Some random thoughts one week from Christmas:

It’s not even officially winter and it’s already snowed a few times which may or may not mean anything.  If it’s going to snow let’s keep it to the weekends. Makes it easier for a bunch of reasons.

It seems like the road construction project on Route 166 on both sides of the intersection with Route 37 in Toms River has been going on for a long time and has no end in sight.  You need real patience to navigate through the area at times.

So how low have the Giants sunk?  At times Sunday it appeared like the Eagles were the home team even though MetLife Stadium is usually not a very welcoming place for those from Philadelphia.  Clearly many “Big Blue” fans sold their tickets to those who wear green.  That’s what happens when you’re 2-12.

I’m sure many of you have walked the boardwalk in winter and observed surfers in somewhat amazement.  You’ve probably wondered if they are just a bit crazy to be in the water on frigid days and the answer is they are but it’s the passion they have for the sport. If you have Netflix I strongly suggest you watch “Under the Artic Sky” which is a 40-minute documentary about six surfers who travel to the northern coast of Iceland in search of adventure and waves.

I mention this because one of the six is Sam Hammer, born and raised in Lavallette and one of the best cold-water surfers anywhere.  He and the others actually got more than they bargained for because their odyssey came during a major blizzard and when you watch what they went through in search of waves you will likely be amazed like I was.

Hammer is a pro surfer who owns and operates Hammer Surf School on the beaches of Spring Lake, Lavallette, Seaside Park and Long Beach Island with the help of his wife Nicole.  They couple have a 13-month old daughter Penelope

By the way Sam was a pretty good wrestler during his high school days at Point Beach.  I’ve known his family for more than 30 years as they own the popular Crab’s Claw Inn in Lavallette.





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