From time to time I like to offer my thoughts on a variety of topics even though nobody has asked me to do so.  Appropriately the name of today’s segment is,

“Nobody has asked my opinion but if they did I would tell them”:

  • There is no logical explanation as to how Governor Phil Murphy is going to pay for many of the items on his agenda without raising taxes by a significant amount. Forget campaign promises. Nobody expects them to be fulfilled anyway.
  • The most overused word in sports today is GREAT. With that said LeBron James is not only great but belongs in the discussion as to who is the greatest basketball player of all time.
  • I know I’m old but for the most part what is considered popular music today sucks.
  • It’s a crime what colleges and universities are charging for the cost of an education.
  • I’ve watched “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts at least 50 times and I’m sure I’ll watch it another 50.
  • I’ve added the Kentucky Derby to my bucket list which should be called “25 things I’m never going to do.” If I can’t get there just once I’d like to hit the trifecta.
  • If I had to do it over again I would have asked my father to take me for golf lessons when I was a kid. I should have done the same for mine.
  • Sure you can read it online but I still like the feel of a newspaper when I’m drinking coffee on a weekend morning.
  • Say what you want about money and resources but Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is the most underrated team executive in sports.
  • In ten years 90% of the passenger vehicles on the road will be some form of an SUV.
  • The Ocean County Baseball Tournament meant more to me when Al Kunzman was still alive.
  • I keep turning on the radio Sunday expecting to hear Bob Levy and still can’t believe he’s not there. I miss his voice and stories. With that said, Jeremy Grunin is pretty damn good.



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