Last week, we told you how Frankie Edgar was getting ready for his upcoming fight on one of the biggest stages in the world: Madison Square Garden.  For Edgar, fight camp isn't the only thing he does close to home.  As we found out in our 2nd installment of our 3-part series, the Toms River East graduate is proud of his hometown, and is more than happy to give back. 

As he was undergoing preventative treatment at Atlantic Physical Therapy in Toms River, Edgar was candid about his strong connection with the town he grew up in.  'Toms River made me' he explained, 'Every time I can represent the town, I do that'.

'I want to represent our town the right way'

You may have seen Edgar at the most recent Pros Vs. Heroes Charity Flag Football Game in Seaside Heights, where proceeds from the game went to the Toms River Police Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Toms River Police Department Foundation.  He has also made appearances at the home of the Toms River East Raiders, speaking about the dangers of drugs and the importance of pursuing your goals.

For Edgar, these endeavors are for much more than just public relations.  'My kids are getting raised here, so I want to represent our town the right way'.

Physical Therapist Roland Rodriguez working on Frankie Edgar at Atlantic Physical Therapy.
Physical Therapist Roland Rodriguez working on Frankie Edgar at Atlantic Physical Therapy.

As an example of how committed he is to staying in this area, look no further than his training team, which has pulled in top level fighters Edson Barboza and Marlon Moraes, both of whom have bought houses and moved their families to Toms River.

Of course, when it comes to his passion, it begins and ends with wrestling.  'I'm a wrestler through and through, I always will be, forever,' Edgar expressed.  Owner of Elite Wrestling in Toms River, he is now able to teach his love for the sport to the dedicated youth of Ocean County.

When speaking about the next generation of fighters coming up at the Jersey Shore, Edgar offered this piece of advice:

'If you want to do this sport, you have to be 100% committed.  You have to be willing to sacrifice and do things most people aren't.  If you put your heart and soul into it, anyone can achieve anything.'

Edgar has put his heart & soul into mixed martial arts and is living proof of his own advice.  While receiving treatment at Atlantic Physical Therapy's Toms River location, Shore Sports Network Director Kevin Williams and I had the opportunity to speak with Edgar more in depth on these very themes.

Watch the second installment of our three-part series:

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