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The first installment of the SSN Shore Conference Individual Wrestling Weight Class Rankings is here.

As always, the first set is labor intensive as we combed through results and prior advancement and checked weight classes. Given that we’re just 10 days into the season there is going to be a lot of movement as wrestlers move weight classes and several more wrestlers make their season debuts.

Before you read and react, these are the criteria used here:

1-Wrestlers are ranked at the lowest weight they have competed at, EXCEPT in the case of two ranked wrestlers from the same team. In that instance, we will use our discretion.

2-Prior advancement is weighted heavily for this first ranking

3-For wrestlers who have not yet competed this season, the weight entered by their coaches on is used.

4-Head-to-head wins play a major role

Any corrections, i.e. new weight class or missed head-to-head can be sent to

And a reminder, these rankings are for fun and do not influence any postseason seeding.

Based on matches wrestled through March 23



1-Kurt Wehner, Fr., Toms River East

2-James Farina, Fr., Ocean

3-Dylan Verge, Fr., Southern

4-Julian DuQue, Fr., Rumson-Fair Haven

5-Ryan Dubnik, Fr., Freehold Township

6-JJ Machnik, Fr., Howell

7-Anthony Urso, Fr., Jackson Liberty

8-Jason Seda, Fr., Jackson Memorial

9-Jose Becerril, Sr., Lakewood

10-Zack Kerico, Fr., Toms River North



1-Evan Tallmadge, Jr., Brick Memorial

2-Conor Collins, So., Southern

3-Alex Nini, Fr., CBA

4-Angelo Messina, So., Freehold

5-Harrison Gordon, Sr., St. John Vianney

6-Colin Bradshaw, So., Howell

7-Blake Tarnowski, Sr., Ocean

8-Michael Lyristis, Jr., Colts Neck

9-Peter Abline, So., Jackson Liberty

10-Lucas Lipari, So., Jackson Memorial



1-Anthony Santaniello, So., Brick Memorial

2-Jack Zaleski, So., Middletown South

3-Joseph Giordano, So., St. John Vianney

4-Aidan Shaughnessy, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

5-Demetri Poniros, Sr., Ocean

6-David Rubin, Sr., Matawan

7-Brett Blaess, Sr., Jackson Memorial

8-Lucas Sabo, Sr., Point Boro

9-Mason Livio, So., Pinelands

10-Tyler Verge, So., Southern



1-Vincent Santaniello, Sr., Brick Memorial

2-Garrett Totten, Jr., CBA

3-Dominic Terracciano, Fr., St. John Vianney

4-Nieko Malone, Sr., Howell

5-Phil Stolfa, Sr., Red Bank

6-Zach Reilley, Fr., Raritan

7-Gio Poniros, Jr., Ocean

8-Anthony Vitola, So., Manalapan

9-Mason Heck, Jr., Lacey

10-Kael Huxford, Fr., Jackson Memorial



1-Jack Maida, Sr., Shore

2-Julian George, So., CBA

3-Nico Diaz, Jr., St. John Vianney

4-Luke Temple, Sr., Jackson Memorial

5-Kyle Nase, Sr., Howell

6-Mike Bruno, Sr., Wall

7-Nick Torre, Sr., Brick Memorial

8-Matt Henrich, Fr., Southern

9-Eli Novoselov, Jr., Colts Neck

10-Robert Generelli, Jr., Middletown South



1-Matt Brielmeier, Sr., Southern

2-Giovanni Scafidi, Fr., Freehold Township

3-Sam Nini, Sr., CBA

4-David Hussey, So., Middletown South

5-Jake Rosenthal, Jr., Toms River North

6-Nick DeLorenzo, Toms River East

7-Braden Scott, Jr., Brick Memorial

8-Collin Rolak, Sr., Lacey

9-Gabe Scalise, Jr., Shore

10-Luke Cox, Jr., Toms River South



1-Eddie Hummel, Sr., Southern

2-Logan Waller, Sr., Colts Neck

3-Michael Conklin, Sr., Toms River East

4-Riley Simon, Sr., Point Beach

5-Quinn Bohringer, So., Jackson Memorial

6-Nick Stump, So., CBA

7-Angel Bonnano, Jr., Long Branch

8-Joey Butler, Sr., St. John Vianney

9-Donovan DiStefano, Fr., Wall

10-Victor DiPianta, Sr., Brick Memorial



1-Max Brignola, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

2-Tyler Barrett, So., CBA

3-Kamrin O’Neill, Sr., Matawan

4-Paul Jakub, Sr., Howell

5-Zach Vasile, Sr., Marlboro

6-Joe McCullough, Jr., Toms River East

7-Jack Bailey, Sr., Point Boro

8-Avery Clarke, Sr., Freehold Township

9-Nate Bischoff, Jr., Southern

10-Joseph Conlon, Sr., Long Branch



1-Hunter Mays, Jr., Howell

2-Mike McGhee, Sr., Shore

3-Zander Silva, So., CBA

4-Tyler Brignola, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

5-Gavin Stewart, Sr., Pinelands

6-Anthony Lawrence, So., Toms River East

7-Adam Coleman, Sr., Matawan

8-Shane Cartagena-Walsh, Jr., Ocean

9-Nicholas Zamaloff, Sr., Wall

10-Steven Schmitz, Sr., Jackson Liberty



1-Shay Addison, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

2-Sabino Portella, So., Red Bank Catholic

3-Cole Velardi, So., Southern

4-Jared Tracey, Jr., Ocean

5-Joe Barsky, Sr., Colts Neck

6-Rob Lagravenis, Sr., Jackson Memorial

7-Luke DuPont, Jr., Holmdel

8-Jason Schulz, Sr., Point Beach

9-DJ Henry, So., Howell

10-Andrew Ganun, Jr., Toms River South



1-Mike Malucelli, Jr., Marlboro

2-Jack Friedman, Sr., Long Branch

3-Mike Rauch, Jr., Jackson Memorial

4-Vinnie Dallicardillo, Sr., Central

5-Ryan Boyer, So., Rumson-Fair Haven

6-Macky Liotta, Sr., Point Beach

7-Thomas Cleary, So., Holmdel

8-Ford Zajac, Jr., Colts Neck

9-Nick Cerulli, Sr., Howell

10-Kareem Fayed, So., Jackson Liberty



1-Blake Clayton, Sr., St. John Vianney

2-Jack Kelly, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

3-Brendan Newbury, Sr., Wall

4-Jamie Mazzacco, Jr., Shore

5-Matt Bryant, Jr., Manchester

6-Chimdindu Molokwu, So., Jackson Liberty

7-Hunter Lino, Sr. Howell

8-Nick Sura, Sr., Central

9-Stephen Jennings, Sr., Southern

10-Jack Willi, Jr., Middletown South



1-Gavin Claro, Sr., Manalapan

2-Vin Ceglie, Sr., Lacey

3-Hudson Skove, Fr., Rumson-Fair Haven

4-Hao Tang, Sr., Brick

5-Ray Santiago, Sr., Colts Neck

6-Patrick Frawley, Sr., Point Boro

7-Robert Canterino, So., CBA

8-Levi Wilkins, Jr., Donovan Catholic

9-Riley O’Boyle, Southern

10-Cosmo Zaccaro, So., Central



1-David Szuba, Sr., Brick Memorial

2-John O’Donnell, Sr., Toms River North

3-Joe Teresi, Sr., Ocean

4-Nico Cerbo, Sr., Middletown North

5-Christian Steensen, Jr., Marlboro

6-Antonio Martinez, Sr., Freehold Township

7-Cade Torres, Sr., Shore

8-Justice Wilson, Sr., Manchester

9-Matt Jannucci, Jr., Colts Neck

10-Jonathon Johnson, Jr., Freehold


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