After a hectic opening weekend, the WOBM Christmas Classic takes a few days off with basketball action to resume on Thursday, December 26 with all of the teams who lost in the first round to play consolation games at the RWJBarnabas Health Arena.

All of the higher-seeded teams won on Saturday & Sunday with two exceptions as the 10th seeds knocked off the #7 seeds in both the boys and girls division.  On Saturday it was the Donovan Catholic boys topping Freehold Township 61-56 while on Sunday the Toms River North Lady Mariners knocked off the Griffins 42-39.

Among the leading scorers in opening round action:


Alex Ratner, Marlboro                               (28pts)

Mike Goodall, TR East                                (27pts)

Jack Seidler, Marlboro                                (26pts)

Charlie Gordonier, RBC                              (23pts)

James Anderson, Middletown South      (22pts)

Jakari Spencer, TR North                            (21pts)


Destiny Adams, Manchester                     (31pts)

Camryn Foltz, Colts Neck                           (23pts)

Jessica Thesing, Colts Neck                        (19pts)

Kristina Johnson, TR North                        (17pts)

Mia Strand, Red Bank                                 (17pts)

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36th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic Schedule

(RWJ-Barnabas Health Arena)                      (TRN-Toms River North Gym)   

Saturday, December 21 (BOYS 1st Round-All Games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

10:00   #6 Marlboro     85        #11      Manchester      76                    Loser “A”

11:30   #3 Wall             59        #14      TR South         29                    Loser “B”

1:00     #10 Donovan C 61        #7        Freehold Twp   56                    Loser “C”

2:30     #2 TR North     81        #15      Point Boro        46                    Loser “D”

4:00     #5 R.B.C.         67        #12      Jackson Mem.  41                    Loser “E”

5:30     #4 Midd South 71        #13      Lacey               44                    Loser “F”

7:00     #1 Manasquan  72        #16       Brick Mem.      39                    Loser “G”

8:30     #8 TR East       55        #9        Central             42                    Loser “H”

Sunday, December 22 (GIRLS 1st Round-All games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

10:00   #6 TR East       49       #11       Ewing              33                    Loser “I”

11:30   #3 Red Bank     68        #14      Point Boro        31                    Loser “J”

1:00     #10 T.R. North 42        #7        Donovan Cath. 39                    Loser “K”

2:30     #2 Marlboro     63        #15       Central             44                    Loser “L”

4:00     #5 Midd South 49        #12      TR South         30                    Loser “M”

5:30     #4 Manasquan  60        #13      Wall                 28                    Loser “N”

7:00     #1 Manchester  80        #16      Brick Mem.      28                    Loser “O”

8:30     #9 Colts Neck   59        #8        Neptune           44                    Loser “P”

Thursday, December 26    (CONSOLATIONS ONLY)

1:00(Boys)Manchester vs         TR South         (RWJ)  Jackson            vs         Lacey   (TRN)

2:30(Boys)Freehold Tp vs         Point Boro        (RWJ)  Brick Mem       vs         Central (TRN)

4:00(Girls)Ewing         vs         Point Boro        (RWJ)  TR South         vs         Wall     (TRN)

5:30(Girls)Donovan C  vs.        Central             (RWJ)  Brick Mem       vs         Neptune(TRN)

Friday, December 27 (Girls/Boys Quarterfinals-RWJBarnabas Arena)

10:00   Girls     Toms River East           vs.        Red Bank                                 Loser “Q”

11:30   Girls     Toms River North         vs.        Marlboro                                 Loser “R”

1:00     Girls     Middletown South        vs.        Manasquan                              Loser “S”

2:30     Girls     Colts Neck                   vs.        Manchester                              Loser “T”

4:15     Boys    Marlboro                     vs.        Wall                                         Loser “U”

5:45     Boys    Donovan Catholic        vs.        Toms River North                     Loser “V”

7:15     Boys    Red Bank Catholic        vs.        Middletown South                    Loser “W”

9:00     Boys    Toms River East           vs.        Manasquan                              Loser “X”

Saturday, December 28 (BOYS)

11:00   Winners (A-B/C-D)                  (RWJ)  Losers  (A-B/C-D)        (TRN)

12:30   Winners (E-F/G-H)                  (RWJ)  Losers  (E-F/G-H)        (TRN)

2:15     U         vs.        V                     (RWJ)

4:00     W        vs.        X                     (RWJ)

6:15     Boys Semifinal                         (RWJ)

8:00     Boys Semifinal                         (RWJ)            

Sunday, December 29 (GIRLS)          

11:00   Winners (I-J/K-L)                    (RWJ)  Losers  (I-J/K-L)          (TRN)

12:30   Winners (M-N/O-P)                 (RWJ)  Losers  (M-N/O-P)       (TRN)

2:15     Q         vs.        R                      (RWJ)

4:00     S          vs.        T                      (RWJ)

6:15     Girls Semifinal                        (RWJ)

8:00     Girls Semifinal                        (RWJ)            

Monday, December 30 (All Games in RWJBarnabas Arena)

2:00     Boys 3rd Place Consolation

3:30     Girls 3rd Place Consolation

5:30     Girls Championship Final                              

7:30     Boys Championship Final                                                      

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