Monmouth celebrates their MAAC regular season title (Taylor Jackson)

As upsetting as it was to be denied an at-large bid into the premier postseason college basketball tournament, we’re all so excited about the opportunity to continue play in the NIT. Sure, it’s no NCAA, but it is still a nice little slice of madness for us as March continues to march on. Being able to play on our home court and have a chance to go to the final four that is played in the mecca of college hoops, Madison Square Garden, it’s definitely a nice consolation. Oh, and a number one seed isn’t too bad either. It’s a testament to us and the amazing season that we had this year, and the NIT is still, as it always has been, one of the best postseason tournaments a school could be a part of. Not only is it great for the coaching staff, and us but also fantastic for the wonderful fans and occupants of West Long Branch. They get more Monmouth basketball and this time they don’t have to watch it from the comfort of their own home.

Taking down Bucknell in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament helped get the nerves out as we continue to grind deep into the postseason. Next up is George Washington, a team that finished 5th in the Atlantic 10 this year and is a tough group that will travel to the MAC next Monday. It’s another first for this team, in a year that was filled with firsts, to be invited into this tournament and to be given the tools and the stage to make a statement. This team has done everything with a purpose all season, and we’re not about to stop now as we’ve been granted an amazing opportunity. Come show support this Monday in West Long Branch and watch the second round of the NIT, or listen to Eddy and Steve on the radio as we battle George Washington. Students will be back from Punta Cana, Florida, or whatever tropical paradise they chose to escape to during spring break, and it will again, be an amazingly energetic environment, so make sure you’re a part of this chapter of the season.