Way back in August of 2006, the Yankees and Red Sox faced off in a crazy 5-games-in-4-days series at Fenway Park in Boston. Now, just about ten days past the fourteen year anniversary, the Yankees and Mets will play a double-header on Friday, a single game on Saturday, and a double-header on Sunday. It's going to be an amazing weekend of baseball!

When two members of the Mets, one player and one coach, tested positive for COVID-19 last week, the Subway Series against the Yankees was postponed. With the constant and unpredictable COVID postponements, Major League Baseball is scrambling to fit as many games for each as they can. MLB already changed double-headers to Minor League rules, with each game only going 7 innings.

It will be an even crazier week for the Mets, who will play NINE games in SIX days! They have a double-header today (Tuesday the 25th), then two single games Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily they are facing the Marlins at home, so it won't be a big trip to head across town to Yankee Stadium for a double-header on Friday, a single game on Saturday, and a double-header on Sunday.

As much as I love baseball, and was glad to see it return this year...I just feel more and more like this season is getting closer to spiraling out of control. So many teams have missed games, it will next to impossible to get every team to play the planned 60 games. With such a tight schedule, there is a really good chance that a team may miss the playoffs by one game, and that will create a huge controversy if a certain team has played one fewer game than another, and now MLB has to figure out how to make up that one game.

Stats are going to be weird, records are going to be weird, and this entire season will always have that COVID asterisk attached to it.

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