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*All stats based on those submitted by Shore Conference coaches to the state system at NJ.com. Any coaches with stat updates or corrections, send them to bob.badders@townsquaremedia.com. Corrections are only accepted from coaches.*

Final stats

Coltenback, Central131730
Schneider, TRN141428
Haar, Ocean121527
DeFalco, TRN101626
Olenski, Ocean141125
van den Berg, Central131225
Klutkoski, Central91625
Laureigh, Southern121224
Pritchard, Rumson12921
Block, Midd. South101121
Bechutsky, Manalapan14620
D. Competello, Central101020
A. Mumm, Ocean101020
Kulaszewski, SJV91120
Ogden, Red Bank12719
R. Croddick, Rumson91019
Frattaroli, TRN71219
Volpi, Midd. South9918
Gelman, Marlboro61218
Lech, Southern8917
Cavendish, Midd. South71017
Gartz, SJV51217
Reilly, CBA41317
Pecorella, TRE10616
Ervelli, TRN41216
Calice, SJV7815
Grable, CBA7815
Biesiadecki, CBA6915
Clements, Freehold9514
Goldstein, Marlboro8614
Wagnon, CBA6814
Fortunato, TRE9413
LeComte, SJV9413
Dineen, TRE7613
D. Markland, TRE7613
Golembiewski, Marlboro5813
Chouha, CBA4913
M. Competello, Central8412
Grant, Catholic5712
Verdon, TRE4812
Lee, Rumson3912
Henry, Southern21012
Weissman, Manalapan21012
Thomann, Freehold21012
Fobes, Freehold Township7411
Barnett, SJV6511
Osher, SJV6511
Stein, Manalapan5611
DeMarinis, Wall5611
Forand, Midd. South3811
Wiatrowski, Central4610
Caruso, Freehold4610
Pietromonaco, Manalapan3710
Taliercio, TRE2810
Bilinski, Central0.9381.50182
Mancuso, TRN0.9381.57167
Kapranov, Marlboro0.9351.50345
Mattern, Southern0.9342.50281
McCarty, Manalapan0.9332.00112
Bilancione, Catholic0.9322.29192
Hooper, Wall0.9292.00131
Hickey, RFH0.9271.42215
Fox, Manalapan0.9262.33175
Shallcross, SJV0.9171.50165
J. Cartigiano, CBA0.9101.67152
A. Rowland, Southern0.9062.40115
Donohoe, CBA0.9002.0036
Collings, Midd. South0.9002.69314
Vassallo, Howell0.8973.25113
Ju. Dickinson, Midd. North0.8943.00177
Inderweis, Catholic0.8913.3390
K. Toye, Brick0.8843.00183
Dougherty, Manasquan0.8763.67156
Breschard, Howell0.8704.8160
Holland, Lacey0.8664.00162
Macaluso, Ocean0.8642.67153
Stulic, Brick Mem.0.8555.75271
Guglieri, Freehold0.8533.6764
O’Neill, Freehold0.8464.00154
Fillipelli, Red Bank0.8414.30227
Vang, Freehold Township0.8254.81268
McKeon, TRE0.8233.83107
O’Hara, Liberty0.8164.33115
Turrin, Lacey0.8057.56284


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