Cory Booker told CNN's Piers Morgan he believes Governor Christie is "vulnerable" in a possible re-election match up next year.

Newark Mayor on Cory Booker on Piers Morgan (CNN)

With Christie's high popularity in the polls, Booker's comments offered a look at his where his thought process might be in considering his own run for the Statehouse in 2012.

The Newark Mayor called New Jersey's gubernatorial race "one of the most important in the country," and said that while he agrees with Christie on a number of issues there are  "things going on in the state where the state is going to have to make a choice" including women’s rights, environmental policy, marriage equality and education.

When Morgan asked Booker if he could beat Christie, Booker said, "Look I think he’s vulnerable. I think he’s vulnerable to any Democrat," Booker said. "His high mark right now, head to head with me, he polls at 53 percent."

Asked if he is considering a run for Frank Lautenberg's US Senate seat in 2014, Booker said, "my focus right now is trying to figure out what that next step will be that is in accodrance with my values." Booker said he wants to that will "best make a contribuition to the people of the city I love and the state I love."

Booker said "we live in a country with so much work to do" on gay marriage, the war on drugs, immigration and poverty. He said the country has to work towards making the word "liberty and justice for all" have meaning.

Booker joked the only office of President he would consider right now is "President of the New Jersey Star Trek Association"

Morgan also asked about criticism of Booker's living on food stamps for the week and that the program is meant to be a supplement to a family's food sources. Booker hoped the attention would bring discussion to poverty.  "At a time when the media is fascinated with the pregnancy of a princess why aren't we talking about issues of poverty and families working full time and still can't make ends meet," asked Booker.