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Week #5 of the high school football season is almost here and once again you’ll have a chance to test your knowledge against our panel of experts as part of ELITE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY Picks of the Week.

Last week when none of our so-called “experts” managed more than 10 correct picks Jerry Klimek of Toms River somehow got 14 games right and won a tiebreaker with another contest player. What’s really amazing is Klimek is a retired teacher and soccer coach who led Toms North North to a state crown during his tenure. As to his method for picking football games…”I go by the helmets.”

Each week you have a chance to submit your picks and the one with the most correct choices gets the Surf Taco gift card. Ties will be broken through a random drawing and the deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.

Note:  Any game postponed or changed after the initial post goes up will be taken off the board and not counted.

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