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The Shore Conference Lacrosse Coaches Association has selected all-division teams in Class A North, Class A South, Class B North, and Class B South.


2022 SCLCA All-Division Teams

Class A North

Player of the Year: Max Avrillon, Sr., Midfield, CBA

First Team

Attack: Nick Blalock, Jr., CBA

Attack: Ryan Martin, So., CBA

Attack: Vin Burns, Sr., Howell

Attack: Nate Lorenzo, Jr., Howell

Midfield: Ian Macrae, Jr., CBA

Midfield: Luke Rohrmann, Sr., Middletown South

Midfield: Doug MacKenzie, Sr. Howell

Midfield: Tyler Burns, Sr., Howell

Defense: Thomas Halmi, Jr., Colts Neck

Defense: Peter Canterino, Sr., CBA

Defense: Colin Devine, Sr., Middletown North

Defense: Quinn Beyer, Sr., Middletown South

Goalie: Colin Fay, Sr., Howell

Face-off specialist: Grant Carle, So., Manalapan

Defensive specialist: Max Avrillon, Sr., DM, CBA


Second Team

Attack: Christian Zdiarski, So., Manalapan

Attack: Tommy Baron, Jr., Middletown North

Attack: John Beyer, Sr., Middletown South

Attack: Jack Marich, Jr., Howell

Midfield: Anthony Macchio, So., Manalapan

Midfield: Jaden Buckley, Jr., Freehold Township

Midfield: Colin Gallagher, So., Middletown South

Midfield: Aidan Guinnessey, Sr., CBA

Defense: Shayne Hughes, Sr., Howell

Defense: Owen Richter, So., Middletown South

Defense: Landon Szymanski, So., Freehold Township

Defense: Justin Miller, So., Manalapan

Goalie: Ryan McInness, Sr., Middletown North

Face-off specialist: Glenn Griodano, Sr., Howell

Defensive specialist: Kevin Dunphy, Jr., LSM, Middletown South


Class A South

Player of the Year: Joey DeYoung, Jr., Midfield, Southern

First Team

Attack: Jack Kolbe, Sr., Southern

Attack: Henry Lindquist, Sr., Brick Memorial

Attack: Matt DeRosa, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Attack: Nick Walano, Jr., Toms River North

Midfield: Joey DeYoung, Jr., Southern

Midfield: Charlie Harrison, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Midfield: Dan Aulisi, Sr., Brick Memorial

Midfield: Zach Washco, Sr., Southern

Defense: Nate Committee, Sr., Southern

Defense: Brock Lefkus, Sr., Southern

Defense: Jake Gallo, Sr., Brick Memorial

Defense: Chris Dineen, Sr., Toms River East

Goalie: Tyler Sininsky, Sr., Southern

Face-off specialist: Aidan Vicidomini, Sr., Toms River South

Defensive specialist: Chris Laureigh, Sr., LSM, Southern


Second Team

Attack: Dylan Rinyak, Sr., Brick Memorial

Attack: Corey Kaiser, Sr., Toms River South

Attack: Drew Barocas, So., Jackson Memorial

Attack: Ryan Sininsky, Sr., Southern

Midfield: Luke Barber, Jr., Toms River East

Midfield: Jake Washco, Sr., Southern

Midfield: Rob Beshears, Sr., Brick Memorial

Midfield: Cal Narvaez, Jr., Toms River South

Defense: Mike Rauch, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Defense: Riley Bell, Sr., Brick

Defense: Matt Hartzfeld, Jr., Toms River South

Defense: Tim Beahm, Jr., Toms River North

Goalie: Hunter Olsen, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Face-off specialist: Kurt Falk, Sr., Southern

Defensive specialist: Chase DeVeau, Sr., LSM, Brick Memorial


Class B North

Player of the Year: Cole Cashion, Jr., Midfield, Rumson-Fair Haven

First Team

Attack: Quinn Stankovits, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Attack: Philip Passalaqua, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Attack: Carson Cooke, Sr., Shore

Attack: Kyle Kapcsos, Sr., Holmdel

Midfield: Henry Spencer, Jr., Red Bank

Midfield: Cole Cashion, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Midfield: Tommy French, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Midfield: Jamie Mazzacco, Sr., Shore

Defense: Beau Kemler, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Defense: Luke Jamin, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Defense: Jackson Whitacre, So., Shore

Defense: Mason Shenk, Sr., St. John Vianney

Goalie: Walker Hunter, Jr., Shore

Face-off specialist: Noah Beacher, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Defense specialist: Matthew Bockelman, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven


Second Team

Attack: Ryder Villani, Jr., Red Bank

Attack: Andrew Pape, So., Red Bank

Attack: Carson Spallone, So., Shore

Attack: Anthony Muniz, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

Midfield: Torin Harmon, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

Midfield: Sam Madalone, So., Shore

Midfield: Andy Croddick, So., Rumson-Fair Haven

Midfield: Will Gilfillan, So., Holmdel

Defense: Sean Masonius, Sr., Red Bank

Defense: Will Rehder, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Defense: Michael Pillari, Jr., Shore

Defense: John Fanzini, Sr., Holmdel

Goalie: Blaine Grayson, Jr., Ocean

Face-off specialist: Jack Powers, Fr., Holmdel

Defensive specialist: Zach Iwan, Jr., DM, Rumson-Fair Haven


Class B South

Player of the Year: Robert Pendergist, Sr., Midfield, Manasquan

First Team

Attack: James Farinacci, Jr., Manasquan

Attack: Matt Porazzo, Jr., Manasquan

Attack: Paul Kakto-Capozzi, So., Jackson Liberty

Attack: John McCurry, Jr., Wall

Midfield: Robert Pendergist, Sr., Manasquan

Midfield: Matt Dollive, Sr., Wall

Midfield: Aidan Kirk, Sr., Point Boro

Midfield: Aidan Reiser, Sr., Barnegat

Defense: Ryan Bilello, Sr., Manasquan

Defense: Kyle Capodanno, So., Manasquan

Defense: Billy Carr, Jr., Wall

Defense: Charlie Sasso, Sr., Wall

Goalie: Carter Groezinger, Sr., Manasquan

Face-off specialist: Max Pauwels, Sr., Manasquan

Defensive specialist: Dominick Giglio, Jr,, LSM, Wall


Second Team

Attack: Bryan Snowden, Sr., Barnegat

Attack: Brady Kirk, Fr., Point Boro

Attack: James Magrini, Jr., St. Rose

Attack: Connor Durante, Sr., Donovan Catholic

Midfield: Colin Westhoven, Sr., St. Rose

Midfield: Connor Moore, Jr., Wall

Midfield: Blake Gorski, Jr., Manasquan

Midfield: Nick Campbell, Sr., Point Boro

Defense: Dennis Glynn, So., Point Boro

Defense: Sean Annitto, Sr., St. Rose

Defense: Owen Dewysockie, So., Point Boro

Defense: Peyton Calvetto, Jr., Donovan Catholic

Goalie: Aiden Kessler, Sr., Wall

Face-off specialist: Michael Hoarle, Fr., Wall

Defensive specialist: Dan Hyland, Sr., DM, Manasquan



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