2018 Shore Conference Tournament


I have received plenty of questions in regards to the seeding process and how certain wrestlers were seeded in certain spots. First off, here are the tournament regulations which explain the nuts and bolts of the tournament and how it is seeded. Information on NJSIAA quality points and prestige points can be found here on pages 7-10.

The cutoff for the SCT was Saturday, Jan. 20, so matches wrestled on Monday, Jan. 22 do not count toward seeding. Results entered into TrackWrestling.com are used to seed the tournament. This is the same way the NJSIAA does it for its district tournaments. Coaches are responsible for having that information entered and up to date, as noted in the tournament regulations.

The top 24 wrestlers based on quality points were placed in their respective weight classes, then prestige points were used to form a pre-seed for each weight class. Ultimately, head-to-head results were used to determine the final seeds. As always, triangles, quadrangles, etc. get thrown out of the equation.

Hopefully this helps alleviate any confusion.


Update No. 9, 1/26 9:30 a.m.

-Toms River North's Nick Reilly, the No. 9 seed, is out at 120 pounds.

-Donovan Catholc's Jacob Maroukis at 126 and Dominick Nocero at 182 are out.

-Wall's Cole Meyer is out at 106 pounds.


Update No. 8, 1/25 6:30 p.m.

-Keyport's Jaleel Gopaul, the No. 2 seed at 126 pounds, has withdrawn from the tournament.

-Point Boro's Nick Torre is out at 106 pounds.

-Toms River East's Stephen Cruz is out at 160 pounds.


Update No. 7, 1/25 3:45 p.m.

-Toms River North's Alex Danelson at 113, Anthony Bredjik at 145 and Sal Antonizzi at 160 are out.

-Toms River South's Tom Spiwak at 220 is out.


Update No. 6, 1/25 2:30 p.m.

-All five of Manasquan's qualifiers - Ethan Dzenis at 138, Charles Barreda at 160, Luke Hessinger at 182, Shane Ownes at 195 and Daniel Cutillo at 285 - have been scratched.

-Monmouth's Adam Varela is out at 160 pounds.

-Toms River East's Dominic Tangredi is out at 132 pounds.


Update No 5, 1/24 6:11 p.m.

-Neptune's Christopher DeSopo, the No. 24 seed at 220, is out. The tournament will proceed with a 23-man bracket at 220 pounds.


Update No. 4, 1/24 4:02 p.m.

-St. John Vianney's Charles Peterson moved from the No. 5 seed to the No. 4 seed and Manalapan's Kareem Ghiada moved from the No. 4 seed to the No. 5 seed. The proper points were initially not given, and after recalculating Peterson was pre-seeded fourth and Ghiada fifth.


Update No. 3, 1/24 10:22 a.m.

-A correction has been made at 152 pounds where Ocean's Emerson Derose is in as the No. 24 seed instead of Brick's Jacob Konstantoulas. The two were tied in points and Derose has the better criteria.

-Lacey's Gerard O'Connor, the No. 7 seed,  is out at 220 pounds. All wrestlers seeded eighth and below move up one spot and Neptune's Christopher DeSopo enters at No. 24.


Update No. 2, 1/24 9:15 a.m.

-Brick Memorial's Willie Garner, the No 13 seed is out at 220 pounds. All seeds 14 and under move up one spot and Pinelands' Avery Maski enters at No. 24. Seeds updated below.


Update No. 1, 1/23 10:16 p.m.

-Donovan Catholic's Conor Panzarella, the No. 13 seed, is out at 152 pounds. All seeds 14 and under move up one spot and Brick's Jacob Konstantoulas enters at No. 24. Updated seeds below.

-Corrected seeds at 195 have Abraham at No. 8 and Morris at No. 9

-Barnegat's Steve Pitiak is out at 285. Red Bank's Justin Gooding enters at No. 24. Updated seeds below.



At Red Bank Regional

Friday, Jan. 26

Weight check, 2:30 p.m.

Weigh-ins and skin check, 3 p.m.

First round, 5 p.m. (eight mats)

Round of 16, 6:30 p.m. (8 mats)


Saturday, Jan. 27

Weight check, 7:30 a.m.

Weigh-ins and skin check, 8 a.m.

Quarterfinals, 10 a.m. (4 mats)

Semifinals, 1 p.m. (2 mats)

Finals and third-place bouts, 3:30 p.m. (2 mats)





1-Dean Peterson, SJV

2-Vinnie Scollo,  Jackson Memorial

3-Vin Santaniello, Brick Memorial

4-Thomas O’Keefe, Middletown North

5-Ryan Rosenthal, Toms River North

6-Jack Maida, Shore

7- Jonathan Salvemini, Manchester

8-Nick Ammirati, Holmdel

9-Jesse Liptzin, Howell

10-Nick Rivera, Central

11-Edward Totten, Toms River East

12-Justin Shifter, Freehold Township

13-Demetri Poniros, Ocean

14-Logan Waller, Colts Neck

15-Kip Lovgren, Point Beach

16-Romeo Willis, Liberty

17-Anderson, Barnegat

18-Shane Learn, Monmouth

19-Lee Rubin, Matawan

20-Calvin Burke, Manalapan

21-Justin Murray, Toms River South

22-Stephen McGrouther, Middletown South



1-Ben Sabo, Point Boro

2-Ryan Zimmerman, Long Branch

3-Tyler Klinsky, Middletown North

4-Sean Foley, Barnegat

5-Hunter Gutierrez, Lacey

6-Nico Messina, Freehold

7-Cael Rankin, Donovan Catholic

8-Matt Klemser, Shore

9-Joe Rotondo, Brick Memorial

10-Ethan Liptzin, Howell

11-Nick Moldaver, Colts Neck

12-Colby Glusko, Manalapan

13-Hector Santiago, Freehold Township

14-Gavyn Read, Keansburg

15-Will Jarvis, Point Beach

16-Robert Taddeo, Raritan

17-Will Tisony, Ocean

18-Michael Holland, Middletown South

19-Kamrin O’Neill, Matawan

20-Alex Martiniez, Lakewood

21-Doraian Hall, Liberty

22-Joseph Butler, St. John Vianney

23-Max Bean, CBA



1-Rich Koehler, CBA

2-Joey King, Colts Neck

3-Tyler Pepe, St. John Vianney

4-Michael Conklin, Toms River East

5-Adam Manzo, Ocean

6-Fred Luchs, Middletown North

7-Jerry Lleshi, Howell

8-A.J. Sortino, Manalapan

9-Rey Guzman, Long Branch

10-Ty Bailey, Point Boro

11-Avery Clarke, Freehold Township

12-Riley Simon, Point Beach

13-Joe Ferigne, Brick

14-Brad Smuro, Shore

15-Chris McDonald, Jackson Memorial

16-James Piehler, Middletown South

17-Daniel Higuita, Matawan

18-Liam Rivera, Brick Memorial

19-Dylan Ryan, Freehold

20-Saul Mayorga, Lacey

21-Jesse Berescky, Keansburg

22-Anthony Ciccone, Red Bank

23-Matteo Pinnero, Holmdel



1-Darby Diedrich, Howell

2-Max Brignola, Rumson

3-Dyon Womack, Colts Neck

4-Josh Bollard, Liberty

5-Chris Dean, Long Branch

6-Jack Nies, Ocean

7-Al Desantis, Shore

8-Paul Santomarco, Manalapan

9-Nate Pujols, Middletown North

10-Finn Smith, Red Bank

11-Michael Richardson,  Brick Memorial

12-Mark Fideli, Toms River North

13-Joe Zaccaro, Central

14-Seth Rotondella, SJV

15-Alexander Gorlin, Toms River East

16-Jake Magley, Point Boro

17-Adam Krinic, Lacey

18-Mike Duffy, Point Beach

19-Tyler Huston, Manchester

20-Frank Savannah, Brick

21-Travis Brown, Pinelands

22-Daniel Brewton, Red Bank Catholic



1-Kyle Slendorn, Howell

2-Luke Moynihan, Lacey

3-Alex Poniros, Ocean

4-Charles Peterson, SJV

5-Kareem Ghiada, Manalapan

6-Russell Benson, Raritan

7-Sam LaCorte, CBA

8-Nick Gallichio, Toms River South

9-Steve Pabone, Long Branch

10-Jonathan Mora, Brick

11-Jesse Bowers, Point Beach

12-Jack Oleske, Toms River North

13-Tony Dushku, Freehold

14-Tom Ammirati, Holmdel

15-Justin Pierre-Louis, Colts Neck

16-Tyler Brignola, Rumson

17-Christian Ruiz, Lakewood

18-Ryan Andrus, Brick Memorial

19-Jose Veliz, Matawan

20-A.J. Vega, Middletown South

21-Jonathon Recio, Liberty

22-Luke Schumatti, Point Boro

23-Chris Mc Carthy, Middletown North



1-Jake Benner, Ocean

2-Dan Esposito, Howell

3-Nick Boggiano, Toms River North

4-Riley Cheong, Toms River South

5-Cristiaan Dailey, Donovan Catholic

6-A.J. Erven, Raritan

7-DiGiantomasso, Jackson Memorial

8-Bailey, Point Boro

9-Alex Baran, Manalapan

10-Caleb Alvarado, Brick Memorial

11-Ryan Carey, Long Branch

12-Joseph Gamboa, Toms River East

13-Shaun Plaza, Liberty

14-Michael Ponenti, Rumson

15-Jude Lovgren, Point Beach

16-Michael McGhee, Shore

17-Rich Cosgrove, Brick

18- Shane Golumb, Wall

19-Japhet Campollo, Lakewood

20-Curtis Lively, Central

21-Luke Devine, Red Bank

22-Syrus Colon, Barnegat

23-Chris Gallegos, CBA



1-Jack Kelly, Wall

2-Luke Gauthier, Lacey

3-Spencer Robinson, Point Boro

4-Anthony Coposky, Manalapan

5-Paul Jakub, Howell

6-Saif Ali, Ocean

7-Kyle Cleary, Freehold Township

8-Christian Sookdeo, Raritan

9-Isaac Shohet, Long Branch

10-Dean Gallo, Holmdel

11-Nick Tomasiello, Jackson Memorial

12-Jarrett Weir, Shore

13-Cairo Henderson-Stewart, Neptune

14-Dmytro Lakusta, Lakewood

15-Danny Ward, Middletown South

16-Jack Kelly, Rumson

17-Nicholas Sura, Central

18-Brian Alexander, Brick Memorial

19-Danny Savage, Point Beach

20-Thomas Distefano, Red Bank Catholic

21-Anthony Firneno, Brick

22-Shane Harrigfeld, Donovan Catholic

23-Valentino Iorio, Barnegat



1-Cole Corrigan, Toms River South

2-Stanley Wojdylak, Middletown North

3-Scott Dupont, Holmdel

4-Francis Marshall, Point Boro

5-Xavier Kelly, Howell

6-Jake Whitworth, Wall

7-Ryan Bohringer, Jackson Memorial

8-Luke Arnold, Long Branch

9-Blake Clayton, SJV

10-Sam Goldzweig, Red Bank

11-Jimmy Sherlock, Point Beach

12-Brennan Richardson, Pinelands

13-Christian Recantini, CBA

14-Joseph Barsky, Colts Neck

15-Antonio Cummings, Lakewood

16-Ian Smith, Shore

17-Andrew Keller, Manalapan

18-Blake Zarzycki, Middletown South

19-Trevor Krinic, Lacey

20-Alwayne Mitchell, Matawan

21-Jace Finelli, Red Bank Catholic

22-Nick Paccione, Barnegat

23-Matt Spalletta, Toms River North

24-Emerson Derose, Ocean



1-Rob Kanniard, Wall

2-Matt Benedetti, Manalapan

3-Johnny O’Beirne, Holmdel

4-John McTaggart, Point Boro

5-Evan Richard, Howell

6-Anthony Aquilano, Raritan

7-William Cox, Toms River South

8-David Dzuba, Brick Memorial

9-Jackson Brandt, Lacey

10-Jacob Mena, Pinelands

11-Leo Shimonovich, Jackson Memorial

12-Louie Saez, Long Branch

13-Nico Cerbo, Middletown North

14-Anthony Esposito, Ocean

15-Jared Hoeler, Point Beach

16-Aidan Meyler-McAuliffe, Red Bank Catholic

17-Evan Brown, Marlboro

18-Matt Meyer, CBA

19-Kyle Rembach, Manchester

20-Ryan Fiolek, Freehold Township



1-Shane Reitsma, Howell

2-Nick Caracappa, SJV

3-Kyle Hillermeier, Freehold Township

4-Nick Addison, Rumson

5-Dan Santos-Silva, Long Branch

6-Ean Mueller, Brick Memorial

7-Juan Nakano, Toms River North

8-Derek Smith, CBA

9-Ken Koenig, Colts Neck

10-Justin Weimer, Middletown South

11-Brock Winston, Jackson Memorial

12-Ryan Sansone, Point Boro

13-Shane Zimmerman, Keyport

14-Dylan Lonnay, Raritan

15-Ryan Moran, Ocean

16-Cade Torres, Shore

17-Victor Wladica, Holmdel

18-Felipe Garcia, Neptune

19-Chris Milano, Pinelands

20-Joseph Pender, Manchester

21- Marc Palmieri, Central

22-Andrew Burstyn, Manalapan

23-Jordan Gomes, Liberty

24-Gustavo Limon, Lakewood



1-Nicko Cofone, Middletown North

2-Christian Murphy, Howell

3-Kyle Eppery, Jackson Memorial

4-George Burdick, Raritan

5-Michael Nakano, Toms River North

6-Jack Hardzewicz, Middletown South

7-Michael Jannucci, Colts Neck

8-Jayden Lowe, St. John Vianney

9-Liam Horan, Rumson

10-Quint Kearns, Lacey

11-Dylan Ippolito, Point Boro

12-Charlie Cotton, Barnegat

13-Ron Hopping, Brick Memorial

14-Saint Phard Bellamy, Neptune

15-Michael McCahon,  Keyport

16-Vincent Storino, Point Beach

17-Thomas Hall, freehold Township

18-Anthony Jomo, Manalapan

19-John Columbia, Red Bank Catholic

20-Edgar Padilla, Long Branch

21-Michael Pavlinetz, Holmdel

22-Tristan Terranova, Liberty



1-Pete Wersinger, Long Branch

2-Rasuahn Hansford, Howell

3-Eric Quartey, Freehold Township

4-Sam Williams, Brick Memorial

5-Billy Borowsky, Point Boro

6-Chavis Coleman, Liberty

7-Josiah Walker, SJV

8-Juan Abraham, Barnegat

9-Dante Morris, Lakewood

10-Mike Rosati, Shore

11-Anthony Clavijo, Toms River North

12-Justin Acevedo, Raritan

13-Vincent Cegile, Lacey

14-Liam Riecks, Keansburg

15-Brad Galassi, Jackson Memorial

16-Liam Buday, Point Beach

17-Blaise Lawson, Manchester

18-Christian Malta, Brick

19-Kevin McCarthney, Middletown North

20-David Leon-Rosas, Freehold

21-Dino Poniros, Ocean

22-Thomas Smith, Donovan Catholic

23-Chadd Jinks, Manalapan



1-Ethan Wolf, Raritan

2-Steven Giannios, SJV

3-Cameron DiGiorgio, CBA

4-Sal DiSalvo, Donovan Catholic

5-Edison Quesada, Red Bank

6-Gabe Fattizzi, Point Boro

7-Austin Colbert, Freehold Township

8-Ricky Voss, Monmouth

9-Peter Benedetti, Manalapan

10-Jael Cordero, Long Branch

11-Brady Smith, Middletown South

12-John O’Donnell, Toms River North

13-Santino Giampa, Point Beach

14-Joe Sardina, Howell

15-Thomas Lidondici, Colts Neck

16-Peter Jennings, Barnegat

17-Traevon Stephens, Keansburg

18-Kyrie Moore, Asbury Park

19-Alexander Nappi, St. Rose

20-Logan Reese, Jackson Memorial

21-Angel Gonzalez, Lakewood

22-Avery Maski, Pinelands



1-Kevin Cerruti, Long Branch

2-Anthony Bonavito, Point Boro

3-Paul Liseno, SJV

4-Austin Dewise, Middletown North

5-Adam Markman, Middletown South

6-Brandon Austin, Toms River South

7-Jaylen Paige, Asbury Park

8-Michael Griggs, Red Bank Catholic

9-Matt Spirko, Raritan

10-Chris Mitler, Brick Memorial

11-Luke Bartlett, Donovan Catholic

12-Jon Rioux, Lacey

13-Tony Lipari, Point Beach

14-Jovani Velesquez-Ruiz, Colts Neck

15-Scott Prendergast, Howell

16-Matt Kovacs, Manalapan

17-Victor Kizenko, Holmdel

18-Kyzion Collins, Central

19-Joe Petronelli, Freehold

20-Joseph Teresi, Ocean

21-Daniel Smith, Manchester

22-Dayna Andrews, Brick

23-Justin Gooding, Red Bank


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