*All stats submitted by Shore Conference coaches. If a team’s stats are not included, they were not sent by the coach. Any coaches with stat updates or corrections, send them to bob.badders@townsquaremedia.com. Corrections are only accepted from coaches.*

Final stats


SCORINGTDPATFG2-ptTotal points
Pena, Ocean23000138
Ingram, Mater Dei23000138
Thomas, Colts Neck20002124
Clark, Donovan Catholic17000102
McLaughlin, Shore1600198
Larkin, Wall1600096
Brown, Southern1500092
M. Fiore, Raritan1500090
Paturzo, Lakewood1300690
Towns, Jackson Memorial1400186
Johnson, Manalapan1300078
Calhoun, Donovan Catholic1200174
Corbett, Long Branch1200072
Pruitt, Toms River North1200072
Chamberlain, Red Bank1100168
Shuler, Freehold1100066
Richardson, Central1100066
Torres, Donovan Catholic0523061
Barksdale, Brick Memorial1000060
Peters, Wall1000060
Massey, Asbury Park900156
Spalletta, Toms River North900156
Buday, Point Beach900054
Volker, Rumson900054
Cuccia, Middletown South900054
Marro, Toms River South800150
Alston, Asbury Park800048
Goodall, Toms River East800048
Lotito, Middletown South800048
Prato, Brick800048
Vitale, Point Boro800048
Burkert, Toms River North0373046
Oakley, Wall0421045
Spitalieri, Marlboro700144
Huber, Toms River South700144
McCombs, Brick Memorial3172143
Chambers, SJV700042
Loftland, Donovan Catholic700042
Williams, Keansburg700042
Spencer, Middletown North700042
Gagneron, Matawan700042
Meehan, Howell700042
Goodale, Toms River North700042
Buntin, Mater Dei700142
Novak, Jackson Memorial700042
Celentano, Jackson Liberty700042
Ammirati, Holmdel700042
Carasia, Ocean700042
Coponi, Raritan700042
Jones, Asbury Park700042
Rea, Manalapan0226040
Calhoun, Freehold600036
Williams, Matawan600036
Crudup, Barnegat600036
Crowley, Rumson600036
Jules, Red Bank Catholic600036
DeSarno, Wall600036
Devane, Southern600036
Haddow, Middletown North600036
Ahmed, Toms River East600036
Giannetti, Toms River East600036
Evans, Lacey600036
Thompson, Middletown North600036
Dileo, Barnegat600036
Tuzzolino, Point Boro600036
Wiggins, Monmouth600036
Alvarez, Keyport600036
McKown, Jackson Memorial1183135
Pena, Ocean1361,55019
Ingram, Mater Dei1881,48021
Towns, Jackson Memorial2461,37212
Paturzo, Lakewood2011,28713
Thomas, Colts Neck1881,28219
Brown, Southern2121,24214
Clark, Donovan Catholic1351,17917
Richardson, Central2161,04311
Larkin, Wall1611,03812
Johnson, Manalapan1881,01713
Ammirati, Holmdel1679657
Pruitt, Toms River North16795011
Corbett, Long Branch1749246
Gagneron, Matawan1769066
Goodall, Toms River East1338778
M. Fiore, Raritan14683415
K. Alston, Asbury Park1168268
Chambers, SJV1007817
Calhoun, Donovan Catholic11175512
Buday, Point Beach1737399
Haddow, Middletown North1397376
Spitalieri, Marlboro1427207
Chamberlain, Red Bank14071711
Volker, Rumson1517176
Shuler, Freehold13868711
McLaughlin, Shore10567212
Condito, Middletown South1266665
Squire, Toms River South1136613
Jules, Red Bank Catholic916386
Peters, Wall13363010
Lotito, Middletown South1186267
Celentano, Jackson Liberty1146046
Armooh, Brick1175903
Rose, Toms River South765892
Meehan, Howell1445837
Cuccia, Middletown South1035778
Thompson, Ocean795776
Wiggins, Monmouth865696
Tuzzolino, Point Boro765525
Dileo, Barnegat855456
M. Braithwaite, Keansburg1165374
Vitale, Point Boro1485278
Barksdale, Brick Memorial395248
Kawka, Matawan935242
Ahmed, Toms River East905106
Albanese, Brick Memorial1465064
Biggs, Point Boro895003
Kazanowsky, Toms River North1162052,144238
Brown, Mater Dei1071691,716157
Davidson, Long Branch991821,388114
Brunatti, Lacey1091651,361115
Peters, Wall831331,301152
Ferreira, Middletown North1112011,2471010
Albanese, Brick Memorial921551,21091
Alvarez, Keyport791641,204815
Coles, Rumson972081,191115
Chamberlain, Red Bank1021721,1661310
Caston, Howell952031,11768
Brown, Asbury Park641261,110106
Wright, Marlboro831251,107106
Kehley, Manalapan811381,02184
Clark, Donovan Catholic811371,01493
M. Braithwaite, Keansburg8113296593
Shuler, Freehold6813792682
Buonagura, Matawan68127924712
M. Vernieri, Barnegat7712691844
Cebulski, Jackson Memorial6615491295
Coponi, Raritan489288982
Chirichella, Freehold Twp.8213886545
Edgerly, Red Bank Catholic558786043
Huber, Toms River South6613585298
Robinson, Southern58114843119
Nungesser, Ocean5192826111
Duell, SJV629982075
Vitale, Point Boro3910474564
Fallon, Colts Neck589773994
Prato, Brick5513170768
Whelan, Central6214570736
McGhee, Shore406863072
Yadlon, Monmouth4310362526
Cuccia, Middletown South448060437
Goodall, Toms River East305653032
Akins, Point Beach4310347146
Lewis, Mater Dei396365
Jones, Asbury Park296245
Farrar, Long Branch526013
Goodale, Toms River North215877
Browe, Toms River North345425
Spencer, Middletown North345257
Palumbo, Marlboro204975
Krellin, Middletown South294885
Carlstrom, Shore284694
Jamin, Rumson354513
Evans, Lacey304485
Smith, Raritan194345
Jacob, Toms River North254105
Marro, Toms River South284037
Abarno, Red Bank324005
Gerena, Barnegat313990
Novak, Jackson Memorial193976
Larkin, Wall193883
Williams, Matawan313836
S. Young, Point Boro203825
Soler, Middletown North373822
Bellamy, SJV253672
Noguera, Mater Dei183652
Williams, Keansburg183576
Calhoun, Freehold263484
Barksdale, Brick Memorial283421
Scott, Barnegat213303
Carasia, Ocean133265
McKown, Jackson Memorial243261
Grigorian, Brick313253
Ochojski, Freehold233244
Frazier, Long Branch173242
Buntin, Mater Dei193204
Cancela, Freehold Twp.303130
Cassidy, Marlboro263134
Scully, Colts Neck213073
Ryan McCombs, Brick Memorial233052
Thomson, Keyport183014
Madeo, Toms River South263002
Volker, Rumson162923
Murphy, Howell172905
Massey, Asbury Park132864
Fraser, Toms River North202821
Harris, Central202812
Ferrogine, Red Bank162752
Bacchetta, Lacey272752
Moore, Monmouth192731
Bauman, Red Bank Catholic152723
Connallon, Keyport192712
Hendricks, Southern132712
Quigley, Keansburg282662
Capone, Donovan Catholic172634
Carlson, Toms River North92553
Ogden, Red Bank212554
Devane, Southern202504
PlayerPATs madePATs attemptedFGsLongPoints
Torres, Donovan Catholic525634261
Burkert, Toms River North374334146
Oakley, Wall424613345
Bailey, Raritan324233541
Rea, Manalapan222464340
Douglas, Ocean313632740
Monteforte, Colts Neck283223134
Torres, Shore222744034
Kaiafas, Point Beach161763334
Piperno, Rumson192543031
Maida, Red Bank252723831
Demato, Middletown South222632731
Myerson, Matawan222222928
Borel, Lacey222423828
McKown, Jackson Memorial182732727
Pekmezian, Mater Dei182133827
Schneider, Marlboro161732225
Gallacher, Southern25270-25
Schenk, SJV202213723
Sebor, Freehold Twp.111343223
Hurley, Central171924323
McCombs, Brick Memorial1723223
Costa, Toms River East141634323
Halloran, Middletown North1623922
Stein, Toms River South22250-22
Yorke, Jackson Liberty141423220
Davis, Howell91333518
Xiques, Barnegat152012218
Henry, Point Boro17190-17
Gaston, Mater Dei15180-15
Nichols, Toms River East11120-11
PlayerTotal tackles (solo+assists)
Forsyth, Rumson144
Farrell, Middletown North134
Corbett, Long Branch133
Ferrigno, Toms River South129
Sasso, Wall127
Raevis, Toms River South127
Ford, Jackson Memorial112
Calhoun, Freehold108
Costanza, Brick104
Height, Toms River South104
Doman IV, Jackson Memorial103
Sherlock, Point Beach102
Green, Donovan Catholic102
Guarino, Matawan101
Zapata, Jackson Memorial100
Spalletta, Toms River North100
Celentano, Jackson Liberty100
Palmieri, Toms River North99
Jankowski, Middletown North97
Scully, Colts Neck97
Siniscalchi, Marlboro95
Ruane, Rumson93
D. Terry, Wall91
Marcelus, Colts Neck91
Thompson, Middletown North91
Aneses, Barnegat90
Young, Freehold Twp.90
Ahmed, Toms River East90
Gordinier, Red Bank Catholic89
Dalpra, Red Bank88
McCarthy, Jackson Memorial85
Lista, Rumson85
Sardo, Holmdel84
Tobin, Toms River South83
Bonanno, Colts Neck82
Michot, Pinelands81
Porsch, Toms River South81
Jackstadt, Barnegat80
Haddow, Middletown North80
Barsky, Colts Neck79
Manos, Colts Neck79
Niedzielski, Toms River North79
Factor, Rumson79
Nocero, Donovan Catholic78
Weisman, Red Bank78
Goodale, Toms River North78
Ford, Toms River North76
Dallicardillo, Central75
Cassidy, Marlboro75
Ackerman, Wall75
Young, SJV72
Riley, Wall72
Sparacio, Colts Neck72
Kelly, Rumson72
Kang, Middletown North72
Rodriguez, Long Branch72
Wigfall, Ocean71
Demarzo, Monmouth71
Aldrich, Donovan Catholic71
Odebode, Toms River South71
Montefusco, Colts Neck70
Moriarty, Rumson70
O’Donnell, Toms River North70
Onuoha, Matawan69
Weisneck, Brick69
Thompson, Ocean69
McKay, Rumson69
Laughlin, Red Bank69
Meza, Keyport68
Borda, Toms River North68
Ferrogine, Red Bank68
Latore, Middletown South68
M. Vernieri, Barnegat67
Ochojski, Freehold67
Miranda, Middletown North67
Delaney, Marlboro66
Pena, Ocean66
Kudlacik, Lacey66
Doel, Freehold Twp.65
Brogna, Donovan Catholic65
Douglas, Ocean64
Frankel, Rumson64
Bauman, Red Bank Catholic64
C. Harris, Pinelands63
Nemeth, Central63
Markowitz, Freehold Twp.63
Quigley, Keansburg63
Grande, Toms River East63
Wilkins, Donovan Catholic63
Moellman, SJV62
Carlson, Toms River North62
Lidondici, Colts Neck61
Marquez, Raritan61
Cerulli, Howell60
Sura, Central60
Armstrong, Barnegat60
Rodriguez, Matawan60
Mazzacco, Shore60
Krellin, Middletown South60
McCarthy, Jackson Memorial18
Guidice, Mater Dei17.5
Simpson, Mater Dei14.5
Moriarty, Rumson13.5
Ochojski, Freehold11.5
Bauman, Red Bank Catholic11.5
Riley, Wall10
N. Alston, Asbury Park10
Vinsko, Point Beach9
Laverty, Jackson Memorial9
Sherlock, Point Beach9
Zapata, Jackson Memorial9
Odebode, Toms River South8.5
Blackwell, Jackson Memorial8
Johnson, Central8
Palumbo, Marlboro8
McCormack, Matawan8
K. Alston, Asbury Park8
Markowitz, Freehold Twp.7
Aneses, Barnegat7
Swearine, Asbury Park7
O’Donnell, Toms River North7
D’Acunto, Holmdel7
Lopez, Middletown North6.5
Marcelus, Colts Neck6
Spalletta, Toms River North6
Benedetti, Manalapan6
Aldrich, Donovan Catholic6
Bailey, Raritan6
Costanza, Brick5.5
Farrell, Middletown North5.5
McCombs, Brick Memorial5.5
Telles, Long Branch5
Saxton, Southern5
Frawley, Point Boro5
Barsky, Colts Neck5
Letual, Middletown North5
Stanzione, Middletown South5
Nocero, Donovan Catholic5
Gellner, Brick4.5
Prancl, Middletown South4.5
Moellman, SJV4
Committee, Southern4
Lidondici, Colts Neck4
L. Murphy, Middletown South4
Pontecorvo, Ocean4
Buday, Point Beach4
Brogna, Donovan Catholic4
Dalpra, Red Bank4
Louro, Red Bank Catholic4
Lovinsky, Matawan4
Green, Donovan Catholic4
Pavlinetz, Holmdel4
Laughlin, Red Bank4
Thompson, Ocean4
Corbett, Long Branch7
Pena, Ocean6
Bartlett, Pinelands5
Carlson, Toms River North5
Ruane, Rumson4
Day, Holmdel4
Borriello, Red Bank Catholic4
Kuligoski, Lacey4
Scully, Colts Neck4
Peters, Wall4
Madeo, Toms River South4
Carlstrom, Shore4
Noguera, Mater Dei4
Haug, Raritan4
Bellamy, SJV3
East, SJV3
Lotito, Middletown South3
Brown, Southern3
Laney, Donovan Catholic3
Van Brunt, Point Beach3
Flanzbaum, Keansburg3
Sasso, Wall3
Thermitus, Asbury Park3
Johnson, Keyport3
Lewis, Mater Dei3
Larkin, Wall3
Davis, Toms River East3
Points per game
Donovan Catholic36.2
Toms River North32.5
Mater Dei28.7
Colts Neck27
Toms River South22.4
St. John Vianney21.9
Long Branch21.5
Red Bank21.5
Middletown South21.5
Brick Memorial21.1
Toms River East20.2
Rumson-Fair Haven20
Asbury Park20
Jackson Memorial19.2
Point Boro18.9
Red Bank Catholic17.3
Point Beach14.3
Middletown North12.9
Freehold Township12.3
Jackson Liberty11.8
Points allowed per game
Donovan Catholic8.7
Colts Neck11.1
Mater Dei11.3
Red Bank Catholic12.9
Point Beach14.9
Rumson-Fair Haven15.6
Red Bank15.8
Toms River East16.7
Jackson Liberty17.6
Middletown South18.1
Middletown North18.7
Jackson Memorial18.9
Asbury Park19
St. John Vianney21
Toms River North21.6
Freehold Township23.2
Long Branch23.9
Brick Memorial24.6
Toms River South27.6
Point Boro29


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