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With all New Jersey schools still closed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association reiterated its previous statements in an updated FAQ posted to its website on Wednesday afternoon.

If and when schools return to in-person sessions in 2020 will obviously determine the length of any potential regular season. The NJSIAA will work with each league and conference to determine the best course of action in regards to county and conference tournaments and abridged divisional schedules.

As far as the NJSIAA championship tournaments are concerned, the dates, locations and qualification requirements for each sport will be subject to change. If and when a return-to-school date is made official, the NJSIAA will begin to structure the state tournaments in all spring sports.

During the statewide shutdown, no NJSIAA member school, school district or coach may conduct practices, scrimmages or games. It is a mandatory period of no in-person contact between coaches and student-athletes. Those restrictions apply to all sports, not just spring sports.

Coaches are still allowed to virtually interact with players to provide workouts or training materials but any activities strictly conform to all social distancing guidelines as well as conforming to the usual NJSIAA in- and off-season protocols.

The NJSIAA headquarters in Robbinsville remains closed with all staff working remotely. The NJSIAA will continue to hold its Executive Committee and sub-committee meetings online but has postponed meetings it deems nonessential. It is still mulling options for its annual business meeting.

The NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Luncheon originally scheduled for May 17 has been canceled. The NJSIAA is still accepting nominations and will send each honoree a certificate and gift but monetary scholarships will not be awarded.

"NJSIAA staff is focused on participation opportunities that will be available to its student-athletes as soon as schools reopen," the statement read. "All student-athletes will need an immediate sense of normalcy and providing even a semblance of a spring season will be essential to their physical and emotional health. It also will benefit the entire school community."


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