Have you paid any attention to the news lately?  What’s going on in our county and around the world is simply head-scratching and every time you say to yourself “now I’ve heard everything” there is another story to top that.

The one about the parents in California who basically held their 13 children hostage for years is almost too much to take.  I mean if it was a movie you wouldn’t believe it but yet it happened which I guess sums up the state of the globe today.

If you are planning to go to the movies this weekend and don’t know what to see then I strongly recommend “The Post” starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.  It’s the true story about what’s best known as the Pentagon Papers and the efforts of the press to report on what had been a cover-up by government officials.  If that sounds a bit slow and boring believe me the movie is not and I found it riveting.

It was almost a story book evening for Jackson Liberty basketball standout Daniel Sofield. The 6’6 junior made his first shot in last night’s game against Brick Memorial, a 3-pointer that allowed him to join his older brother James as the only 1,000 point scorers in Lions history.

He also made his last shot, another “3” with 41 seconds left that gave Liberty the lead. However Mustangs senior Kevin Starrett had a different ending in mind and his three-pointer with five seconds left gave visiting Brick Memorial a 57-56 victory.

Sofield finished with 30 points and in another couple of games will pass his brother as the leading scorer in Liberty history. hopefully for Daniel it will come in a win.  For video highlights of the game visit shoresportsnetwork.com

It seems like the Eagles fans I know have been very quiet this week leading up to Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the Vikings in Philadelphia.  However if they win I expect a loud couple of weeks from their frustrated fans who have a hard time accepting the Giants have won four Super Bowls and the Eagles are still looking for their first.

They will still be looking after this season ends.



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