Since 1980 Larson Ford in Lakewood has awarded scholarships in the name of Jack Martin who is likely best known for having a road in Brick Township named after him.

However before that he played three seasons in the major leagues from 1912-14 including stints with both the Phillies and Yankees. When he died in 1980 a scholarship for college-bound baseball or softball players was established under the direction of Brick Township High School Athletic Director Harold Handchen and Larson Ford founder Paul Larson Sr.

While they have passed away the scholarship program continues thanks to the efforts of their sons, Paul Larson Jr. and Hank Handchen.  Recently they presented $250 scholarships to seniors Robby Blair, Danielle Helwig and Irene Rose Wojcik who all recently graduated from Brick Township High School.

Blair, a standout catcher for the Green Dragons is headed to Virginia Tech while Helwig (Delaware Valley University) and Wojcik (Stockton University) were members of the softball team.

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