Ocean County is filled with outstanding student-athletes, many of whom are featured each week as part of our WOBM/Gateway Toyota Student of the Week program. 

Lindsey Mahnken in goal (Lindsey Mahnken)


Lindsey Mahnken on the soccer field (Lindsey Mahnken)

Lindsey Mahnken is a young lady who may add that honor to her long list of achievement at some point during her senior year but on what is a very special day why wait to introduce you to her.

Lindsey is a student at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science which is better known as MATES.  It is one of the career academies operated by the Ocean County Vocational Technical School District and located in Manahawkin with about 250 students in grades 9-12.

As the name implies students focus on a curriculum rich in marine and environmental science and Lindsey is a member of the school’s National Honor Society.  In addition to that she earned a perfect 800 score on the math section of the SAT so clearly she shines in the classroom.

Like others who are part of the vocational school program she has the opportunity to participate in sports at her “home” school and for the Bayville resident that is Central Regional High School.  She does more than just participate and in an age of specialization is a true three sport athlete.  Mahnken is the goalie for the Golden Eagles soccer team where she was MVP as a junior.

Lindsey Mahnken on the soccer field (Lindsay Mahnken)

When fall turns to winter she will suit up for the Central basketball team where last year she earned recognition for her outstanding defensive play.  Come next spring you’ll find her playing second base for the softball team where she was also cited for her defensive prowess.  All three teams have won divisional titles with Lindsey in the lineup and she is a leader despite the fact she does not attend classes with her teammates and only arrives on the Central campus in the afternoon.

By the way playing and excelling in three sports is a family tradition as her sister Courtney, a sophomore at Rowan, lettered in soccer, swimming and softball for the Golden Eagles.

Lindsey hopes to earn a spot as a student-athlete at Stevens Institute but for now wants to enjoy her final year of high school.  As a said in the beginning, today is a special day because when Central takes the soccer field against Pinelands she and her teammates will be wearing pink bows and ribbons.  Of course pink is the color of breast cancer as Lindsey’s mother Joy is dealing with her second bout of the disease.

A local chiropractor, Dr. Mahnken underwent her 8th and hopefully last chemo treatment yesterday and today she’ll be rooting for her daughter to post a shutout.  I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.