Results from the NJSIAA District 21 Tournament at Manalapan High School.


Teams Standings

1. Manalapan 216.5 - first district team title since 1997

2. Colts Neck 181.5

3. Point Boro 135.5

4. Bordentown 103.5

4. Brick Memorial 103.4

6. Burlington Township 99

7. Trenton 46

8. New Egypt 16

9. Burlington City 11


OUTSTANDING WRESTLER: Gianni Ghione, Brick Memorial

COACH OF THE YEAR: Pat Brady, Point Boro

ASSISTANT COACH OF THE YEAR: Brian Grainer, Point Boro



138: 3-Steven Kramer (Colts Neck) d. 4-Spencer Robinson (Point Boro) 3-2

145: 1-Matt Mustillo (Manalapan) p. 2-Ben Sammarco (Colts Neck) 3:33

152: 1-Ronny Ghaida (Manalapan) d. 2-Chris Richardson (Brick Memorial) 8-6

160: 1-Christian Hannigan (Burlington Twp.) p. 6-Joe Levach (Bordentown) 0:44

170: 1-Jake Staklinski (Manalapan) p. 6-Kenny Koenig (Colts Neck) 2:44

182: 2-Michael Jannucci (Colts Neck) d. 1-Justin Obermeyer (Manalapan) 9-2

195: 1-Billy Borowsky (Point Boro) p. 2-A.J. Royle (Colts Neck) 2:40

220: 2-Jajuan Hayes (Bordentown) p. 1-Eric Saunders (Burlington Twp) 0:36

HWT: 1-Nick Rivera (Brick Memorial) vs. 3-Vinnie Gargiulo (Colts Neck) 0:59

106: 2-Paul Santomarco (Manalapan) md. 1-Craig Cook (Burlington Township) 8-0

113: Joey King (Colts Neck) md. 2-Ben Sabo (Point Boro) 13-0

120: 2-Kareem Ghiada (Manalapan) p. 1-Billy Moore (Bordentown) 6:49

126: 1-Herbert Edwards (Trenton) vs. 2-Verslensky Joachim (Bordentown) 9-2

132: 1-Gianni Ghione (Brick Memorial) p. 3-Alex Baran (Manalapan) 4:19



106: 4-Joe Rotundo (Brick Memorial) md. 6-James Latendorf (Point Boro) 14-2

113: 3-A.J. Sortino (Manalapan) d. 5-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial) 4-2

120: 3-Alexander LoPrinzi (Burlington Twp.) d. 5-Tyler Tweedie (Point Boro) 7-5

126: 3-Dyon Womack (Colts Neck) d. 4-Ty Bailey (Point Boro) 10-5

132: 2-Matthew Potash (Bordentown) d. 4-Anthony Lombardo (Colts Neck) 5-0

138: 2-Anthony Coposky (Manalapan) d. 1-Kyle Leinheiser (Burlington Twp.) 10-4

145: 4-John McTaggert (Point Boro) md. 3-Michael Limone (Burlington Twp.) 18-7

152: 4-Dominick Esposito (Colts Neck) p. 3-Brandon Felkins (Burlington Township) 1:45

160: 4-Matt Benedetti (Manalapan) md. 7-Jared Marshall (Point Boro) 10-2

170: 2-Isaiah Wesley (Burlington City) d. 5-Brian Shawsam (Trenton) 11-6

182: 3-Dylan Ippolito (Point Boro) d. 5-Ron Hopping (Brick Memorial) 5-2

195: 4-Ryan Brazil (Bordentown) d. 6-Naze Washington (Trenton) 2-1

220: 6-Anthony Jomo (Manalapan) d. 6-Rayshawn Austell (Trenton) 8-3

HWT: 2-Anthony Bonavito (Point Boro) d. 4-Richie Peters (Manalapan) 3-1




1-Craig Cook (Burlington Township) d. 4-Joe Rotundo (Brick Memorial) 4-0

2-Paul Santomarco (Manalapan) tf. 6-James Latendorf (Point Boro) 3:46 (15-0)


1-Joey King (Colts Neck) tf. 5-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial) 16-0

2-Ben Sabo (Point Boro) d. 3-A.J. Sortino (Manalapan) 1-0


1-Billy Moore (Bordentown) d. 5-Tyler Tweedie (Point Boro) 7-0

2-Kareem Ghiada (Manalapan) md. 3-Alexander LoPrinzi (Burlington Twp.) 9-1


1-Herbert Edwards (Trenton) d. 4-Ty Bailey (Point Boro) 3-0

2-Verlensky Joachim (Bordentown) d. 3-Dyon Womack (Colts Neck) 8-6


1-Gianni Ghione (Brick Memorial) p. 4-Anthony Lombardo (Colts Neck) 1:24

3-Alex Baran (Manalapan) d. 2-Matthew Potash (Bordentown) 6-1


4-Spencer Robinson (Point Boro) d. 1-Kyle Leinheiser (Burlington Twp.) 7-4

3-Steven Kramer (Colts Neck) md. 2-Anthony Coposky (Manalapan) 10-0


1-Matt Mustillo (Manalapan) d. 4-John McTaggart (Point Boro) 7-2

2-Ben Sammarco (Colts Neck) p. 3-Michael Limone (Burlington Twp.) 3:59


1-Ronny Ghaida (Manalapan) md. 4-Dominick Esposito (Colts Neck) 18-6

2-Chris Richardson (Brick Memorial) p. 3-Brandon Felkins (Burlington Twp.) 2:38


1-Christian Hannigan (





1--Craig Cook (Burlington Township) p. 8-Jesse McGowan (Colts Neck) 1:14

4-Joe Rotundo (Brick Memorial) p. 5-Tavon Rogers (Trenton) 1:04

6-James Latendorf (Point Boro) d. 3-A.J. Beck (New Egypt) 9-6

2-Paul Santomarco (Manalapan) p. 7-Coleman Ermi (Bordentown) 1:30


1-Joey King (Colts Neck) p. 8-Sammy Mazzella (Bordentown) 1:13

5-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial) d. 4-Kyle Kaluhiokalani (Burlington City) 7-6

3-A.J. Sortino (Manalapan) p. 6-Joe Fiorito (New Egypt) 3:19

2-Ben Sabo (Point Boro) p. 7-Carlos Sanchez (Trenton) 1:37


1-Billy Moore (Bordentown) d. 8-Liam Rivera (Brick Memorial) 11-5

5-Tyler Tweedie (Point Boro) md. 4-Joseph Brown (New Egypt) 12-0

3-Alexander LoPrinzi (Burlington Twp.) d. 6-Justin Pierre-Louise (Colts Neck) 4-0

2-Kareem Ghiada (Manalapan) p. 7-George Rios (Trenton) 2:33


1-Herbert Edwards (Trenton) p. 8-Ryan Andrus (Brick Memorial) 5:16

4-Ty Bailey (Point Boro) p. 5-Michael Goebel (Manalapan) 1:03

3-Dyon Womack (Colts Neck) p. 6-Kyle Bray (New Egypt) 1:37

2-Verlensky Joachim (Bordentown) p. 7-Sean Burtnett (Burlington Twp.) 0:48


1-Gianni Ghione (Brick Memorial) p. 8-Silverio Garcia (New Egypt) 0:29

4-Anthony Lombardo (Colts Neck) p. 5-Gabriel Menchu (Trenton) 2:42

3-Alex Baran (Colts Neck) p. 6-Ben Gilmore (Point Boro) 3:45

2-Matthew Potash (Bordentown) tf. 7-Joshua Herrington (Burlington Twp.) 19-2


1-Kyle Leinheiser (Burlington Twp.) p. 9-Victor Menchu (Trenton) 0:35

4-Spencer Robinson (Point Boro) tf. 5-Brice Cristman (New Egypt) 3:40 (15-0)

3-Steven Kramer (Colts Neck) d. 6-Caleb Alvarado (Brick Memorial) 10-8

2-Anthony Coposky (Manalapan) p. 7-Braeden Clemens (Burlington Twp.) 2:56


1-Matt Mustillo (Manalapan) p. 8-Ryan Cheung (New Egypt) 0:29

4-John McTaggart (Point Boro) d. 5-Bryan Wilson (Brick Memorial) 9-2

3-Michael Limone (Burlington Twp.) p. 6-Isaac Del Torro (Burlington City) 0:39

2-Ben Sammarco (Colts Neck) p. 7-Mustafa Bektas (Bordentown) 0:53


1-Ronny Ghaida (Manalapan) p. 9-Antonio Furnback (New Egypt) 0:28

4-Dominick Esposito (Colts NEck) p. 4-Messiah Cook (Trenton) 1:44

3-Bradon Felkins  (Burlington Twp.) d. 6-John Duggan (Point Boro) 12-6

2-Chris Richardson (Brick Memorial) tf. 7-Jason Baldorossi (Bordentown) 16-0


1-Christian Hannigan (Burlington Twp.) p. 8-Josh Martinez (New Egypt) 3:02

4-Matt Benedetti (Manalapan) d. 5-Yajaziel Reyes (Trenton) 4-2

6-Joe Levach (Bordentown) d. 3-Nick Cilea (Colts Neck) 3-2

7-Jared Marshall (Point Boro) d. 2-Ean Mueller (Brick Memorial) 7-3


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