The Shore Sports Network's Matt Manley & Kevin Williams break down the 35th annual WOBM Christmas Classic.


(RWJ-Barnabas Health Arena)                      (TRN-Toms River North Gym)   

Saturday, December 22 (GIRLS 1st Round-All Games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

10:00   #6 Colts Neck              vs.        #11      Toms River South        Loser “A”

11:30   #3 Toms River North   vs.        #14      Brick Memorial              Loser “B”

1:00     #7 Marlboro                vs.        #10      Neptune                       Loser “C”

2:30     #2 Middletown South  vs.        #15      Central Regional          Loser “D”

4:00     #5 Red Bank                vs.        #12      Point Boro                   Loser “E”

5:30     #4 Ewing                     vs.        #13      Sayreville                     Loser “F”

7:00     #8 Toms River East      vs.        #9        Donovan Catholic        Loser “G”

8:30     #1 Manchester             vs.        #16      Wall                             Loser “H”

Sunday, December 23 (BOYS 1st Round-All games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

10:00   #6 Red Bank Catholic  vs.        #11      Point Boro                   Loser “I”

11:30   #3 Freehold Township vs.        #14      Brick Memorial              Loser “J”

1:00     #7 Middletown South  vs.        #10      St. Rose                        Loser “K”

2:30     #2 Toms River North   vs.        #15      Manchester                  Loser “L”

4:00     #5 Marlboro                vs.        #12      Jackson Memorial        Loser “M”

5:30     #4 Central Regional     vs.        #13      Donovan Catholic        Loser “N”

7:00     #8 Lacey                     vs.        #9        Toms River East           Loser “O”

8:30     #1 Manasquan             vs.        #16      Toms River South        Loser “P”

Wednesday, December 26    (CONSOLATIONS ONLY)

1:00     Girls     A         vs.        B          (RWJ)              E          vs.        F          (TRN)

2:30     Girls     C          vs.        D         (RWJ)              G         vs.        H         (TRN)

4:00     Boys    I           vs.        J           (RWJ)              M         vs.        N         (TRN)

5:30     Boys    K         vs.        L          (RWJ)              O         vs.        P          (TRN)

Thursday, December 27 (Girls/Boys Quarterfinals-RWJBarnabas Arena)


10:00   Winners (Colts Neck/TR South)  vs. (TR North/Brick Mem)       Loser “U”

11:30   Winners (Marlboro/Neptune)   vs. (Midd.South/Central)          Loser “V”

1:00     Winners (Red Bank/Pt Boro)    vs. (Ewing/Sayreville)              Loser “W”

2:30     Winners (TR East/Donovan)    vs. (Manchester/Wall                Loser “X:


4:15     Winners (RBC/Pt Boro)            vs.  (Freehold Twp/Brick Mem)    Loser “Q”

5:45     Winners (Midd South/St Rose) vs.  (TR North/Manchester)      Loser “R”

7:15     Winners (Marlboro/Jackson)    vs.  (Central/Donovan)             Loser “S”

9:00     Winners (Lacey/TR East)         vs.  (Manasquan/TR South)      Loser “T”

Friday, December 28 (GIRLS)

11:00   Winners (A-B/C-D)                  (RWJ)  Losers  (A-B/C-D)        (TRN)

12:30   Winners (E-F/G-H)                  (RWJ)  Losers  (E-F/G-H)        (TRN)

2:00     U         vs.        V                     (RWJ)

3:30     W         vs.        X                     (RWJ)

6:15     Girls Semifinal                                    (RWJ)

8:00     Girls Semifinal                                    (RWJ)            

Saturday, December 29 (BOYS)       

11:00   Winners (I-J/K-L)                    (RWJ)  Losers  (I-J/K-L)          (TRN)

12:45   Winners (M-N/O-P)                 (RWJ)  Losers  (M-N/O-P)       (TRN)

2:30     Q         vs.        R                      (RWJ)

4:15     S          vs.        T                      (RWJ)

6:15     Boys Semifinal                        (RWJ)

8:00     Boys Semifinal                        (RWJ)            

Sunday, December 30 (All Games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

2:00     Boys 3rd Place Consolation

3:45     Girls 3rd Place Consolation

5:30     Girls Championship Final                              

7:30     Boys Championship Final  

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