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Mustang Classic

Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, at Brick Memorial HS

Complete Brackets on TrackWrestling



106: 6-Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) d. 5-Dom Digiacomo (Camden Catholic). 5-4

113: Tyeler Hagensen (Mount Olive) p. Colton Lawlor (Freehold), 0:24

120: 1-Evan Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) md. 3-Brendan Callahan (Kingsway), 12-3

126: 1-Nathan Taylor (Kingsway) d. 6-Wayne Rold (Camden Catholic), 5-0

132: 1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) tf. 2-Jackson Sichelstiel (Paulsboro), 20-5

138: 2-Joey Miranda (Kingsway) md. 1-DJ Ryerson (Mount Olive), 16-5

144: 1-Chase Casey (Camden Catholic) p. 2-Roman Onorato (Paulsboro), 3:36

150: 1-Josh Palmucci (Kingsway) vs. 3-Ryan Smith (Brick Memorial), 5-1

157: 1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) tf. 2-Sean Cowan (Absegami), 3:23 (19-3)

165: 2-Jurius Clark (Camden Catholic) d. 1-Ray Weed (Absegami). 4-2

175: 1-George Rhodes (Absegami) d. 2-Hunter Perez (Mount Olive), 7-3

190: 1-Anthony Moscatello (Mount Olive) d. 2-Jared Tracey (Ocean), 6-4 OT

215: 1-Riley Camoia (Mount Olive) d. 2-Christian Brady (Paulsboro), 3-1

285: 1-Matt Jannucci (Colts Neck) d. 2-Jonathan Graham (Camden Catholic), 7-3




5-Dom Digiacomo (Camden Catholic) md. 1-Carter Cafone (Mount Olive), 8-0

6-Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) p. 7-Derrik Horton (Paulsboro), 5-1



Tyeler Hagensen (Mount Olive) tf. Jason Meola (Kingway), 20-5

Colton Lawlor (Freehold) d. Ken Melillo (Brick Memorial), 8-7



1-Evan Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) d. 5-Jackson Young (Camden Catholic), 7-1

3-Brendan Callahan (Kingsway) d. 2-Jack Bastarrika (Mount Olive), 2-0



1-Nathan Taylor (Kingsway) tf. 4-Devin Horton (Paulsboro), 16-0

6-Wayne Rold (Camden Catholic) d. 2-James Farina (Ocean),4-1



1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) tf. Michael Volek (Ocean), 1:59 (19-3)

2-Jackson Sichelstiel (Paulsboro) md. 3-Michael Lyristis (Colts Neck), 14-2



1-DJ Ryerson (Mount Olive) d. Braden Scott (Brick Memorial), 6-5

2-Joey Miranda (Kingsway) d. 3-Gio Poniros (Ocean), 12-5



1-Chase Casey (Camden Catholic) p. Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial), 1:03

2-Romano Onorato (Paulsboro) p. 3-Frank Gargione (Absegami), 3:40



1-Josh Palmucci (Kingsway) d. 5-Tyler Bienus (Mount Olive), 7-3

3-Ryan Smith (Brick Memorial) d. 2-David DiPietro (Kingway), 2-0



1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) tf. 5-Joe Berryman (Freehold), 1:57 (16-0)

2-Sean Cowan (Absegami) d. 3-Brian Bienus (Mount Olive), 6-5



1-Ray Weed (Absegami) d. 5-Ryan Burton (DePaul), 8-6

2-Jurius Clark (Camden Catholic) d. 3-Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty), 6-0



1-George Rhodes (Absegami) d. 4-Chris Olah (Camden Catholic), 7-3

2-Hunter Perez (Mount Olive) d. 6-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial), 5-4



1-Anthony Moscatello (Mount Olive) p. 4-Joe Cilea (Colts Neck), 1:01

2-Jared Tracey (Ocean) p. 3-Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty), 3:21



1-Riley Camoia (Mount Olive) p. 4-Eric Abbud (Cots Neck), 0:55

2-Christian Brady (Paulsboro) p. 3-Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North), 1:34



1-Matt Jannucci (Colts Neck) p. 5-Jackson Youtz (Mount Olive)

2-Jonathan Graham (Camden Catholic) d. 3-Brandon Armstrong (Paulsboro), 7-2




1-Carter Cofone (Mount Olive) p. Josiah Sweeney (Freehold), 1:48

5-Dom Digiacomo (Camden Catholic) p. 4-Hayden Holmes (Paulsboro), 1:59

6-Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) tf. Mateo Eagleson (Mount Olive) 3:15 (21-6)

7-Derrik Horton (Paulsboro) d. 2-Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial), 5-1



1-Tyeler Hagensen (Mount Olive), bye

5-Jason Meola (Kingsway) d. 4-Jacob Portman (Middletown North), 11-8

3-Ken Melillo (Brick Memorial), bye

2-Colton Lawler (Freehold), bye



1-Evan Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) tf. Alexis Orea-Morales (Freehold), 18-1

5-Jackson Young (Camden Catholic) won by injury default over 4-Chase Bish (Paulsboro), 5:00

3-Brendan Callahan (Kingsway) md. 6-Chris Eaton (Absegami), 11-0

2-Jack Bastarrika (Mount Olive) p. Justin Fearon (Middletown North), 3:52



1-Nathan Taylor (Kingsway) p. 8-Tae Shin (Jackson Liberty), 3:00

4-Devin Horton (Paulsboro) d. 5-Colin Oden (Middletown North), 8-5

6-Waye Rold (Camden Catholic) d. 3-Angelo Messina (Freehold), 8-3

2-James Farina (Ocean) p. 7-Aidan Zack (Absegami), 2:26



1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. Jack Torre (Brick Memorial), 3:13

5-Michael Volek (Ocean) d. 4-Ryan Kinsman (Jackson Liberty), 9-3

3-Michael Lyristis (Colts Neck) p. 6-Aidan Torres (Absegami), 1:40

2-Jackson Sichelsteil (Paulsboro) tf. 7-Dan Barra (Mount Olive), 15-0



1-D.J. Ryerson (Mount Olive) p. Jack Baylouny (Camden Catholic), 5:00

4-Braden Scott (Brick Memorial) md. 5-Dante Onorato (Paulsboro), 10-2

3-Gio Poniros (Ocean) md. 6-Dominick Interrante (Wall), 11-2

2-Joey Miranda (Kingsway) tf. Bhavya Rama (Absegami), 3:15 (16-1)



1-Chase Casey (Camden Catholic) p. Tyler Goldstein (Freehold), 0:53

Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) p. Sean Daniels (Paulsboro), 3:54

3-Frank Gargione (Absegami) by injury default over Nelson DeJesus (Brick Memorial), 1:00

2-Roman Onorato (Paulsboro) p. Tommy DiPietro (Kingsway), 1:03



1-Josh Palmucci (Kingsway) p. Anthony Smith (Paulsboro), 1:45

5-Tyler Bienus (Mount Olive) p. 4-Ryan Ladner (Camden Catholic), 1:29

3-Ryan Smith (Brick Memorial) p. 6-Max Bandelt (Jackson Liberty)

2-David DiPietro (Kingsway) md. 7-Michael Poniros (Ocean), 13-1



1-Dakota Morris (Kingsway) p. Josh James (Brick Memorial),

5-Joe Berryman (Freehold) p. 4-Will Kinsella (Wall), 3:02

3-Brian Bienus (Mount Olive) p. 6-Shaun Sullivan (Middletown North), 0:40

2-Sean Cowan (Absegami) tf. Christian Marcus (Colts Neck), 18-3



1-Ray Weed (Absegami), bye

5-Ryan Burton (DePaul) d. 4-Brandon Smith (Freehold), 8-3

3-Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty) p. Joseph Leone (Kingway), 3:00

2-Jurius Clark (Camden Catholic) p. Joe Layton (Colts Neck), 3:25



1-George Rhodes (Absegami) p. Michael Mignone (DePaul), 1:51

4-Chris Olah (Camden Catholic) p. 5-McGuire Cabanas (Paulsboro), 3:26

6-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) tf. 3-Ford Zajac (Colts Neck), 18-3

2-Hunter Perez (Mount Olive) p. Jared Martin (Jackson Liberty)



1-Anthony Moscatello (Mount Olive) p. Kevin Ellis (Camden Catholic), 0:15

4-Joe Cilea (Colts Neck) p. 5-Jason Gugel (Paulsboro), 3:00

3-Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty) d. 6-James Calhoun (Kingsway), 9-5

2-Jared Tracey (Ocean) p. Ben Rosen (Colts Neck), 0:46



1-Riley Camoia (Mount Olive) p. Austin Willets (Paulsboro), 0:57

4-Eric Abbud (Colts Neck) p. Michael Orlando (DePaul), 1:34

3-Luas Ainbinder (Middletown North) d. Hector Rivera (Brick Memorial), 8-5

2-Christian Brady (Paulsboro) d. Christopher San Paolo (Kingsway), 7-0



1-Matt Jannucci (Colts Neck) p. Kani Hudson (Kingway), 1:30

5-Jackson Youtz (Mount Olive) d. 4-Jonathan Johnson (Freehold), 1-0

3-Brandon Armstrong (Paulsboro) d. 6-Sam Azzaretti (Brick Memorial), 10-3

2-Jonathan Graham (Camden Catholic) p. Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty), 1:18




Carter Cofone (Mount Olive) 1-0 won by fall over Nate Fazio (Ocean Township) 0-1 (Fall 0:40)

Mateo Eagleson (Mount Olive) 1-0 won by fall over Sam Sheridan (Freehold Borough) 4-8 (Fall 5:39)

Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial) 1-0 won by fall over Chaunci Jones (Ocean Township) 0-1 (Fall 2:40)




Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) 6-1 won by tech fall over Connor McCarthy (Middletown North) 0-1 (TF-1.5 1:49 (16-1)



D.J Ryersonj (Mount Olive) 1-0 won by fall over Miller Hunter (Freehold Borough) 0-1 (Fall 3:30)


Braden Scott (Brick Memorial) 4-1 won by major decision over Chase Helder (Kingsway) 0-1 (MD 14-1)

Gio Poniros (Ocean Township) 8-2 won by fall over Pete Labianca (Jackson Liberty) 4-7 (Fall 1:20)


Joey Miranda (Kingsway) 6-5 won by tech fall over Tanner Perez (Mount Olive) 0-1 (TF-1.5 1:20 (17-0)



Chase Casey (Camden Catholic) 12-3 won by fall over Matthew Castelli (Middletown North) 3-5 (Fall 1:12)

Roman Onorato (Paulsboro H.S.) 11-1 won by fall over Matt Labianca (Jackson Liberty) 3-9 (Fall 0:31)




Dakota Morris (Kingsway) 16-1 won by tech fall over Tyler Cumming (Mount Olive) 0-1 (TF-1.5 1:06 (15-0)



Ray Weed (Absegami) 14-6 won by fall over Josh McGill (Mount Olive) 0-1 (Fall 3:00)

Jurius Clark (Camden Catholic) 13-4 won by decision over Michael Angrosina (Brick Memorial) 1-3 (Dec 9-2)



George Rhodes (Absegami) 13-3 won by fall over Brian Snyder (Freehold Borough) 2-9 (Fall 12:59)

Ford Zajac (Colts Neck) 11-2 won by fall over Dan Dever (Camden Catholic) 0-1 (Fall 1:16)

Hunter Perez (Mount Olive) 13-5 won by fall over Brady Whitzell (Kingsway) 0-1 (Fall 1:13)




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