I finally got to cross this major Jersey Shore activity off my Summer bucket list!

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I've told you about Cruisin' Tikis before but now, I can speak from personal experience.

Ever heard of them? Picture a Tiki bar, a boat, and a booze cruise all in one.

Cruisin' Tiki's Facebook Page
Cruisin' Tiki's Facebook Page

Just be aware that you do need to bring your own booze and food but Cruisin' Tikis will provide a cooler, ice, shot glasses and cups.

Before I get to my personal experience, here is some information about the cruises that are available:

All of their cruises are two hours long and there are a few different options to choose from.

You can go on a Cruisin' n Brunchin' Cruise, a Tiki Fun Cruise, or a 1.5-hour Sunset Cruise.

The cost for these cruises is $400 per chart. During the peak season, however, that price jumps up to $425.


They also have TWO locations to choose from:

The first option is Cruisin' Tikis Long Beach Island and it is based at 2304 East Bay Ave in Manahawkin. Cruises will leave out of Dock A of The Boatyard Restaurant.

The second option is Cruisin' Tikis Point Pleasant. The cruises depart from the dockside of River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar located at 1600 Route 70 in Brick.

My friends and I booked our cruise out of the Manahawkin location for a bachelorette where Cruisin' Tikis has two boats available.

Fun fact: Each boat can carry up to 6 people so if you have a big group, you can reserve both Tiki boats to go out at the same time.

Myself, the bride, and the rest of the bridal party met at the dock with sandwiches, and snacks along with bottles of liquor and champagne. We were ready.

You are also allowed to start drinking the second you step on the boat.

WARNING: Try to ensure everyone at your party arrives on time.

If you book a 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM time slot, your two-hour cruise starts at twelve whether you have left the dock or not.

Once everyone arrived, we were off and running!

Both Tiki boats have wireless speakers open for the public to connect to so we danced, we drank, ate and just had a great time.

Both boats left the dock and we were driven to a popular anchor spot about 25 minutes away from the marina.

Once both Tiki boats get tied together, you are free to jump in the water to swim!

No surprise here but the time went by extremely quickly because despite what ANYONE says about New Jersey, you are enjoying an afternoon in paradise.

The 'I Do' Crew!
The 'I Do' Crew!

Then it was time for the Tiki boats to take us back to the dock and I cried. Okay, I didn't actually cry but if I were to book this cruise again, I would book two time slots back to back so we could have a bit longer to swim and socialize.

I've told you that this activity should be on your Summer Bucket List and I still stand by that statement.

Whether it be for a birthday, a bachelorette, an anniversary, or a sunny Sunday, a visit with Cruisin' Tikis will hit the spot.

Back in 2020, I got an up close and personal look at Cruisin Tikis Long Beach Island in Episode 61 of '94 Seconds With Nicole!'

Watch below:

If you are in desperate need of an extra person...I am always willing to fill an empty spot.

It is just the kind of gal I am.

Cruisin' Tikis is far from the only experience I would consider a MUST at the Jersey Shore.

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