Former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar is just weeks away from fighting on perhaps the biggest mixed martial arts card to date and the first of its kind at historic Madison Square Garden: UFC 205.  Luckily for Edgar, the Toms River native isn't traveling far to compete, or to train.

In preparation for his Featherweight bout with veteran Jeremy Stephens, Edgar is deploying his usual array of training methods: wrestling, jiu jitsu, striking, and strength and conditioning.  Recently however, the former Toms River East standout has added another staple to his fight camp: preventative treatment at Atlantic Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapist Roland Rodriguez working on Frankie Edgar at Atlantic Physical Therapy.

Frankie first hooked up with Physical Therapist Roland Rodriguez 9 years ago following an injury, but has since incorporated therapy into his normal routine.  Edgar and his teammates frequently visit Rodriguez to enhance joint mobility, flexibility and range of motion - assets that are paramount to the fight game.  As Frankie puts it, the strategy is to 'stay fine-tuned and make sure we avoid the injuries'.

Edgar on preventative treatment: stay fine-tuned & make sure we avoid the injuries.

While receiving treatment at their Toms River location, Shore Sports Network Director Kevin Williams and I had the opportunity to speak with Edgar about his local roots, his training regimen, and the significance of UFC 205 on his career and on mixed martial arts in general.

Watch the first installment of our 3-part series, which focuses on Edgar's training methods,  including the preventative treatment that he receives from Atlantic Physical Therapy.

Check back next week for Part 2 of our 'Road to UFC 205' series, which focuses on growing up in Toms River and giving back to the community.