I could not even guess as to how many people I have interviewed over nearly 40 years but it’s certainly in the thousands. Asking questions is something I’m pretty comfortable with whether it’s a coach or player after a game or a well-known figure back when I was co-hosting the morning show on 92.7 WOBM in the 80’s and 90’s.

Last week I sat down with Tim O’Brien, a Toms River High School South graduate who among other things works Rangers and Knicks games at Madison Square Garden as a Host/Emcee and Fan Cam Producer. Last month Tim launched a weekly podcast, “Take A TO” during which he will focus on sports and entertainment and I’m this week’s guest. It was fun being on the other end of the microphone and I wish Tim well in his new venture.

Download and listen to my episode of the "Take A TO" podcast on iTunes HERE.

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