There will be a time in the not-too-distant future in which we’ll be able to decide whether Tim Tebow makes the Jets a better football team but two things are certain….he makes them more interesting and he’s a very decent person.


Monday the Jets held an event like none other in which Tebow met the media for the first time since being traded from Denver last week. Because of the turnout, the largest ever for a Jets press conference, the event was held inside the team’s field house at their Florham Park training center.



New York Jets introduce Tim Tebow

There were 200 media members and nearly three dozen cameras focused on Tebow, who stood on a platform and answered questions for more than a half hour. Ironically he was alone as the Jets’ brass was in Florida at the NFL owners meetings. Clearly they didn’t want to have to answer any questions about the controversial move to bring America’s most well-known Christian to the New York area.

Tebow as he always does was smooth under fire Monday answering all the questions about his relationship with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez to bringing his religious beliefs into the locker room. He insisted all he wants to do is help make the Jets a better team and again time will tell if he does that or becomes one giant distraction.

However I think one thing is certain….he is the real deal and what you see with him is what you get. Off the field he walks the walk and talks the talk as he believes there is more to life than just being a good football player and he’s backed that up with action, not just words. Of course he has strong Christian beliefs but most of the time you hear him talking about that publically comes when he is answering a question.


Don’t expect him to be walking around the Jets locker room carrying a Bible and preaching to Santonio Holmes…that is unless Holmes asks for some guidance.

Part of me believes the Jets acquired him because they have a bad case of Giants envy and will do anything to grab the spotlight and maybe sell some extra tickets. Another part believes that they truly don’t think Sanchez can lead them to the Promised Land and maybe Tebow can walk on water and deliver the franchise a Super Bowl title which has eluded them for 43 years.


Either way I find myself rooting for the former Heisman Trophy winner who led the University of Florida to a pair of National Championships and is an intense and gritty competitor. Of course at the end of the day you might decide that Tebow is not the guy you want to quarterback your team but you wouldn’t mind if he married your daughter.



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