When you go to a high school football game on a Friday Night or Saturday at the shore it is more than just two teams playing on a 100-yard field. For 48 minutes the game is what occupies the attention of students, parents, alumni, and fans but before, during and even after there are other sources of entertainment. From cheerleaders to spirit squads and of course marching bands there is often a non-stop frenzy of activity on the sidelines and in the stands. It all comes together at halftime when the home team school puts on a performance that they have worked on for weeks and even months.   These shows are as different as the offenses run by teams and take talent, timing, and precision.

In covering high school football we at the Shore Sports Network have watched hundreds of halftime shows over the years and many are jaw-dropping and leave you in amazement over the talented students in our area high schools. So now we are seeking your thoughts on what school puts on the most ENTERTAINING halftime show at the Jersey Shore.

Let us know your choice of the 43 football-playing schools in the Shore Conference. We’ll accept nominations through Sunday, October 22 and then on Monday (October 23) we’ll list the top five vote-getters as the finalists. The winning school will receive a plaque from Ocean Trophies of Lanoka Harbor and we’ll tell you and show you what makes them so special.

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