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2021 Girls Lacrosse Coaches All-Division Teams

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Player of the Year: Elissa Byrne, Howell

Coach of the Year: Devan Crimi, Middletown South

First Team

Alyson Panick, Middletown South

Caroline Harlow, Middletown South

Peyton Kenney, Middletown South

Emma Buthorn, Middletown South

Jordana Tomasetti, Middletown North

Devon Smith, Freehold Township

Lindsay Llyod, Freehold Township

Julia Ohana, Marlboro

Lauren Chuk, Marlboro

Elissa Byrne, Howell

Kerry DeStefano, Howell

Kelly DeStefano, Howell

Kellie Russo, Colts Neck

Michaela Farrell, Colts Neck

Second Team

Emma Zarate, Marlboro

Christine Cavasin, Marlboro

Paige Smurro, Colts Neck

Lauren Hutson, Middletown South

Natalie Moradian, Freehold Township

Hailey Dean, Freehold Township

Gabby Ciraola, Manalapan

Jayme Thomas, Howell

Kylie Ebner, Howell

Evelyn Giron, Long Branch

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Player of the Year: Haven Dora, Trinity Hall

Coach of the Year: Dana Lenneper, Trinity Hall

First Team

Haven Dora, Trinity Hall

Paige Nolan, Trinity Hall

Peyton McGuire, Trinity Hall

Alex Popham, Trinity Hall

Ryan Malfa, Shore

Maddie Karpe, Shore

Maddie Grella, Shore

Ellie Brouwer, Shore

Natalie Goldsmith, Shore

Reilly Traynor, Red Bank Catholic

Molly Malone, Red Bank Catholic

Anna Gotterup, Red Bank Catholic

Lindsay Mazzucco, Red Bank Catholic

Grace Martel, Ocean

Avery Morgan, St. Rose

Second Team

Hayla Dora, Trinity Hall

Mary Kate Allingham, Trinity Hall

Makenna Graham, Red Bank Catholic

Ava Smith, Red Bank Catholic;

Lauren Becker, Point Beach

Matilda Ventresca, Point Beach

Jordan Dobin, Ocean

Gabby Goldwert, Ranney

Cailey Canessa, Shore

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Player of the Year: Rylee Johnson, Southern

Coach of the Year: Ciara Kvalheim, Central

First Team

Rylee Johnson, Southern

Casey McBride, Southern

Summer Davis, Southern

Kacey Kubarewicz, Southern

Shaelin Cassidy, Southern

Sophia Cooney, Southern

Caitlin Beahm, Toms River North

Kristen Redding, Toms River North

Nicolette Giordano, Toms River North

Lizzie Gillen, Toms River East

Emily Ketcham, Toms River East

Hannah Lewis, Central

Jadelynn Smith, Central

Sophia Devaney, Jackson Memorial

Mia LaBarca, Toms River South

Second Team

Sabrina Redding, Toms River North

Nicole Papalardo, Jackson Memorial

Sydney Walter, Jackson Memorial

Hannah Reese, Jackson Memorial

Brooke McKown, Jackson Memorial

Summer Castiglione, Brick Memorial

Emily Kahn, Toms River North

Evelyn Rausher, Central

Taylor Fifield, Central

Rachel Wilfrid, Central

Ava Caragetta, Brick

Jenna Kleissler, Brick

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Player of the Year: Chase Boyle, Rumson-Fair Haven

Coach of the Year: Amy O'Keefe, Rumson-Fair Haven

First Team

Chase Boyle, Rumson-Fair Haven

Mia James, Rumson-Fair Haven

Ava Poupard, Rumson-Fair Haven

Janey Sypeck, Rumson-Fair Haven

Ava Chiarella, Manasquan

Maci Black, Manasquan

Sarah Barnes, Manasquan

Paige Harms, Manasquan

Katie Montalto, Manasquan

Alexis Lauricella, St. John Vianney

Victoria Shenk, St. John Vianney

Madeline Kelly, Red Bank

Paige Kelly, Red Bank

Katie Byrne, Wall

Clarie Ferguson, Wall

Erin Carr, Wall

Second Team

Caroline Tempone, Holmdel

Jules Brown, Holmdel

Madeline Stoddard, Manasquan

Rory Paris, Wall

Aileen Carr, Wall

Natalie Hawthorn, Red Bank

Carly Chrampanis, Red Bank

Janey Wright, Red Bank

Marley Victor, Red Bank

Kayse Kiernan, Rumson-Fair Haven

Madeline DiMezza, St. John Vianney

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Player of the Year: Katie Conway, Point Boro

Coach of the Year: Lyndsey Torre, Barnegat

First Team

Ashley Pringle, Barnegat

Savia Singh, Barnegat

Calli Dunn, Barnegat

Paige Menegus, Barnegat

Alexis Jackson, Barnegat

Ashley Sojak, Barnegat

Maura Carney, Jackson Liberty

Katie Conway, Point Boro

Kelly Conway, Point Boro

Kayla Juralewicz, Manchester

Emily Barron, Manchester

Kayleigh Flanegan, Lacey

Madison MacGillivray, Lacey

Vanessa Valisutye, Lacey

Cayli Biele, Lacey

Second Team

Olivia Egbert, Donovan Catholic

Isabella Kenmure, Donovan Catholic

Shyanne Nucifora, Lacey

Mauve Meehan, Lacey

Ryane Fisahn, Point Boro

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