This map will leave you feeling attacked and validated at the same time.

Every now and then, a website will put together a map with data about each state.  The topic is usually lighthearted, like each state's favorite Halloween candy, or what your state orders most to drink at the bar!

This is not that kind of map.

Pleated Jeans put together a map of America they like to call "The United States of Shame."   It's sassy, but also gets incredibly dark.

Thankfully, New Jersey's claim to shame isn't that bad (or surprising at all).  But before I go into that, I'll let you know that Pleated Jeans does sweeten the blow beforehand by sharing a map of what each state is the best at.

According to that map, New Jersey has the lowest suicide rate.  Our neighbors to the north, New York, rule transit use and our neighbors to the west, Pennsylvania have the most hunters.

And now for the hard part - what Pleated Jeans says each state is the worst at.  New York may be the best when it comes to public transit, but on the flip side, they have the worst daily commute.

Pennsylvania's claim to shame is darker.  The map says they have the highest rate of arson deaths.

And now for New Jersey.  What does Pleated Jeans say we're the worst at?


No surprise there, right?  At the time the article was written, the rate of citizen taxation was 11.8%  Wow!  But hey, it could be worse, right?  Be thankful we're not the worst because of arson.

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