)

6-Julian Duque, So., Rumson-Fair Haven (3-1)

7-Dezmond Lenaghan, Fr., Donovan Catholic (4-0)

8-Matt Erven, Jr., Raritan (5-1)

9-Ryan Madden, Sr., Middletown South (7-5)

10-Frankie Burgio, Fr., Point Boro (6-1)



1-Conor Collins, Jr., Southern (11-0)

2-Evan Tallmadge, Sr., Brick Memorial (7-2)

3-Alex Nini, So., CBA (11-2)

4-Sebastian Ortega, So., Howell (5-2)

5-Jake Zaltsman, Fr., St. John Vianney (8-3)

6-Brady Carter, Sr., Lacey (5-2)

7-Ryan Mansueto, Jr., Raritan (7-1)

8-Jaton Wellington, So., Toms River East (9-2)

9-Peter Abline, Jr., Jackson Liberty (7-0)

10-Carson Cheong, So., Toms River South (6-0)



1-Jack Zaleski, Jr., Middletown South (11-3)

2-Garrett Totten, Sr., CBA (10-2)

3-Wyatt Stout, Fr., Southern (13-0)

4-James Farina, So., Ocean (5-2)

5-Joe Giordano, Jr., St. John Vianney (3-2)

6-Angelo Messina, Jr., Freehold (8-1)

7-Mason Livio, Jr., Pinelands (7-1)

8-Lucas Lipari, Jr., Jackson Memorial (6-4)

9-Ray Gardner, Jr., Toms River South (5-1)

10-JJ Machnik, So., Howell (2-2)



1-Anthony Santaniello, Jr., Brick Memorial (13-1)

2-Nico Diaz, Sr., St. John Vianney (9-3)

3-Gabe Scalise, Sr., Shore (13-0)

4-Phil Stolfa, Sr., Red Bank (8-1)

5-Nate Levie, Sr., Neptune (7-0)

6-Michael Lyristis, Sr., Colts Neck (10-1)

7-Mike Bruno, Sr., Marlboro (8-0)

8-Vincent DePierro, Jr., Manalapan (5-0)

9-Cole Pangborn, Fr., Rumson-Fair Haven (7-3)

10-Torey Falkinburg, Jr., Manasquan (7-4)



1-Julian George, Jr., CBA (11-1)

2-Matt Henrich, So., Southern (9-2)

3-Robert Generelli, Sr., Middletown South (14-3)

4-Giovanni Scafidi, So., Howell (4-3)

5-Zach Reilley, So., Raritan (5-0)

6-Tyler Russ, So., Colts Neck (8-1)

7-Braden Scott, Sr., Brick Memorial (7-5)

8-Gio Poniros, Sr., Ocean (5-3)

9-Nate Fletcher, Jr., Point Boro (6-2)

10-Andre Ferrauiolo, Sr., Lacey (7-2)



1-David Hussey, Jr., Middletown South (12-4)

2-Donovan DiStefano, So., Wall (6-0)

3-Jake Rosenthal, Sr., Toms River North (4-0)

4-Jason DeSanctis, Sr., Middletown South (13-4)

5-David Lisk, Jr., Manasquan (9-2)

6-Nick Bennet, Jr., Southern (9-3)

7-Kael Huxford, So., Jackson Memorial (9-1)

8-Mason Heck, Sr., Lacey (7-1)

9-Ryan Acquisto, So., Point Boro (7-1)

10-Nick DeLorenzo, Jr., Toms River East (6-2)



1-Tyler Barrett, Jr., CBA (10-2)

2-Cole Velardi, Jr., Southern (11-2)

3-Ryan Smith, Sr., Brick Memorial (9-3)

4-Alex Quintano, Sr., Middletown South (9-7)

5-Angel Bonnano, Sr., Long Branch (6-2)

6-Dean Canfield, Sr., Brick (10-1)

7-Damiano Rotolo, Sr., Matawan (4-2)

8-Quinn Peters, Sr., Raritan (9-2)

9-AJ Todisco, So., Holmdel (11-2)

10-Jack Thompson, Jr., Point Boro (6-1)



1-Zander Silva, Jr., CBA (7-0)

2-Joe McCullough, Sr., Toms River East (7-1)

3-Nick Benner, Sr., Ocean (2-1)

4-Nate Bischoff, Sr., Southern (6-4)

5-Nick Acque, Sr., Howell (3-2)

6-Joe Berryman, Jr., Freehold (6-3)

7-Colin Palumbo, Fr., Matawan (4-2)

8-Max Salerno, So., Manasquan (7-2)

9-Jaden Gallo, Sr., Holmdel (9-3)

10-Jacob Messano, Jr., Point Boro (6-2)



1-Hunter Mays, Sr., Howell (10-1)

2-Nick Stump, Jr., CBA (9-2)

3-Nick Holland, Sr., Middletown South (10-4)

4-Jake DeDreux, Jr., Brick (7-1)

5-Luke Hamann, Jr., Jackson Memorial (8-2)

6-Brandon Smith, Sr., Freehold (8-3)

7-Tyler Chase, So., Southern (7-4)

8-Ryan Boyer, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven (6-4)

9-Dawson Renna, Sr., Brick Memorial (4-3)

10-Jayden Martins, Jr., Lacey (5-1)




1-Sabino Portella, Jr., Red Bank Catholic (5-0)

2-Shay Addison, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven (8-1)

3-DJ Henry, Jr., Howell (3-0)

4-Harvey Ludington, Fr., Brick Memorial (6-1)

5-Ford Zajac, Sr., Colts Neck (10-3)

6-Anthony Lawrence, Jr., CBA (1-1)

7-James Circle, Sr., Lacey (7-2)

8-Jack Reiter, Sr., Middletown South (9-5)

9-Matt Bryant, Sr., Manchester (4-1)

10-Aidan Harrington, Jr., Freehold Township (11-2)



1-Hudson Skove, So., Rumson-Fair Haven (11-2)

2-Jared Tracey, Sr., Ocean (5-1)

3-Mike Malucelli, Sr., Marlboro (8-0)

4-Luke DuPont, Sr., Holmdel (11-1)

5-Joe Cilea, Sr., Colts Neck (3-1)

6-Jake Klein, Jr., Jackson Liberty (7-2)

7-Ian Soutar, Sr., Howell (4-1)

8-Peter Grippo, Jr., CBA (7-2)

9-Cory Martin, Sr., Brick Memorial (6-3)

10-Jack Willi, Sr., Middletown South (9-4)




1-Cosmo Zaccaro, Jr., Central (10-0)

2-Rob Canterino, Jr., CBA (10-0)

3-Nick Burns, Sr., Raritan (7-1)

4-Davin Brewton, So., Red Bank Catholic (8-0)

5-Riley O'Boyle, Jr., Southern (8-2)

6-Matt Cody, Sr., Middletown South (2-0)

7-Levi Wilkins, Sr., Donovan Catholic (2-2)

8-Alberto Pantoja, Sr., Freehold (8-1)

9-Gage Grosso, Jr., Toms River East (7-2)

10-Lucas Ainbinder, Jr., Middletown North (5-4)



1-Matt Jannucci, Sr., Colts Neck (13-0)

2-Christian Steensen, Sr., Marlboro (12-0)

3-Mateo Mena, Sr., Pinelands (5-2)

4-Jonathan Johnson, Sr., Freehold (6-2)

5-Sam Azzaretti, Sr., Brick Memorial (8-3)

6-Dante Miranda, Sr., Middletown South (8-4)

7-Lorenzo Portella, So., Red Bank Catholic (7-1)

8-Keyshaun Coppinger-Ward, Sr., Keansburg (7-0)

9-Steven Cajulus, Sr., Asbury Park (6-1)

10-JJ Cavanagh, Sr., Manasquan (6-3)



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