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High school football season is back and so is the Elite Sports Physical Therapy picks contest.

Every week, the football staff at the Shore Sports Network will make its selections, and for the second straight year, you also have the chance to participate. Fill out the form below and make your picks for the 21 games on the schedule for Week 4. The person with the most correct selections will win a $25 gift card from Surf Taco. Ties will be broken through a random drawing and any scheduled games that are changed will simply be deleted from the list and will not count toward the final total.

The deadline to enter is 6 p.m. on Friday.

Congratulations to Don Hill of Brick Township, who won our Week 3 picks contest by selecting 18 out of 20 games correctly. Don was one of five people who picked 18 games correctly, so we used the high-tech method of putting the names on pieces of paper, putting them in a hat, and having one of our co-workers pull the winning name.




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