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2015 NJSIAA District 24 Tournament

Saturday Feb. 21 at Pine Belt Arena (Toms River North)

Prelims and quarterfinals, 10 a.m.

Semifinals, 1:30 p.m.

Finals, 4 p.m.

Defending team champion: Southern Regional

Returning individual champions: Jeff DeLuise, Sr., Barnegat, 106; Owen McClave, Jr., Toms River South, 120; Chris Crane, Sr., Southern, 120; Matt Wilhelm, Sr., Southern, 152; Antrez Clagon, Sr., Toms River South, 160; Tyler MacLaine, Sr., Toms River North, 182; Joe Salvato, Sr., Toms River South, 182.


Toms River North senior Mike Siwiec (right) and Southern Regional senior Pat Ferraro (left) are the top two seeds at 220 pounds in the District 24 Tournament. (Photo by Ray Richardson).




Team titles: none

District champions: three

Last champion(s): Jeff DeLuise, Greg Moran (2014)



Team titles: Two (Last: 1994)

District champions: 52

Last champion: Atanacio Carrillo (2014)


Donovan Catholic

Team titles: none

District champions: Seven

Last champion: Anthony D’Anton (2011).



Team titles: One (1999)

District champions: 33

Last champion(s): Luke Fernandez, Pat Schinder (2013)



Team titles: Two (Last: 1968)

District champions: 47

Last champion: David Jusino (2010)



Team titles: One (2010)

District champions: 35

Last champion(s): Jesse Meaney, Anthony Prendimano (2011)



Team titles: Two (Last: 1993)

District champions: 39

Last champion: Dan Mooney (2010)


Southern Regional 

Team titles: 16 (Last: 2014)

District champions: 101

Last champion(s): Chris Crane, Bryan Brown, Matt Wilhelm, Zach Wilhelm, Nick Racanelli, Jesse Bauta.


Toms River East

Team titles: Eight (Last: 2001)

District champions: 69

Last champion: Rich Lewis (2013)


Toms River North

Team titles: One (1971)

District champions: 57

Last champion: Tyler MacLaine (2014)


Toms River South

Team titles: Five (Last: 1979)

District champions: 121

Last champion(s): Owen McClave, Brandon Murray, Joe Salvato, Antrez Clagon (2014).


Weights to Watch


Toms River North senior Dylan DaSilva (23-5) is a two-time finalist but is still looking for his first district title. He is the top seed and a strong favorite to reach the final from the top half of the bracket. Pinelands sophomore Chris Nielsen (26-5) is the No. 2 seed, but look out for Southern junior Peyton Blauvelt (18-5), would could grind his way all the way to the title from the No. 3 seed. The quarterfinal bout between Manchester junior William Farparan (25-7) and Central sophomore Mike Bickford (16-8) is a rematch of a matchup won by Farparan, 9-5, on Jan. 14.

Prediction: 1-DaSilva; 2-Blauvelt; 3-Nielsen



Toms River South senior Quentin DeCarlo is a decent favorite to win the title as the No. 1 seed, while seeds two through five all have a good shot at advancing. Lakewood senior Anthony Terry (25-9) is seeded second and Manchester senior Javier Holguin (25-6) is the No. 3 seed. Souther junior Connor Scully (13-7) and Central senior Jordan Hardy (12-5) will meet in the quarterfinals as the fourth and fifth seeds, respectively.

Prediction: 1-DeCarlo; 2-Terry; 3-Holguin.



Each of the top seven seeds has at least 15 wins, and it’s heavyweight, so anything can happen. Central junior Darius Morrow (23-2) is the No. 1 seed. He has been one of the Shore’s most consistent heavyweights all season and is a solid favorite to reach the final from the top half of the bracket. Toms River North senior Alex Scherer (22-8) wrestled at a class or two below heavyweight most of the season, but when at 285 has competed well. He is the No. 2 seed and will likely face either Manchester senior Rafael Natal (20-6) or Lacey senior Ray DiBenedetto (19-13) in the quarterfinals.

Prediction: 1-Morrow; 2-Scherer; 3-Natal.


Heavy Favorites

106: Jeff DeLuise, Sr., Barnegat (20-1)

120: Owen McClave, Jr., Toms River South (26-0)

145: Tom Poklikuha, Sr., Pinelands (29-1)

160: Antrez Clagon, Sr., Toms River South (26-3)


Solid Favorites

126: Cole Corrigan, Fr., Toms River South (24-3)

132: James Knoeller, Sr., Southern (19-4)

138: Connor Garrity, Sr., Lacey (27-4)

152: Matt Wilhelm, Sr., Southern (24-2)

220: 1-Mike Siwiec, Sr., Toms River North (24-0).


Collision Course

182: 1-Joe Salvato, Sr., Toms River South (26-0) vs. 2-Tyler MacLaine, Sr., Toms River North (22-10).


Wide Open

113: 1-Nick Gallicchio, Fr., Toms River South (21-6); 2-Mike Heck, Sr., Pinelands (23-7) 3-Ricky Diaz, Sr., Toms River North (17-8); 4-Luke Gauthier, Fr., Lacey (27-5); 5-Matt Barnett, Fr., Southern (17-13).