More than ever schools are seeking ways to generate revenue in the wake of budget cuts and limitations, reduced state aid and the fact that the voting public will likely not support anything that raises their taxes.

The result in many cases is decaying buildings, equipment that’s well past its prime and an overall deterioration of facilities that impacts the education of students.  The sad truth is there is no end in sight and the challenges facing local school boards and administrators in New Jersey are likely going to continue for years to come.

It may force schools to cut programs like athletics, music, and others which are not just extracurricular activities but vital to the school and community.

The Central Regional School District is no different than many others although they have been able to make significant upgrades and improvements over the past few years that have benefitted students in and out of the classroom.

Now Superintendent of Schools Triantafillos “Tommy” Parlapanides has launched a new fundraising program aimed at continuing efforts that will benefit students as alumni, parents and others can donate directly to any subject, sport, club or even teacher.  From academics and academies to fine arts, scholarships, capital improvements and more you can make a tax deductible contribution that will go exactly where you want it to go.

The Central Regional Registry was launched earlier this month at  You’ll find a video from Dr. Parlapanides where he explains in detail this creative new method to fund programs that may at some point be in jeopardy. The idea is to expand and not cut back.

I have known Dr. P since his late father had a great hot dog concession on the boardwalk in Seaside Park.  He is passionate about his alma mater and not interested in what can’t be done but rather what can be done.  Hopefully this innovative program will resonate with those who share his vision.






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