2019 Shore Conference Tournament

At Red Bank Regional High School, Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, Jan. 26


Weight check, 2:30

Weigh-ins, 3 p.m.

Round 1 (8 mats), 5 p.m.

Round of 16 (8 mats), 6:30 p.m.


Weight check, 7:30 a.m.

Weigh-ins, 8 a.m.

Quarterfinals (4 mats), 10 a.m.

Girls showcase (2 mats), 10 a.m.

Wrestlebacks, noon

Semifinals (2 mats), 1 p.m.

Finals/third place (2 mats), 3:30 p.m. - WATCH THE FINALS LIVE!


First-round pairings and predictions


16-Evan Tallmadge (Brick) vs. 17-Dylan Kelleher (Long Branch), winner vs. 1-Tyler Klinsky (Middletown North)

9-Ethan Liptzin (Howell) vs. 24-Chris Siller (Central), winner vs. 8-Brett Blaess (Jackson Memorial)

12-Justin Murray (Toms River South) vs. 21-Tyler Disbrow (Keyport), winner vs. 5-Cole Meyer (Wall)

13-Shane Learn (Monmouth) vs. 20-Jose Becerril (Lakewood), winner vs. 4-David Rubin (Matawan)

14-Brady Carter (Lacey) vs. 19-Chris Balzano (Manalapan), winner vs. 3-Nick Ammirati (Holmdel)

11-Travis Tuminelli (Middletown South) vs. 22-Charlie Latendorf (Point Boro), winner vs. 6-Louis Gagliardo (Toms River North)

10-Harrison Gordon (Marlboro) vs. 23-Peter Berlin (Manasquan), winner vs. 7-Ryan Smith (Brick Memorial)

15-Blake Tarnowski (Ocean) vs. 18-Michael Lyristis (Colts Neck), winner vs. 2-Jack Maida (Shore)

Analysis: As is typically the case, 106 is loaded. Klinsky and Maida are both returning state qualifiers and Maida is nationally-ranked stemming from his very strong offseason. There's great depth, as well, thanks to some very talented freshman being seeded in the teens. Brick's Evan Tallmadge is the No. 16 seed but will have to face Klinsky in the pre-quarterfinals. He'd be a candidate to wrestle back for third but wrestlebacks don't begin until after the quarterfinals. Lacey's Brady Carter, who is undefeated, is one to watch out of the No. 14 seed and could certainly shake up the bracket. Toms River North senior Louis Gagliardo, a three-time state medalist in Florida, is another one I could see in the semifinals and possibly pulling an upset to reach the final.

Predictions: Tyler Klinsky over Jack Maida

Keep an eye on: Brady Carter



16-Michael Holland (Middletown South) vs. 17-Matt Klemser (Shore), winner vs. 1-Dean Peterson (St. John Vianney)

9-Romeo Willis-Parreot (Jackson Liberty) vs. 8-Lee Rubin (Matawan)

12-Tyler Ferris (Wall) vs. 21-Robert Killmer (Barnegat), winner vs. 5-Demetri Poniros (Ocean)

13-Lance Hobbs (Jackson Memorial) vs. 20-Brandon Ericksen (Holmdel), winner vs. 4-Nick Torre (Point Boro)

14-Joe McCullough (Toms River East) vs. 19-Eli Novoselov (Colts Neck), winner vs. 3-Ryan Rosenthal (Toms River North)

11-Kyle Nase (Howell) vs. 22-Eric Shterneld (Marlboro), winner vs. 6-Thomas O’Keefe (Middletown North)

10-Aidan Shaughnessy (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 23-John Trainer (Brick), winner vs. 7-Justin Schifter (Freehold Township)

15-Joe Conlon (Long Branch) vs. 18-Andre Ferrauiolo (Lacey), winner. 2-Vincent Santaniello (Brick Memorial)

Analysis: Two names jump off the page right away with St. John Vianney's Dean Peterson as the top seed and Brick Memorial's Vincent Santaniello at No. 2. Peterson was the state runner-up at 106 pounds last season and is nationally-ranked while Santaniello finished eighth in the state at 106 last season. It's going to be awfully hard for anyone to prevent those two from meeting in the final and Peterson remains a substantial favorite having beaten Santaniello twice last season (4-2 at the Mustang Classic and 10-3 in the SCT final). It's unlikely he'll be tested much in his half of the bracket. Middletown North's Thomas O'Keefe is very familiar with Santaniello and would be a test if he can reach the semifinals. Santaniello defeated Keefe 1-0 last season and 6-0 this season. Rosenthal was a district champ and region fifth last season. O'Keefe defeated Rosenthal, 7-1, in last season's SCT quarterfinals.

Prediction: Dean Peterson over Vincent Santaniello

Keep an eye on: Thomas O'Keefe



16-Rey Guzman (Long Branch) vs. 17-Phil Stolfa (Red Bank), winner vs. 1-Vin Scollo (Jackson Memorial)

9-Dorian Hall (Jackson Liberty) vs. 24-Vinny Fantasia (Lacey), winner vs. 8-Gavin Read (Keansburg)

12-Tristan Izzo (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 21-James Latendorf (Point Boro), winner vs. 5-Will Tisony (Ocean)

13-Matt Vargas (Raritan) vs. 20-Jason Schifter (Freehold Township), winner vs. 4-Nick Reilly (Toms River North)

14-Max Bean (CBA) vs. 19-Devon Pham (Monmouth), winner vs. 3-Fred Luchs (Middletown North)

11-Gabe Scalise (Shore) vs. 22-Matteo Pinnero (Holmdel), winner vs. 6-Joey Butler (St. John Vianney)

10-Kip Lovgren (Point Beach) vs. 23-James McGee (Howell), winner vs. 7-Karmin O’Neill (Matawan)

15-Robert Generelli (Middletown South) vs. 18-Edward Totten (Toms River East), winner vs. 2-Logan Waller (Colts Neck)

Analysis: A fairly wide-open weight, although Scollo comes in as a two-time state qualifier (including WB3 last season) and should be considered the favorite. Waller is the No. 2 seed and just had a 10-9 victory over O'Neill, the No. 7 seed, so things could get interesting in the bottom half of the bracket. I wouldn't surprise me if Luchs, Butler, O'Neill or Waller reached the final and something tells me McGee will be a tough out as the No. 23 seed. Reilly is an intriguing No. 4 seed. This will be his first time at 120 this season and will be a very big 120-pounder. He's been hot and cold this season but he's a three-time region top-6 finisher who can win the whole thing if he gets on a roll.

Prediction: Vin Scollo over Fred Luchs

Keep an eye on: Nick Reilly



16-Owen Fitzgerald (Middletown South) vs. 17-Chris McDonald (Jackson Memorial), winner vs. 1-Nico Messina (Freehold)

9-Jaden Gallo (Holmdel) vs. 24-Nick Schneider (Ocean), winner vs. 8-Hunter Konstantoulas (Manalapan)

12-Nick Moldaver (Colts Neck) vs. 21-Christian Rial (Marlboro), winner vs. 5-Neiko Malone (Howell)

13-Nathaniel Levie (Neptune) vs. 20-Mike Farrell (Wall), winner vs. 4-Tyler Pepe (Central)

14-Tucker Cochrane (Red Bank) vs. 19-Hector Santiago (Freehold Township), winner vs. 3-Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch)

11-Colin Rolak (Lacey) vs. 22-Jesse Berescky (Keansburg), winner vs. 6-Mike Wishengrad (Jackson Liberty)

10-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial) vs. 23-Davenson Joinvilmar (Asbury Park), winner vs. 7-Riley Simon (Point Beach)

15-Seth Rotondella (St. John Vianney) vs. 18-Alex Danelson (Toms River North), vs. 2-Michael Conklin (Toms River East)

Analysis: This is a really good weight with the top four seeds all being returning state qualifiers. I think the top four reach the semifinals but a Malone could break through as the No. 5 seed. Conklin has had a great season so far and, to me, is the favorite. It would be very surprising if anyone outside the top five makes the final or places in the top three. The semifinals are going to be fun here.

Prediction: Michael Conklin over Tyler Pepe

Keep an eye on: Nieko Malone



16-Victor DiPianta (Brick Memorial) vs. 17-Lukie Cox (Toms River South), winner vs. 1-Hunter Gutierrez (Lacey) 

9-Alexander Gorlin (Toms River East) vs. 8-Travis Brown (Pinelands)

12-Tom Ammiratti (Holmdel) vs. 21-Anthony Ciccone (Red Bank), winner vs. 5-Avery Clarke (Freehold Township)

13-Stiviny Silva (Long Branch) vs. 20-Jacob Glantzman (Wall), winner vs. 4-Sam LaCorte (CBA)

14-Zach Vasile (Marlboro) vs. 19-Jackson Jannarone (Manasquan), winner vs. 3-Jack Nies (Ocean)

11-Ford Zajac (Colts Neck) vs. 22-Daniel Simmons (Asbury Park), winner vs. 6-Jesse Bowers (Point Beach)

10-Shay Addison (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 23-James Grande (Manalapan), winner vs. 7-Nate Pujols (Middletown North)

15-Mike DiPianta (Barnegat) vs. 18-Tyler Weisneck (Brick), winner vs. 2-Darby Diedrich (Howell)

Analysis: Similar to 113, this looks like a two-man race with state medalists Gutierrez and Diedrich as the top two seeds. They are heavy favorites to reach the championship bout but the battle for third should be very competitive.

Prediction: Hunter Gutierrez over Darby Diedrich

Keep an eye on: Jack Nies



16-Nicholas Zamaloff (Wall) vs 17-Daniel Brewton (Neptune), winner vs. 1-Alex Baran (Manalapan)

9-Michael Gagliardo (Freehold) vs. 24-Liam Sanger (Lacey), winner vs. 8-Steven Pabone (Long Branch)

12-Nick Holland (Middletown South) vs. 21-Kevin Cartagena-Walsh (Monmouth), winner vs. 5-Caleb Alvarado (Brick Memorial)

13-David Quinlan (Matawan) vs. 20-Luke DuPont (Holmdel), winner vs. 4-Ethan Dzenis (Manasquan)

14-Joe LaPorta (Colts Neck) vs. 19-Cameron Rafalko (Raritan), winner vs. 3-Al DeSantis (Shore)

11-Anthony Luongo (Point Beach) vs. 22-Nick Acque (Holmdel), winner vs. 6-Jack Bailey (Point Boro)

10-Nick Benner (Ocean) vs. 23-Matt Carlson (Toms River South), winner vs. 7-Chris McCarty (Middletown North)

15-Erik Olsen (Red Bank) vs. 18-Christian Mangini (Freehold Township), winner vs. 2-Max Brignola (Rumson-Fair Haven)

Analysis: A pretty deep weight that could go chalk or be all over the place by the time the finals roll around. Baran has been perfect this season with a 22-0 record, including 16 bonus-point wins. Brignola is a returning state qualifier, as is DeSantis. Brignola pinned DeSantis in the Holmdel Holiday Tournament final. Brignola also has three wins over Dzenis this season (7-6, 23-6, 5-3), although they wouldn't meet until either the final or in the wrestlebacks. A Brignola-DeSantis semifinal would be the fourth meeting between the two in the last two seasons. They split bouts last season. Alvarado is one to watch as the No. 5 seed because he's a pinner with his judo ability, but Baran is very good in that regard, as well. Bailey is great with the cradle, so there could be some fireworks in the bottom bracket.

Prediction: Alex Baran over Al DeSantis

Keep an eye on: Caleb Alvarado



16-Andrew Keller (Manalapan) vs.17-Vin Mangano (Raritan), winner vs. 1-Nick Boggiano (Toms River North) 

9-Nicholas Vargas (Wall) vs. 24-Sam Cardillo (Pinelands), winner vs. 8-Tony Dushku (Freehold)

12-Tyler Brignola (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 21-James Racanelli (Toms River East), winner vs. 5-Ryan Carey (Long Branch)

13-Adam Coleman (Matawan) vs. 20-Patrick Edwards (Keansburg), winner vs. 4-Riley Cheong (Toms River South)

14-A.J. Vega (Middletown South) vs 19-Leonard Meer (Red Bank Catholic), winner vs. 3-Ty Bailey (Point Boro)

11-Jonathan Recio (Jackson Liberty) vs. 22-Pierce Gomez (Howell), winner vs. 6-Mike McGhee (Shore)

10-Curtis Lively (Central) vs. 23-Kyle Puzo (Middletown North), winner vs. 7-Dean Gallo (Holmdel)

15-Jared Crippen (Brick Memorial) vs. 18-Jason Schulz (Point Beach), winner vs. 2-Luke Rada (Colts Neck)

Analysis: Another weight with a strong top four who are all returning state qualifiers. Boggiano defeated Cheong, 1-0, earlier this season so that potential rematch should be a close bout. Rada, who was a state qualifier as a freshman at Howell but didn't wrestle in the postseason as a sophomore, has been dynamite in his first season at Colts Neck. He too will have a formidable semifinals opponent with Bailey or McGhee likely lurking. A Bailey-McGhee quarterfinal is surely one to watch.

Prediction: Luke Rada over Nick Boggiano

Keep an eye on: Mike McGhee



16-Dmytro Lakusta (Lakewood) vs. 17-Ian Smith (Shore), winner vs. 1-Paul Jakub (Howell)

9-Matt Spalletta (Toms River North) vs. 24-Ruben Lizardi (Brick Memorial), winner vs. 8-James Ecklyn (Raritan)

12-Logan Carter (Lacey) vs. 21-Ryan Laycock (Toms River South), winner vs. 5-Anthony Esposito (Ocean)

13-Nicholas Sura (Central) vs. 20-Alan Choback (Brick), 4-Paul Santomarco (Manalapan)

14-Jermain Diaz (Red Bank) vs. 19-Chase Carlucci (Freehold Township), winner vs. 3-Carsten DiGiantomasso (Jackson Memorial)

11-Edward Jang (Marlboro) vs. 22-James Circle (Barnegat), winner vs. 6-Syrus Colon (Manchester)

10-Isaiah Gonzalez (Long Branch) vs. 23-Eddie Farrell (Middletown North), winner vs. 7-Michael Ponenti (Rumson-Fair Haven)

15-Joseph Cilea (Colts Neck) vs. 18-Elijah Moore (Keansburg), winner vs. 2-Spencer Robinson (Point Boro)

Analysis: Jakub was a state qualifier as a freshman and has been great again this season with his only NJ losses coming to Paulsboro state medalist George Worthy (7-5) and Camden Catholic state WB-4 Brandon Mooney (3-0). He owns a 7-3 win over DiGiantomoasso this season and a 7-1 win over Santomarco. It's hard to envision him being picked off before the final. In the bottom bracket, a potential DiGiantomasso vs. Robinson semifinal could go either way and should be a good one.

Prediction: Paul Jakub over Carsten DiGiantomasso

Keep an eye on: Anthony Esposito



16-Gavin Stewart (Pinelands) vs. 17-Isaiah Stanton (Keansburg), winner vs. 1-Rob Kanniard (Wall)

9-Victor Olimpio (Monmouth)vs. 24-Jack Willi (Middletown South), winner vs. 8-Trevor Krinic (Lacey)

12-Mason Bayer (Barnegat) vs. 21-Shaun Sullivan (Middletown North), winner vs. 5-Jack Kelly (Rumson-Fair Haven)

13-Jack Friedman (Long Branch) vs. 20-Evan Peeke (St. Rose), winner vs. 4-Jack McCrae (Shore)

14-Thomas Arendt (Matawan) vs. 19-Will Dal Pra (Red Bank), winner vs. 3-Anthony Aquilano (Raritan)

11-Tah-Jay Phillips (Ocean) vs. 22-Paul Franceschini (Point Boro), winner vs. 6-Joe Barsky (Colts Neck)

10-George Kaiafas (Point Beach) vs. 23-Jarred Keefe (Brick) winner vs. 7-Hunter Smith (Jackson Memorial)

15-Steven Schmitz (Jackson Liberty) vs.18-Tim Yuro (Toms River South), winner vs. 2-Xavier Kelly (Howell)

Analysis: With Kanniard in this weight everyone else is wrestling for second place. Kanniard, who is signed to Rutgers, is a three-time state qualifier who finished second in the state last year and fourth as a sophomore and is ranked in the top 10 in the nation. It would be incredibly shocking if he doesn't win and do so with ease. The bottom bracket shapes up to have Aquilano and Kelly meet in the semifinals. Both are returning state qualifiers (twice for Kelly) and it would be an interesting contrast of styles with Aquilano strong with throws and pin holds while Kelly is better on his feet and loves to work tilts.

Prediction: Rob Kanniard over Anthony Aquilano

Keep an eye on: Jack McCrae



16- Anthony Bailey (Raritan) vs. 17- Adam Varela (Monmouth), winner vs. 1-Shane Reitsma (Howell)

9-Leo Shimonovich (Jackson Memorial) vs. 8- Jack Oleske (Toms River North)

12-Jamie Mazzacco (Shore) vs. 21-Gabe Lubrano (Middletown North), winner vs. 5-Victor Wladica, Holmdel

13- Shane Zimmerman (Keyport) vs. 20-Brendan Newbury (Wall), winner vs. 4-Derek Smith (CBA)

14- Aidan Meyler-McAuliffe (Red Bank Catholic) vs. 19-Gustavo Limon (Lakewood), winner vs. 3-Blake Clayton (St. John Vianney)

11- Evan Brown (Marlboro) vs. 22-Michael Jarner (St. Rose), winner vs. 6- Kenny Koenig (Colts Neck)

10-Jason Sherlock (Point Beach) vs. 23-Edgar Padilla (Long Branch), winner vs. 7-Jackson Brandt (Lacey)

15- Sam Akinlolu (Toms River South) vs. 18-Rashidi Alleyne (Barnegat), winner vs. 2-Matt Benedetti (Manalapan)

Analysis: Reitsma is a strong favorite to take home the title. The standout junior was sixth in the state at 170 last season and has taken his game to another level this season. His only loss came at the prestigious Powerade Tournament, and he avenged that defeat to finish third. Reitsma should have no issues in reaching the final. The bottom bracket features Manalapan state qualifier Benedetti and SJV standout sophomore Blake Clayton. If the seeds hold that is a very intriguing semifinal. Clayton is coming off a 14-8 win over Raritan's George Burdick, who is the No. 2 seed at 182.

Prediction: Shane Reitsma over Matt Benedetti

Keep an eye on: Blake Clayton



16-Jordan Gomes (Jackson Liberty) vs. 17-John Morrin (Pinelands), winner vs. 1-Nick Addison (Rumson-Fair Haven)

9- Nico Cerbo (Middletown North) vs. 24-Hao Tang (Brick), winner vs. 8-Michael Jannucci (Colts Neck)

12-Mike McCahon (Keyport) vs. 21-Patrick O’Dwyer (Long Branch), winner vs. 5-David Szuba (Brick Memorial)

13-Thomas DiStefano (Red Bank Catholic) vs. 20-Ethan Diamond (CBA), winner vs. 4-Brock Winston (Jackson Memorial)

14-Vincent DeLorenzi (Red Bank) vs. 19-Scott Franceschini (Point Boro), winner vs. 3-Christian Murphy (Howell)

11-Najiere Hutchinson (Neptune) vs. 22-David Leon-Rosas (Freehold), winner vs. 6-Jake Whitworth (Wall)

10-Dylan Waller (Manalapan) vs. 23-Jake Hollander (Monmouth), winner vs. 7-Quint Kearns (Lacey)

15-Christian Pittari (Marlboro) vs. 18-Stephen Jennings (Barnegat), winner vs. 2-George Burdick, (Raritan)

Analysis: Addison, who was fourth in the state at 170 last year, is the heavy favorite. The Stanford signee won by 15-0 technical fall over Burdick earlier in the season. The battle to reach the final out of the bottom bracket features Burdick and Murphy, both of whom were one win away from state medals last season. Burdick is extremely dangerous and is closing in on 100 pins for his career, which would make him the first Shore Conference wrestler to do so.

Prediction: Nick Addison over Christian Murphy

Keep an eye on: Brock Winston



16-Jovani Velazquez-Ruiz (Colts Neck) vs. 17-Cesar Serrano (Toms River East), winner vs. 1-Jacob Anderson (Middletown North)

9-Evan Burton (Pinelands) vs. 24-Michael Monetti (Central), winner vs. 8-John Columbia (Red Bank Catholic)

12-Jake Nase (Howell) vs. 21-Felipe Garcia (Neptune), winner vs. 5-Liam Buday (Point Beach)

13-Scott Stevens (Lacey) vs. 20-Christian Steensen (Marlboro), winner vs. 4-Liam Horan (Rumson-Fair Haven)

14-Angel Gonzalez (Lakewood) vs. 19-Dino Poniros (Ocean), winner vs. 3-Justin Acevedo (Raritan)

11-Taylor Sousa (Shore) vs. 22-Jarrid Markowitz (Freehold Township), winner vs. 6-Charlie Cotton (Barnegat)

10-Gavin Claro (Manalapan) vs. 23-Dante Miranda (St. John Vianney), winner vs. 7-Mike Nakano (Toms River North)

15-Nicholas Principe (Red Bank) vs. 18-La’Qym Morris (Long Branch) winner vs. 2-Kyle Epperly (Jackson Memorial)

Analysis: Although Anderson and Acevedo are the returning state qualifiers in the field, the anticipated final is Anderson vs. Epperly. Anderson was one win away from a state medal last season and is 19-2 so far this season with a 2-1 loss to St. Augustine's Mike Misita in the Mustang Classic final and the other loss coming up at 220 pounds. Epperly is undefeated, including a 5-2 win over Acevedo, and has looked outstanding, especially in his run to the Sam Cali Invitational title.

Prediction: Kyle Epperly over Jacob Anderson

Keep an eye on: Liam Horan



16-Mike Fiore (Jackson Memorial) vs. 17-Alex Kawka (Matawan), winner vs. 1-Billy Borowsky (Point Boro) 

9-Von Factor (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 24-Darian Newcomb (Brick), winner vs. 8-Michael Pavlinetz (Holmdel)

12-Thomas Lidondici (Colts Neck) vs. 21-Jaden Duncan (St. John Vianney), winner vs. 5-Vincent Ceglie (Lacey)

13-George Zavalnik (Manalapan) vs. 20-Avery Maski (Pinelands), winner vs. 4-Steve Cmielewski (Red Bank Catholic)

14-Cade Torres (Shore) vs. 19-Jaden Lowe (Jackson Liberty), winner vs. 3-Dante Morris (Lakewood)

11-John O’Donnell (Toms River North) vs 22-Noah Ramos (Point Beach), winner vs. 6-Joe Sardina (Howell)

10-Brady Smith (Middletown South) vs. 23-Declan McGagh (CBA), winner vs. 7-Tracey Taylor (Long Branch)

15-Diego Leoner (Toms River East) vs. 18-Kevin Lind (Raritan), winner vs. 2-Liam Riecks (Keansburg)

Analysis: Borowsky and Morris are both returning state qualifiers but Riecks jumped to the No. 2 seed thanks to his win by fall over Morris last week. There are a lot of potential scenarios here, especially in the bottom half of the bracket where Riecks, Morris, Sardina and Taylor each have realistic chances to reach the final. Borowsky is the obvious favorite as the No. 1 seed but will have a tough semifinal match with either Ceglie or Cmielewski. This is another weight that could go sideways in the quarterfinals.

Prediction: Billy Borowsky over Joe Sardina



16-Dayna Andrews (Brick) vs. 17-Joe Graci (Shore), winner vs. 1-Paul Liseno (St. John Vianney)

9-Justin Gooding (Red Bank) vs. 24-Vinny Palmieri (Toms River North), winner vs. 8-Evan Davis (Rumson-Fair Haven)

12-Justin Wright (Howell) vs. 21-Josh Henderson (Point Boro), winner vs. 5-Gerard O’Conner (Lacey)

13- Christopher DeSopo (Neptune) vs. 20-Connor Smith (Point Beach), winner vs. 4-Brad Galassi (Jackson Memorial)

14-Griffin Jackstadt (Barnegat) vs. 19-Dean Kaplan (Holmdel), winner vs. 3-Joe Teresi (Ocean)

11-Alex Nappi (St. Rose) vs. 22-Jack Wolter (Wall), winner vs. 6-Kevin Rybakowski (Lakewood)

10-Jarred Chathuant (Asbury Park) vs. 23-Justin Cardozo-Ponce (Freehold), winner vs. 7-Matt Kovacs (Manalapan

15-Bryce Blakie (Colts Neck) vs. 18-Adam Mirza (Marlboro), winner vs. 2-Matt Spirko (Raritan)

Analysis: Anything can happen at heavyweight, but it's hard to imagine anyone beating Liseno, who is the returning champion. Long Branch's Kevin Cerruti was seventh in the state last season and would have been the No. 2 seed (Liseno beat him at the Mustang Classic this year) but is taking an official visit to Rhode Island for football this weekend and is not entered. Liseno just pinned Spirko, the No. 2 seed, in 10 seconds on Wednesday. I'm feeling a run out of Brad "The Giant Slayer" Galassi. Despite weighing in the 190s and wrestling most of the season at 220, Galassi is 6-0 at heavyweight with four pins.

Prediction: Paul Liseno over Joe Teresi

Keep an eye on: Brad Galassi


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