Lacrosse Coach of the Year

From the second he took over as Manasquan’s head coach prior to the 2015 season, Sean Cunningham knew he had a program ready to take a major jump. HIs job was to corral the talent and push them to previously unreached heights. So far he’s done a pretty darn good job o…
He knew it was going to take time, but Rumson-Fair Have head coach Andy Eastwood believed from the beginning that his inexperienced yet talented team had the ability to accomplish great things.
His belief in his players paid dividends more than he could have ever imagined as Rumson made history by wi…
Lacrosse – SSN Coach of the Year: Ryan Dalon, Barnegat
2014 Shore Sports Network Coach of the Year
Ryan Dalon, Barnegat
The early years of Barnegat’s lacrosse program were lean, to say the least. In the program’s first five seasons the Bengals won just eight games, and even when they turned it around in 2012 with thei…