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Based on stats reported to Shore Sports Network by coaches or designated team representatives. Corrections should be emailed by coaches to Shore Sports Network Soccer Editor Matt Manley.

Total Points

Ernst Louisius, Neptune221054
Stephan Kapranov, Holmdel18642
Kajus Matazinskas, TR East17539
Jairo Chira, Colts Neck15838
Connor Yurgel, Jackson Lib16335
Ammar Danish, Freehod Boro13834
Nick Spisak, Howell13834
Joey Kurak, Manchester14533
David Weiner, Holmdel12933
Nick DiNapoli, Shore13632
John Witkowski, Pt Boro14331
Will Thygeson, CBA11931
Kenny Caruso, TR South14230
Muberaq Aderogba, Manchester13430
Jack D'Eletto, CBA101030
Matt Karolak, Manasquan10929
Lupo Ryder, Raritan13228
Cooper Attaway, Shore13228
Shawn McCann, Midd South11628
Nick Turturro, Howell12327
Ronan Hogg, Rumson-FH11527
Anthon Cano, Monmouth10626
Alec Pentikis, Rumson-FH10626
Josh Boyan, Pt Beach9826
Antonio Santos, Rumson-FH12125
Dylan Millevoi, CBA11325
Colin Hynes, Holmdel9725
Ryan DiCillo, Central10424
Kyle Moore, Colts Neck9523
Diego Nieves, St. Rose9523
Anthony Vasquez, Long Branch10222
Nick Damiano, Wall9422
Aidan Sugrue, Manasquan9422
J.P. Candela, Howell8622
Ryan Kozlej, TR East7822
Kervin Lafortune, Neptune7822
Danny Herndon, SJV9321
Matteo Pasqualichio, Lacey9321
Evan Weiner, Manchester7721
Mike Colantino, Midd North8420
Jackson Markovitch, TR East8420
Chris Lopez, Long Branch7620
Lucas Hutnik, Raritan6820
Tim Bertscha, Freehold Twp.7519
Santino Scarponi, Shore7519
Aidan Antonio, Southern8218
Aidan Bonczek, St. Rose8218
Jim Cappucci, Jackson Lib6618
Dimitry Corba, CBA41018
Jon Fitzgerald, TR South31218
Philip Barbosa, Monmouth8117
Dylan Gonzalez, Hudson8117
Aidan Englander, Freehold Twp.7317
Owen Clearwaters, Pt Boro7317
Frankie Brusco, Holmdel5717
Jayson Nardone, Brick8016
Pat Schlagenhaft, Brick Mem8016
Anthony Ruggiero, TR North7216
Cristian Gonzalez, Manasquan6416
Stephen Molnar, Shore31016
Jared Elliott, Pt Boro31016



Ernst Louisius, Neptune22
Stephan Kapranov, Holmdel18
Kajus Matazinskas, TR East17
Connor Yurgel, Jackson Lib16
Jairo Chira, Colts Neck15
Joey Kurak, Manchester14
John Witkowski, Pt Boro14
Kenny Caruso, TR South14
Ammar Danish, Freehod Boro13
Nick Spisak, Howell13
Nick DiNapoli, Shore13
Muberaq Aderogba, Manchester13
Lupo Ryder, Raritan13
Cooper Attaway, Shore13
David Weiner, Holmdel12
Nick Turturro, Howell12
Antonio Santos, Rumson-FH12
Will Thygeson, CBA11
Shawn McCann, Midd South11
Ronan Hogg, Rumson-FH11
Dylan Millevoi, CBA11
Jack D'Eletto, CBA10
Matt Karolak, Manasquan10
Anthon Cano, Monmouth10
Alec Pentikis, Rumson-FH10
Ryan DiCillo, Central10
Anthony Vasquez, Long Branch10
Josh Boyan, Pt Beach9
Colin Hynes, Holmdel9
Kyle Moore, Colts Neck9
Diego Nieves, St. Rose9
Nick Damiano, Wall9
Aidan Sugrue, Manasquan9
Danny Herndon, SJV9
Matteo Pasqualichio, Lacey9
J.P. Candela, Howell8
Mike Colantino, Midd North8
Jackson Markovitch, TR East8
Aidan Antonio, Southern8
Aidan Bonczek, St. Rose8
Philip Barbosa, Monmouth8
Dylan Gonzalez, Hudson8
Jayson Nardone, Brick8
Pat Schlagenhaft, Brick Mem8
Ryan Kozlej, TR East7
Kervin Lafortune, Neptune7
Evan Weiner, Manchester7
Chris Lopez, Long Branch7
Tim Bertscha, Freehold Twp.7
Santino Scarponi, Shore7
Aidan Englander, Freehold Twp.7
Owen Clearwaters, Pt Boro7
Anthony Ruggiero, TR North7
Nick Prosperi, Southern7
Nico Skeete, Matawan7
Jack Tiernan, St. Rose7



Jon Fitzgerald, TR South12
Ernst Louisius, Neptune10
Jack D'Eletto, CBA10
Dimitry Corba, CBA10
Stephen Molnar, Shore10
Jared Elliott, Pt Boro10
David Weiner, Holmdel9
Will Thygeson, CBA9
Matt Karolak, Manasquan9
Jairo Chira, Colts Neck8
Ammar Danish, Freehod Boro8
Nick Spisak, Howell8
Josh Boyan, Pt Beach8
Ryan Kozlej, TR East8
Kervin Lafortune, Neptune8
Lucas Hutnik, Raritan8
C.J. Crolius, Midd North8
Colin Hynes, Holmdel7
Evan Weiner, Manchester7
Frankie Brusco, Holmdel7
Packy O'Hearn, St. Rose7
Jacob Brown, Rumson-FH7
Conner Katz, Shore7
Stephan Kapranov, Holmdel6
Nick DiNapoli, Shore6
Shawn McCann, Midd South6
Anthon Cano, Monmouth6
Alec Pentikis, Rumson-FH6
J.P. Candela, Howell6
Chris Lopez, Long Branch6
Jim Cappucci, Jackson Lib6
Jake Petillo, Wall6
Nick Mavica, Colts Neck6
Lucas Farkas, Manasquan6
Victor Torres, Freehod Twp.6
Dan Abrams, Ocean6
Diego Martinez, Manchester6
Kajus Matazinskas, TR East5
Joey Kurak, Manchester5
Ronan Hogg, Rumson-FH5
Kyle Moore, Colts Neck5
Diego Nieves, St. Rose5
Tim Bertscha, Freehold Twp.5
Santino Scarponi, Shore5
Nicolas Davhi Borges, Long Branch5
Noah Jones, Freehold Twp.5
Alessandro Principato, Freehold Twp.5
R.J. Eckelman, Howell5
Sean Newbert, Shore5
Sean Peck, TR East5
Alex Baginski, Pt Boro5
Max Dyba, Pt Boro5
Luis Camenara, Manchester5


Goalkeeper Shutouts

Miles Gallagher, CBA14
Ilan Golden, Holmdel14
Charlie Scanlon, Howell11
Jack Goldsmith, Freehold Twp10
Jack Harmon, St. Rose8
Chris Schoener, Jackson Mem7
Chris Lazo, LB7
Andrew Holper, Pt Boro6
Rocco Malangone, Jackson Lib6
Ryan Fitzgerald, Lacey6
Kyle Desai, Monmouth6
Bobby Calvo, TR East6
Kevin O'Neil, Neptune6
Tyler Collinson, Manasquan6
Zach Frabizio, Ocean6
Jonathan Flores, Lakewood5
Jake Bono, Marlboro5
Charlie Schirmer, Wall5
Nate Bott, Southern5
Mike Venegas, TR North5
Cole Herman, Rumson-FH4
Kevin Barfield, Shore4
Trevor Policastro, Central4
Glen Cantalupo, Ranney4
Owen Curtis, Pt Beach4
Noah Cundiff, Manchester3
Angel Tlacoxolal, Freehold Boro3
Landon Terrell, Midd North3
Justin Perrin, Brick Mem3
Owen Heale, TR South3
Liam Collura, Colts Neck3
Jared McMeans, Matawan3
Matt Brana, SJV3
Aaron Johnson, Pinelands2
Matteo Paolillo, Manalapan2
Andrew Marinelli, Midd North2
Zach Archibald, Midd South2
Thomas Ekberg, Wall2


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