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Barnegat's Griffin Jackstadt made program history while Group 5 state champion Southern Regional flexed its muscles to send eight wrestlers to the state tournament during the NJSIAA Region 8 Tournament at Egg Harbor Township High School.

Jackstadt became Barnegat's first region champion in program history when he defeated Southern senior JT Cornelius, 3-2, to win the heavyweight championship. Jackstadt defeated Cornelius by 5-2 decision last week to win the District 29 title and become the Bengals' first two-time district champion. Jackstadt, who is committed to the University of Pennsylvania for football, now has his sights set on an all-state finish after reaching the third round of wrestlebacks last season.

Southern had three champions, five finalists and eight total state qualifiers to lead the way. Freshman Conor Collins won the 106-pound title with a 5-0 decision over Williamstown's John Hildenbrandt. In the semifinals, Collins defeated St. Augustine's D'Amani Almodovar, 4-0. Hildenbrandt was ranked sixth in New Jersey and Collins was ranked eighth.

At 120 pounds, senior Jayson Scerbo won his first region title with a 9-4 win over Clayton/Glassboro's Jaden Hinton. Senior Robert Woodcock won his second region championship with a 9-1 major decision over Lower Cape May's Braydon Castillo.

One surprise came at 138 pounds where Woodstown's Hunter Gandy vanquished previously-undefeated Southern junior Eddie Hummel with an 8-2 decision. Hummel was ranked No. 3 in the state.

Matt Brielmeir (126), Cole Velardi (152) and Ben LoParo (182) each finished fourth. Travis Brown was the lone state qualifier for Pinelands, finishing fourth at 132 pounds to become a two-time state qualifier.



Att Egg Harbor Township High School

Saturday, Feb. 29


170: 1-Jacob Rodriguez (Clayton/Glassboro) d. 2-George Rhodes (Absegami), 12-6

182: 1-Noah Putney (Clayton/Glassboro) d. 2-Kevin Pandorf (Kingsway), 11-6

195: 1-Mike Misita (St. Augustine) p. 2-Marcus Hebron (Lower Cape May), 1:30

220: 1-Zane Coles (Pitman) d. 2-Tom Goetz (Gateway/Woodbury), 3-2

285: 1-Griffin Jackstadt (Barnegat) d. 2-JT Cornelius (Southern), 3-2

106: 3-Conor Collins (Southern) d. 1-John Hildebrandt (Williamstown), 5-0

113: 1-Ty Whalen (Clearview) md. 3-Brady Conlin (Williamstown), 8-0

120: 1-Jayson Scerbo (Southern) d. 3-Jaden Hinton (Clayton/Glassboro), 9-4

126: 1-McKenzie Bell (Kingsway) tf. 6-Paul Labone (Woodstown), 3:18 (18-1)

132: 1-Matt Hoelke (Highland) d. 2-Jake Gentile (Kingsway), 6-4 OT

138: 2-Hunter Gandy (Woodstown) d. 1-Eddie Hummel (Southern), 8-2

145: 1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) d. 2-Tim Spatola (Delsea), 6-3

152: 1-Jurius Clark (Highland) d. 3-David DiPietro (Kingsway), 7-6

160: 1-Robert Woodcock (Southern) md. 3-Braydon Castillo (Lower Cape May), 9-1


Third Place

106: D'Amani Almodovar (St. Augustine) d. Hogan Horsey (Oakcrest), 4-0

113: Hunter Horsey (Oakcrest) p. Sean Cowan (Absegami), 5:17

120: Joey Miranda (Kingsway) d. Ethan Wilson (Washington Township)

126: Taylor Robinson (Williamstown) d. Matt Brielmeier (Southern), 6-4

132: Brock Zurawski (St. Augustine) p. Travis Brown (Pinelands), 4:24

138: Ken Sherman (Holy Spirit) d. Ryan Figueroa (Hammonton), 6-5

145: Nick Flamma (Washington Township) d. Brett Buckingham (Highland), 9-5

152: Jared Schoppe (Delsea) d. Cole Velardi (Southern), 5-2

160: Alex Marshall (St. Augustine) md. Asa Walton (Delsea), 12-0

170: Alexi Giordano (St. Joseph-Hammonton) d. Mike LaRosa (Washington Township), 9-4

182: Nick Marshall (St. Augustine) md. Ben LoParo (Southern), 15-5

195: Mikal Taylor (Absegami) d. Thomas Sherlock (Williamstown), 4-3

220: Tony Thompson (Buena) d. Josh Ortiz (Highland), 8-6 OT

285: Jack Dunn (Washington Township) d. Nick Sannino (Ocean City), 8-6


Fifth place

106: Cameron Morgan (Woodstown) by forfeit over Max Elton (Hammonton)

113: Sean Dever (Egg Harbor) d. Josh Palmucci (Kingsway), 4-0

120: Michael Davidson (Williamstown) by forfeit over Jon Prendergast (Highland)

126: Armando Keifner (Pitman) d. Wesley Tosto (Lower Cape May), 2-0 OT

132: Frank Gabriel (Oakcrest) d. Charley Cossaboone (Ocean City), 5-3

138: Finnegan McFadden (Kingsway) by forfeit over Trey McLeer (St. Augustine)

145: Kodi Petroski (Gateway/Woodbury) by forfeit over Cael Aretz (Buena)

152: Greg Croce (Gateway/Woodbury) d. Cody Scully (Clearview), 5-1

160: Quinn McLaughlin (Absegami) d. Gavin Stewart (Pinelands), 6-2

170: Joseph Rocobaldo (Williamstown) by forfeit over Dennis Virelli (St. Augustine)

182: David Giulian (Middle Township) p. Luke Maxwell (Buena), 0;58

195: Tre' Seaman (Highland) by injury default over Emeril Mitchel (Winslow), 4:13

220: Lloyd Kawei (Hammonton) p. Jamason Taylor (Woodstown), 3:38

285: Kurt Driscoll (Holy Spirit) p. Feliz Figueroa (Penns Grove), 0:30




1-John Hildenbrandt (Williamstown) tf. 4-Hogan Horsey (Oakcrest), 4:45 (17-1)

3-Conor Collins (Southern) d. 2-D'Amani Almodovar (St. Augustine), 4-0



1-Ty Whalen (Clearview) tf. 5-Sean Cowan (Absegami), 2:47 (15-0)

3-Brady Conlin (Williamstown) d. 2-Josh Palmucci (Kingsway), 5-1



1-Jayson Scerbo (Southern) d. 4-Ethan Wilson (Washington Township), 6-3 2OT

3-Jaden Hinton (Clayton/Glassboro) md. 2-Jon Prendergast (Highland), 16-2



1-McKenzie Bell (Kingsway) d. 4-Taylor Robinson (Williamstown), 5-0

6-Paul Labone (Woodstown) d. 10-Armando Keifer (Pitman), 6-2



1-Matt Hoelke (Highland) d. 4-Charley Cossaboone (Ocean City), 8-4

2-Jake Gentile (Kingsway) p. 3-Frank Gabriel (Oakcrest), 4:28



1-Eddie Hummel (Southern) d. 5-Trey McLeer (St. Augustine), 5-0

2-Hunter Gandy (Woodstown) d. 3-Finnegan McFadden (Kingsway), 5-3



1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) p. 4-Nick Flamma (Washington Township), 0:59

2-Tim Spatola (Delsea) p. 6-Cael Aretz (Buena), 4:16



1-Jurius Clark (Highland) d. 5-Greg Croce (Gateway/Woodbury), 3-1 OT

3-David DiPietro (Kingsway) d. 7-Cole Velardi (Southern), 5-3



1-Robert Woodcock (Southern) d. 4-Alex Marshall (St. Augustine), 11-4

3-Braydon Castillo (Lower Cape May) d. 10-Quinn McLaughlin (Absegami), 10-3



1-Jacob Rodriguez (Clayton/Glassboro) p. 4-Mike LaRosa (Washington Township), 5:33

2-George Rhodes (Absegami) d. 3-Joseph Rocobaldo (Williamstown), 5-0



1-Noah Putney (Clayton/Glassboro) d. 5-Ben LoParo (Southern), 10-6

2-Kevin Pandorf (Kingsway) d. 3-David Giulian (Middle Township), 13-7



1-Mike Misita (St. Augustine) p. 5-Mikal Taylor (Absegami), 0:58

2-Marcus Hebron (Lower Cape May) p. 3-Thomas Sherlock (Williamstown), 4:50



1-Zane Coles (Pitman) p. 4-Jamason Taylor (Woodstown), 4:53

2-Tom Goetz (Gateway/Woodbury) d. 6-Josh Ortiz (Highland), 6-1



1-Griffin Jackstadt (Barnegat) d. 4-Kurt Driscoll (Holy Spirit), 3-2

2-JT Cornelius (Southern) d. 3-Nick Sannino (Ocean City), 5-4


Friday, Feb. 28



1-John Hildenbrandt (Williamstown) d. 8-Gabe Baldosaro (Vineland), 8-1

4-Hogan Horsey (Oakcrest) d. 5-Cameron Morgan (Woodstown), 6-5 3OT

3-Conor Collins (Southern) md. 6-Brendan Callahan (Kingsway), 11-0

2-D'Amani Almodovar (St. Augustine) by injury default over 7-Max Elton (Hammonton), 0:23

1-Ty Whalen (Clearview) tf. 8-Hunter Horsey (Oakcrest), 3:28 (16-0)

5-Sean Cowan (Absegami) d. 4-Chris Hoskin (Timber Creek), 6-0

3-Brady Conlin (Williamstown) d. 6-Sean Dever (Egg Harbor), 2-1

2-Josh Palmucci (Kingsway) d. 7-Sal Palmieri (Holy Spirit), 4-2



1-Jayson Scerbo (Southern) md. 8-Hayden Horsey (Oakcrest), 22-8

4-Ethan Wilson (Washington Township) d. 5-Joey Miranda (Kingsway), 8-6

3-Jaden Hinton (Clayton/Glassboro) d. 6-Divante Lopez (Timber Creek), 13-6

2-Jon Prendergast (Highland) d. 10-Irving Gandy (Cumberland), 9-3



1-McKenzie Bell (Kingsway) md. 8-Aidan Dick (Clearview), 14-3

4-Taylor Robinson (Williamstown) d. 5-Matt Brielmeier (Southern), 7-4

6-Paul Labone (Woodstown) d. 3-Westly Tosto (Lower Cape May), 8-2

10-Armando Keifner (Pitman) d. 2-David Flippen (Oakcrest), 6-5



1-Matt Hoelke (Highland) p. 9-Travis Brown (Pineland), 3:38

4-Charley Cossaboone (Ocean City) d. 5-Justin Jaeger (Pennsville), 4-2

3-Frank Gabriel (Oakcrest) d. 6-Brock Zurawski (St. Augustine), 6-4

2-Jake Gentile (Kingsway) p. 10-Mike DiPianta (Barnegat), 0:27



1-Eddie Hummel (Southern) md. 8-Jake Carr (Williamstown), 14-0

5-Trey McLeer (St. Augustine) p. 4-Ryan Figueroa (Hammonton), 3:06

3-Finnegan McFadden (Kingsway) d. 6-Ken Sherman (Holy Spirit), 10-3

2-Hunter Gandy (Woodstown) d. 7-Adam Aquilino (Highland), 11-6



1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) p. 9-Jake Shiavo (Egg Harbor) 2:38

4-Nick Flamma (Washington Township) d. 5-Brett Buckingham (Highland), 3-2

6-Cael Aretz (Buena) p. 3-Kodi Petroski (Gateway/Woodbury), 5:37

2-Tim Spatola (Delsea) p. 7-Doyne Friebel (Pennsville), 5:34



1-Jurius Clark (Highland) md. 9-Joey Garcia (Ocean City), 14-2

5-Greg Croce (Gateway/Woodbury) d. 4-Cody Scully (Clearview), 4-2 OT

3-David DiPietro (Kingsway) d. 6-Gianni Danze (St. Augustine), 5-3

2-Cole Velardi (Southern) d. 2-Jared Schoppe (Delsea), 2-1



1-Robert Woodcock (Southern) p. 8-Sean McDade (Pennsville), 4:45

4-Alex Marshall (St. Augustine) d. 5-Asa Walton (Delsea), 8-2

3-Braydon Castillo (Lower Cape May) md. 6-Karl Giulian (Middle Township), 10-2

10-Quinn McLaughlin (Absegami) d. 2-Gavin Stewart (Pinelands), 4-2



1-Jacob Rodriguez (Clayton/Glassboro) d. 9-Alex Giordano (St. Joseph-Hammonton), 11-5

4-Mike LaRosa (Washington Township) d. 4-Sammy Drogo (Buena), 3-1 2OT

3-Joseph Rocobaldo (Williamstown) p. 6-Naim El (Highland), 3:45

2-George Rhodes (Absegami) by injury default over 10-Dennis Virelli (St. Augustine), 4:00



1-Noah Putney (Clayton/Glassboro) md. 8-Isaac Ingram (Absegami), 11-1

5-Ben LoParo (Southern) d. 4-Nick Marshall (St. Augustine), 4-3

3-David Giulian (Middle Township) p. 6-Luke Maxwell (Buena), 5:58

2-Kevin Pandorf (Kingsway) d. 7-Connor Batten (Woodstown), 12-5



1-Mike Misita (St. Augustine) p. 9-Dalton Beals (Pennsville), 2:35

5-Mikal Taylor (Absegami) d. 4-Emeril Mitchell (Winslow), 9-3

3-Thomas Sherlock (Williamstown) p. 6-Stephen Jennings (Southern), 0:53

2-Marcus Hebron (Lower Cape May) d. 7-Tre' Seaman (Highland), 3-2



1-Zane Coles (Pitman) p. 9-Dave Dutra (Vineland), 0:43

4-Jamason Taylor (Woodstown) d. 5-Lloyd Kawei (Hammonton), 4-3 3OT

6-Josh Ortiz (Highland) p. 3-Tony Thompson (Buena), 4:37

2-Tom Goetz (Gateway/Woodbury) p. 10-Sean Connelly (Lower Cape May), 1:19



1-Griffin Jackstadt (Barnegat) d. 8-Deonte Hall (Williamstown), 7-1

4-Kurt Driscoll (Holy Spirit) md. 2-Feliz Figueroa (Penns Grove), 15-4

3-Nick Sannino (Ocean City) p. 11-Sylvester VanMorter (Kingsway), 3:49

2-JT Cornelius (Southern) d. 7-Jack Dunn (Washington Twp), 3-2


Wednesday, Feb. 26


(Results for Shore Conference wrestlers only)


5-Cameron Morgan (Woodstown) d. 12-Mason Livio (Pinelands), 6-3



7-Sal Palmieri d. 10-Pat Iacoves (Southern), 9-3



9-Travis Brown (Pinelands) p. 8-Lucas Prendergast (Woodstown), 1:36

10-Mike DiPianta (Barnegat) p. 7-Travis Griffith (Delsea), 3:04



7-Cole Velardi (Southern) tf. 10-Michael Adelizzi (Middle Township), 4:46 (18-3)



2-Gavin Stewart (Pinelands) d. 15-Phillip Mahran (Hammonton), 6-1



3-Joseph Rocobaldo (Williamstown) tf. 14-Mason Bayer (Barnegat), 5:48 (16-0)



2-JT Cornelius (Southern) p. 15-Chris Gerrity (Woodstown), 2:31


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