Josh Jackson

Second Wave
PHILADELPHIA - The first Carpenter Cup semifinal Friday at Citizens Bank Park looked early on like it would be another low-scoring, pitcher-friendly game involving the Jersey Shore.
Once the second wave of players entered the game in the fifth inning, however, an full-on slugfest erupted and the Shor…
Action Jackson
A hitter getting respect from an opponent usually means not seeing many fastballs and getting a steady diet of breaking stuff on the outer half of the plate.
A team getting respect means having to frequently face opponents' No. 1 pitchers, who are often lined up specifically to face a chall…
Instant Answer
MANASQUAN - Scoring two first-inning runs against a Division I recruit on the mound with a smattering of Major League scouts on hand will get any team pumped up and unbeaten Monmouth Regional was no exception Tuesday.
The Falcons - the No...