Based on stats reported to Shore Sports Network by coaches and team representatives over the course of the season. Coaches can email updated season stats to each week at the conclusion of Tuesday's games.

Updated through games played on Jan. 16

Daniel Sofield, Jackson Lib1133230.18
Rob Higgins, Midd North1233227.67
Bryan Antoine, Ranney1232527.08
Matt Ganter, Howell1230825.67
Josh Cohen, CBA1124522.27
Mike Goodall, TR East1124121.91
Ian O'Connor, Rumson1021621.6
Carl Swensen, Lacey1122120.09
Andrew Schulz, Pinelands1019919.9
Chris Panduri, Shore1427819.86
Jack Miller, Ocean1223819.83
Jalen Jackson, Brick1019619.6
Quinn Calabrese, Wall1120919
Alex Galvan, Manasquan1323818.31
Shane Williams, Brick1018318.3
Ryan Savoy, Lakewood1120118.27
Scottie Lewis, Ranney1221918.25
Alex Ratner, Marlboro1017717.7
Stephen Braunstein, CBA1118817.09
Dwaine Jones, Neptune1118817.09
Jackson McCarthy, Rumson915116.78
Charlie Gordinier, RBC1321816.77
Dylan Kaufman, Marlboro1219816.5
Jakari Spence, TR North1117616
Sam Fagan, Neptune69616
Ryan Knorr, Manalapan1117415.82
Andrew Abujawdeh, Colts Neck1117115.54
James Anderson, Midd South1218515.42
Marc Dennis, Long Branch1015415.4
Brad McCabe, Manasqaun1319915.31
Dan Forsman, Monmouth1319515
Corey Miller, Ocean1217714.75
Nick Manso, Brick Mem1116114.64
D.J. Thomson, Keyport1014614.6
Greg Billups, Freehold Twp1115514.09
Micah Wallace, Jackson Mem1216814


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